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BSC, CA – “On the road again” go the lyrics to a Willie Nelson hit the redhead in Memoirs used to sing when we would hit the trail to some adventure. Lately after moving to Riverside, that refrain has been crossing my mind a lot. And as luck would have it, I was able to combine two trips into one. So after a commute up to LA it was back down to Santa Ana for the Vendor Days event on Saturday.

This report we look at the difference between customer share markets. Recently in our stories we covered the glyphosate issue [still undecided by OEHHA at press time] which is now regulated by Prop 65, which covers carcinogens. After the jump we look at the customer education environment for Mothers Market, a store idea to provide real, read organic and locally sourced food products to the public for 30 years, approximately.

We also look at the fuller picture as activism goes beyond the hype of new products when our story shows it isn't only GMO seeds that cross-pollinate. In our case, it's all good in the neighborhood as knowledge is power but connection is the key. {Ed note – the pictures used in the run up story to this event were shot at the Laguna Woods Mothers Market location. We apologize for any confusion.}

The morning started out pretty usual for this area of Orange County, sweat shirt and shorts. Of course John didn't need that extra layer being born and bred in the OC.

We were located just outside the store entrance, between vendor sections. Inside vendors prepped their stations. 

 Meanwhile outside on the shared food court entertainment plaza...

Then as the morning mists burned off and the sun came out, so did the people.

People signed up for the raffle...

...which again included a very nice selection of products, including a copy of We're Monsanto, Book 2, by Brett Wilcox.

And the band played on.

Trips now to events have taken on deeper meaning. Lisa, a MAA who lives in Menifee, has gotten the city council to rein in Round Up [glyphosate] use in the city in a pretty much single-handed effort. The other local non-GMO activists I was in contact with when I lived in French Valley have retired, it seems.

It was a pleasure to be able to give back, in the way of cannabis information concerning her mother's cancer later in the day, as we found out about her research into the subject. Knowing some local growers, I was able to make the connection between parties in her neck of the woods.

The other thing noticeable was Mother's relationship and concern for its customer base,

Versus other more well-known, national names.

What's in your stomach?

Boots on the ground for Mother's events include Mo in the middle. Malcolm couldn't make it. He was at Starbucks.

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