Tuesday, June 20, 2017


"Communities Rising - A Story of Courage, Creativity, and Contribution!” -

BSC, CA – Hot off the press is the release of the first MAA movie documentary, Communities Rising. Put together from footage shot by the Honeycutts and narrated by Zen, the mom featured in the At The Zen of the Road report, the film is a front seat look through a mother's eyes at a fight hundreds, if not thousands, are waging daily for the good of humankind.

As you watch this courageous family led by an angry, protective mom once the culprit of her brood's maladies is discovered, it is important to remember that this is only one of many stories in one of many causes against the evil kraken that threatens us all. God knows all the stories; I know a few; and now you will see one, because it only takes one story to show the cause and effect to bring forth one's personal valor.

At present there are a plethora of big stories, but when you look at the skies, the food, the water, and Matt 24:19, the battle for humanity is the biggest story there is. I feel blessed to have this bullhorn today. The following video presentation is approximately 45 minutes long, fyi. Make the jump when ready.

And now, Communities Rising - A Story of Courage, Creativity, and Contribution!

LINK and enjoy the movie. Moms Across America

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