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BSC, CA – Moving from my magical valley in the fast sticks to the city of Riverside was indeed like graduating high school [with money] then boarding a bus for the big city. In high school you learn about political points. These points fall either to the left or right in the political spectrum chart. In real life however, it seems today political issues have taken over as 'political' points. The masses have been swayed past the truth, then played like a swine-nette [W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings]. In short, the 'Left' has been hijacked, as some insiders are beginning to report on their social media sites.

Coming to Metropolis from 'Smallville', the area at RivCo's southernmost corner  known as the 'tinfoil, right-wing Republican aka anti-immigration' neck o' the woods, some of my readers may wonder how I came to take this issue's front page lead-in shot? Short answer, the same 'show runner' as my book's co-dedication, Occupy Los Angeles. Wearing a Tony B. original event tee, I heard a British accent say, “Occupy LA. I did Occupy London. That event changed my whole life,” at an intersection [point] one Sunday morning in this new-to-me old city. 

Meanwhile, this relocation had mixed karma written all over it [the dates of Feb 14 changed to April 15, Easter this year]. This off-kilter led to a stolen moving truck, police report, the whole nine yards. Luckily the truck was unloaded. On the upside, the Riverside May Day parade tip was my usual Lois Lane news nose in action. More on this event and Riverside, after the jump.

Open borders has been morphed from 'workers' rights' which once was a staple of May Day Parades. In cities like LA and Riverside, government deportation concerning Latinos primarily, was the main focus. Like Big Joe said in his virile video, the people out in the streets now marching for this political issue or that, issues taken for points, read rights, are missing the real bottom line. But first, let's attend a parade of the well-meaning who have aligned themselves along this issue. You see, in my experiences here so far, the city is populated with a gentle-nature core of common courtesy for each other.

The SEIU contingent was at OLA and involved in the move to stop the TPP, a HRC warhorse before she flipped in her effort to be the first Fem Prez. As Mike Tyson famously said, "They all got a plan, till they get hit." The Hillster's talking heads' truth is still being trashed around [Lifestyle,, May 7, Johnny Bender].

You could tell that this was a single issue, hot-button [mass market supported], multi-generational crowd.

Amassing in Fairmount Park, the group struck me as hijacked because 'human rights' has replaced food nutrition leading to a high percentage of visual obesity, as these photos evidence.


Contrast the previous pictures with these shots from Orange County's Moms Across America, a main group against the GMA's allowance of food ingredients that make people obese.

The only difference in crowds isn't worth, but girth. And true ignorance.

Though my move to Rside wasn't to showcase food/diet knowledge for these good hearts stampeded by Soros' $6,000,000 women lead NGO Black Lives Matter. Still, what you learn you can't unlearn or withhold truth from courageous souls duped by their culture. After all, even their politicians are duped so it is the blind leading the blind, as was once spoke of, by and by.

That is what happens when political worlds collide over issues versus points. A more noble question might be: Are workers entitled to live anywhere on the planet regardless of the host government; or are workers everywhere entitled to real, not-make-you-fat, food as inhabitants of the earth regardless of faith, religion, or creed? Ask a mom who cured her kids of 'food ingredient caused maladies'.

In other news, there was a series of wildfires that happened over a couple of days, one of which was just over the nearest big hill.

I attended a tennis match at the local country club on the east side.

Chem trails or Geo-engineering was also prevalent at times as elsewhere if people were paying attention.

But my first two weeks ended on good karma with a sign I was used to seeing around French Valley,

And a new road to political adventure via a chance meeting, if you don't believe in hocus pocus.

Next, Hallmark Gems of Truth.

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