Friday, June 23, 2017



BSC, CA – Yep, it's that time again. Time for Vendor Days at the Mothers' Market located in Santa Ana this Saturday. All Mothers stores have these events when you can get free product samples from selected store vendors and coupons to boot. It's best to check with your closest Mothers as they vary from store to store.

The vendor reps are knowledgeable about their products and honest in a way that Whole Foods is not. Mothers, as a store to carry 'real' read, no GMO ingredients and local sourcing did so long before it became cool, or was known to be healthy. 

The event should run from around 10AM until 1PM and will include a raffle for goods in gift baskets. As a vendor of sorts, dispensing GMO info and Dr. Bronner products, I feel honor bound not to participate but I can tell you, the raffle is free and worth the trip just in itself. After the jump, some more photos from the last Mothers in Santa Ana Vendor Days.

Last time here there was snow on the mountain tops.

That didn't stop the crowd.

And don't forget the gift baskets.

This Saturday. Santa Ana. Mothers Market location. 10AM-1PM. Samples and free stuff. Be there. BSC, CA will be.

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