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BSC, CA – To us life has a beginning and end point; everything depends on the path we chose. Life is also about Plan B. How many of us have experienced a different life than what we planned on or dreamed of? And when a path is shown by a series of co-winkeydinks? Can the Cosmos take over and make a pathway connection for you so smooth that people don't question or ask why? That's the case of the 420Nurses and me.

Whenever I pass someone my Memoirs biz card I get one of four usual remarks but people never ask about why or how this particular group of models in medical nurse regalia came to grace the layout design. Perhaps they feel that I just picked up the phone and ordered two model nurses over for a photo ad shoot. When my book gains wider circulation, people will realize what the last paragraph of Memoirs really indicates:

That being said, I feel like I'm in the 'wise virgin' posse now and with me is Miss Mary Jane Green, sitting on my lap. To pass the time, maybe we'll talk about the first thing that pops up.”

Meeting and invited to join the group on the very night I dropped the book publicly, it was months before it dawned on me that a prophecy had been delivered right under my nose. When it did, I asked the question that was never asked me, why them?

By then this picture had surfaced. In my photo editor hat I was able to move past the cute baby moons in the shot, but there is no denying the sexual, aka burlesque angle of the young group. The more common aspect is that they are all patients, young patients. The organization reps the youth market that Wall Street Weeders would roll up as a 'black market'. In truth, in the 80s this was the MTV market-share before the suits took away the videos. In those days, MTV was power. Today, cannabis is power.

The article that featured the 'Baby Moons' pose counted down a number of predictions that had come to pass after the book's publication. Though I played this feature off with a Twilight Zone joke at the article's end, this pattern of prediction still indicated something unseen about the book's message. When you look closer at the 'Moons' shot, it seems more a private moment for the toker and her lookout. Or it did at the time.

At the end of my first story about the group, I quipped getting to know the group was a developing story. Again in a nonchalant fashion what I said turned out to be so true. The deeper I became involved with the group, the more I learned about sisterhood, the real motive behind the 420nurses. Who knows today's medical sufferer better than another sufferer. The companionship and compassion offered as solace is laced throughout the 'smoke filled' chat room as patients, male and female [primarily female] share daily ups and downs, along with their latest photo inspirations.

Chasing this story across the northern half of LA County has taken me beyond Customer Appreciation Days to major cannabis events [in various states] to today's cutting edge in event, the Sesh, particularly their Friday Night Sesh. A sesh is a cannabis Farmer's Market usually only for medical patients. At this time in California, there are probably a 1000 different small start-ups working on a 1000 different variations of cannabis products. This research is being done by patients for patients, not some corporation Phillip Morris wannabe. The Sesh is the outlet marketplace for such products.

Now out in the open, the cannabis cornucopia is a great re-awakening panacea to the World's Mightiest Plant, starting with the medical side predicted by Jack Herer [2003], Memoirs, pg. 267. At the heart of this persona is the 420Nurse, a youthful symbol for today's medical marketplace in more ways than one. Witness this latest cannabis Passive Protocol product, N-Fuzed, a tangerine-lemongrass salve* for Lupus patients developed by a 420nurse's family through practical application. The core group appeal is a shared sense of community bond from the sacred love for the plant which saves them. Dealing with the fast disappearing stigma still present in some family circles is another common bond.

The founder CEO and Cover Girl on countless cannabis mags, from well-known stalwarts like High Times to slicks that come and go like the latest hit-hop superstars, is aptly named Chacha VaVoom. The original group brand concept born in Hollywood on Halloween just a little over two months after Jack Herer blessed [pg. 269] the last name of Green given to Mary Jane**, completed the plant's personification into the Physical plane from the Symbolic [420, green cross] that historically transitioned it from the Imaginary [Gen 1:11, 29, 30].

Chacha [above left] was featured in an earlier story which revealed her unique back story but not the genuine niceness in attitude and generosity coupled with a business savvy needed to steer the International group in its pivotal position concerning cannabis patients all ages worldwide. Putting this heartfelt shared code of honor into practice for posterity, the group with Chacha and Summer Rain [above right], the Vice President, joined with others in educating patients about Prop 64 and the World's Most Evil Corporation, Monsanto, alleged makers of the GMO pot sickening folks in the legal weed states. The model group backed wording that would have prohibited GMO cannabis and hemp in California.

As I tooled around LA going to cannabis events where the 420Nurses were, I was growing in tech knowledge along with my pursuit to find out how diverse the group really was. Shooting and editing photos helped me to see that they were no Stepford Wives cutout montage. Individuality is the key; hence the thousands of quirky, sexy, cannabis-themed poses suitable for product ads and story lead-ins, well, my stories anyway. In fact, one of my stories led to writing for the group's in-house news outlet, News.420nurses.com, now Everything420.com.

Going from investigating outside in a party atmosphere to being 'with the band' so to speak, gave me much more depth into the group though it took a year to realize the models were all patients themselves, many exhibiting the very illnesses I stood on corners protesting their corporate lab roots. Some 420nurses knew these origins and welcomed my identical conclusions. At this level you learn their sisterhood creed, as any 420nurse who leaves the group [takes a different direction for any reason: job, bf, school, etc.] is always welcomed back into the fold. From top down, the same 'one love' derived from a common cure to a common cause and effect is in play like a cosmic webinar.

Finally putting it all together after meeting the various groups headed by and those for women, even model groups, the question of why them [or that group] became for me a question of who but them? Going past the fee-based event groups and the women's auxiliaries, the 420Nurses have developed in a functioning society half-Burning Man, half-alt, all cannabis. The image of the brand is undeniable to any patient, stoner, or partyer; but the youthful artistry put to the camera is as unique as the plant, and just as sensually varied.

The late December Saturday night and Sunday morning marked by the Mayan's Doomsday hype in 2012 was when I selected to announce the Memoirs release in LA, at the NORML Xmass Potluck. Though I didn't know who was coming, I still bought and brought a baked cake, like the song lyric says. Something in my heart said, Go Big, Puffer!! So I did. Actually we did. I was in town staying at my friend's, book editor, Jeff Bradford. We caught the bus together. He thought the cake was a great idea also, as he too had had a slice. The cake came from his neighborhood bakery. Bakeries are everywhere in LA.

The 420Nurses weren't unknown to either of us but when they walked into the meeting like a teacher with her best class students, Jeff looked at me with a toothy half-grin that said, 'Yowsa! Sweets for the sweet.' The pre-sliced, still boxed cake sat at the desert end of a table Elvis Presley once owned with all the other evening's cuisine.

At the end of the meeting portion when I gave my spiel to a 40% room remaining, the 420Nurses were still in attendance, with the leader, Chacha, paying attention to my words. As the meeting closed and we all filed out for the dinner portion, my mind was racing about the group and my book. As luck would have it, the inscribed cake took up the introduction slack. Alcohol makes you bold, pot makes you reflective. Patient events don't serve alcohol [also at 420Nurses events, no tobacco, blunts may be excluded].

Chacha called me over to her group, introduced me to everyone in her group and invited me to join, and the rest is history, a dazed history. Jessica Lux took the layout shot at the very next function.

Given my recent brush fire & train incident analysis, it isn't history that concerns me. Now, given Memoirs' ending paragraph, and if this last photo session is any indication, tis the future.

Looks like the sequel, Rocky.

( *- Label ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Miracles, Beeswax, Coconut Oil & Avocado Butter. ** - English translation for the Mexican name Marijuana. - Ed)

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