Thursday, June 15, 2017



BSC, CA – The public comments concerning the safe daily limits for glyphosate now set at 1100 micro-grams when 1 PPT [part per trillion] has stimulated breast cancer cells in vitro. The chance to comment here ends at 5PM, June 21. Six days to save the planet, starting with press time the number of comments stood at 9297, 3 shy of 9300, well shy of the 1,000,000 comments needed to rock the vote.

The limit for glyphosate appears to be set with an influence from ALEC, the conglomerate of lobbyists who really write our laws, like the one to put a cell phone tower on every fourth telephone pole making the grid a gigantic bug zapper, except we are the bugs. But more on that in another report because fighting that law requires a different tactic. For now the telltale ALEC fingerprint is a doctor on a medical issue who isn't a doctor, a medical doctor anyway. After all, what practitioner would say a little amount of rat poison a day is safe? None is the answer. That would be against the Hippocratic Oath.

This NSRL limit of 1100 Ug is outstanding proof of government regulation, agency law, and why this type of government is unconstitutional [people are unaccountable to the voters, like royalty]. But it is what it is, and really it sucks to be those agency people. Who knows where their 'formula' to determine this amount of glyphosate came from and how the figures were massaged to reach it? Even though I sat in a roomful of learned people, not one piped up and said, “Hey, you didn't carry the one.” The government tried to baffle us with bullshit, aka tobacco science.The ALEC touch.

After the jump, the 9297th reply that proves this is tobacco science. And thank you for smoking.

At BSC, CA we talk the walk and walk the talk.

Quit reading this and go comment, then tell everyone you know to comment. It's a ways to a million but it can be done. - PT

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