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BSC, CA – As the movie Wonder Woman thumps The Mummy remake at the box office, real wonder women like those in the lead-in shot for No Safe Fate are performing real acts of wonder by being involved for the sake of principle. In the Bible this is named agape, and it is not found in everyone, nor is it found without a cost, but when you sprinkle in a little destiny, a wizard like me gets to tell the tale.

Join us as we tell a tale and walk through the park, a park aptly name Spreadlove.

The story begins in the Big Apple like a modern day fairy tale. Two people in town meet at a dance in the Lincoln Center. The guy, who approached a group of women announced, “I came here to dance. I don't want someone who wants to dance, I want someone who can dance.”

And the music has played on ever since.

This walk through the park was in response to an invite to a private documentary screening in the home of Zen Honeycutt, a co-founder of Moms Across America.

Long time readers will recall how the organization birthed as a phoenix  from the genetically engineered defeat of Prop 37, the grassroots effort in Cali to label Monsanto's GMOs. Zen as a mom had discovered the cause of her children's allergies and rash outbreaks. MAA was the outcome of mothers' love.

It must be said that less than 1% of the country's population has been to the Lincoln Center in New York for a dance, so those that do tend to be in the singers and lovers of beauty, read artistic, class. Nice people do tend to lead nice, above average [financially speaking], lives. At first life is straight and beautiful, filled with happiness and beautiful things. If you are a good person [obey the law, go to church, believe in and read about God, show kindness, etc.], your life can run as expected, smooth.

But what happens when suddenly things change and the life path looks in no sure direction?   

With Prop 37 and even in the early days of Moms, things could look overwhelming, and sometimes bleak. You had to keep focused on the single point of civilized humanity that exists.

The effort to do this becomes a group, aka family effort. Activists aren't born that way, but they do come with a key to destiny and before long they tend to stand out.

And a path opens up...

As we watched the doc Communities Rising, the ground level view of what happened to the Honeycutt family that propelled them into this cause, the people they met, the tours to educate people and other moms/communities about GMOs, later Round Up use, even being 'dusted' themselves by a helicopter producing side effects, aka, nosebleeds, etc. in the fam; around me was the evidence of this key to destiny.

Even the spark that brought the family into fruition was hanging amongst the examples of family made art.

They tell us that there is a road to perdition and a path of righteous, "but for singers and those who love beauty, there is a third way."

This way is the key of Destiny. But don't take my word for it, just ask The Pied Piper or Thomas the Rhymer. Or you can wait for the release of Communities Rising on YouTude, to be announced here.

Before I left the way I came, I was gifted with a handmade tiny yawn pouch by Zen's youngest, an example of the education you can receive at a charter school. Cool and cute.

In the meantime, Happy Father's Day, Todd. I still think you stole your last name from a TV show.

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