Friday, May 19, 2017



BSC, CA – The move to Riverside just keeps giving. Take yesterday, for instance, when a simple uncomplicated trip to Los Angeles and back yielded this lead-in shot, changing the 'See Tracks-Think Train' current safety motto to today's title wordplay. If you didn't hear about this from your local news establishment, well, the last word explains the media bias. Trump and train may start with the same letter, but that's where the news interest ends.

Luckily, your friendly neighborhood citizen journalist was Peter Parker on the spot. A series of Film At 11 pictures follows the jump, but the funny thing is what happened prior to the brush fire, up in LA. In preparation for an upcoming article about the 420Nurses, the cannabis patient model group who rock my Memoirs biz cards, I had gone to their HQ before their scheduled intern meeting.

In fact the day was working perfectly, until I decided to take the 4:15 PM train back to Riverside rather than the 4:20 train as I usually do. Given that I spent the better part of the day 420 goal-orientated, I then broke the chain [Fleetwood Mac] by taking the earlier train, thereby joining the 'tourist class'. Obviously, things go better with hocus pocus so I should have stayed on track, shall we say?

As I said, the whole day was going smoothly and I was on the last leg to returning to Riverside as we left Pedley. The prairie fields around the area had turned to hay and evidence of the earlier rainy season was gone. We headed toward a long curving cut in the hillside and that is when I saw how close the plume of smoke was.

Around another few curves in the track and we stopped in the cut, per orders from the  railroad dispatcher.

After watching a dangling hose helicopter water-cannon streams of water on the brush fire that was happening in very windy conditions, the decision was made to return to Pedley and park on Track 2. The train that left LA on the next scheduled Pedley run was now behind us parked on Track 1. We backed up toward Pedley.

We pulled into the station and joined the others who had already disembarked the second stopped train.

People begin to phone home; others asked the security guard at the station how they were to get home.

Another trainload added to the mix. Four would be the grand total.

Some folks fanned out as they waited to be picked up at the station.

But in the end, the railroad had alerted RTA and three Metrolink Special Commuter Buses arrived to take us to the Downtown Riverside Metrolink train station. My new slogan isn't 'next time take the train' but 'next time take the 4:20' so when I see smoke, I won't think train. 

(Today's subtitle music reference is from the Mary-Chapin Carpenter song, I Feel Lucky.)

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