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BSC, CA – The call went out to the California Guild and Moms Across America who assembled an impressive alliance of environmental and social justice activists to testify before the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. The reason for the clarion call was the pending adaptation of the No Significant Risk Level that okays 1100 Ug [micrograms] per day per person of Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up. (Boo, hiss) 

Since response was keen to our last picture clue puzzle, we have another for you at the end of the report. There are 5 story clues in the shot. And speaking of numbers, We the People have a set countdown window for action against this proven cause of cancer, in this case, June 21. A total of 38 individuals out of a 150 person showing, comprised of moms, medical professions, journalists, authors, ag organizations, educators, farmers, and everyday folks arrived to deliver this message: For residents worldwide, there is  'No Safe Level. Zero.' With glyphosate.

The difference this time involved a road trip through Central California over to the coast. So take the jump into our next travelog adventure which all started out in the middle of the week. Hump Day, a strange foreshadowing. The Monsanto backstory right after the jump.

Some of you may remember this Monsanto poster and wonder whatever happened?

Same as usual, nothing! It's no wonder President Trump took the nation out of that windbag Paris Climate deal that was put on by the very people causing the most damage. Monsanto is an evil kracken with each arm representing a different woe. A Center Camp mural [OLA] done in full color depicting this scenario was confiscated by the cops who rolled up the camp that last Tuesday. Word on the street was it went to the same warehouse as The Ark shown in the last scene of Raiders.

Recently WHO declared the ingredient glyphosate a carcinogen. California by Prop 65 law has to list any product that meets this criteria, so California put Round Up, a cash cow for Monsanto, on the list to be labeled as such. Monsanto sued. The Monster lost, including an appeal. Now it is up to the State's EPA, a board known affectionately OEHHA to determine what daily allowance is acceptable for the general population based off the girth of a man weighing 70 kilo; women, children, and babies were excluded.   

By this time I was flashing back to another dealing with a state regulatory agency in my own neck of the vineyards. The silver-haired Granny type in the red jacket is the PhD who devised the formulated limit, the reason for this public meeting at the state capitol.

The following are supplemental to the live public speaking video posted to my [BSC outlet] facebook page. We had a great group with a simple answer.

Shown above is a presentation put on by Zen [co-founder, MAA, far right in lead-in photo], and Jessica [Physics prof, Ret. grandma, next to Zen in lead-in]. The cost just for the slides used was $1000. This was one of the many scientific presentations that provided documented stats showing the real NSRL (No Safe Recorded Level) of glyphosate.

Monsanto had the usual compliment, a lawyer (who denied everything), some woman professional, an Ag shill and a farm bureau mole. They garnered no applause for their dry rebuttal.

Later outside we gathered for a press conference that only one news channel covered (CBS).

Then fan pictures taken and info exchanged, all on a very windy afternoon with no hot air.

Along the way back we took the scenic route.

Then it was time to depart.

To enjoy a brief rest before this next story broke.

Bringing you real news these days is a dog's life, but what can I say? Woof, woof.

To comment about glyphosate to the state agency, go to this link; to comment about glyphosate to the agency BOSS, go here. For both use the subject line: Glyphosate NSRL, body text - No Safe RoundUp [glyphosate] Level. ZERO. You have ONLY until June 21, ten days.

And now, today's story picture clue puzzle. Remember 5 clues about today's glyphosate story can be found. Good luck, Sherlocks.

(All photos - BSCCA)

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