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BSC, CA – With the world out of control and President Trump proving that white ain't alright, not to mention being on our last Pope, many people are in the United Tourist Class by trying to navigate today's waters of life. A professor at Harvard once said, “When civilization collapses, only 6 classes of people will survive. Tourist isn't one of them.”

More traction could be gained with a Corpus Diem frame of mind. To seize any day, you must know what day it is however. Prophecy, as in knowing what has happened and what will be, would best indicate on a broad scope, just where you might be in the scheme of things, aka, the dance floor, playing field, or day. Prophecy is found in two realms that we know of, magic and religion.

When you research further into either topic, magic or religion as it plays historically, a common factor to both enters the equation. That factor is politics, our third little word in today's observation. You see, politics is more than winning an election. Politics is the system. To understand the day it is presently, you need information on anthropology [magic], theology [specifically Biblical predictions], and politics [what runs the game]. Or the Unseen, the symbolic, and the structure; our 3D matrix.

It should be noted here that if you see the Bible only as moralistic and not a research tool, you should skip the rest of this article. Also the article author believes that all can be explained about life in the Bible, if you know where to look and how to unlock the pearls of wisdom. This time we look at the questions 'Are we a science experiment?' [modern technology, GMOs;] and 'Is this the Truman Show, Really?' Believe it or not, there is one Bible book that seemingly answers both questions.

The Book of Jōb [not jŏb, i.e. occupation] offers us a surprising insight into both questions from a backstage viewpoint, something the reader is privy to like a TV show studio audience. Historically, this book is a stand alone work, not fitting into the running narrative of the Jews as a people through history. Job is a book that could have been written by Shakespeare had the latter occurred first. The character development and soul searching are as great as anything written in Macbeth or Hamlet.

At ground level where we all are in life as we know it, we see the man Job. He is a fine and upstanding specimen in his social circle. He has done well and followed the rules. Life has blessed him with bountiful crops, vast holdings, and a gorgeous family of sons and daughters. More a Ben Cartwright than a Donald Trump. Then for no apparent reason, disaster strikes, wiping out his former blissful and bountiful life. At ground level this would be perplexing.

The beauty and wisdom of the Job story is that we, the reader, are not at ground level. Moments before all hell broke loose for Job, we were flies on the ceiling of God's office, who is like a G-Dog on a fly-tip when in flosses the posse, chief among them being Satan. At this point the set-up for the Job job is hatched. Then this part of the stage goes dark.

For the next 99% of Job's story at ground level, we are given a lot of philosophy and metaphysical theory about why bad things happen to good people by his 3 [male] friends and his wife, even to the point of a deliberate happening, since these were the days when you could still be granted an audience with God and live to tell the tale, prior to Moses' time.

Living to tell the tale isn't to say that Job didn't suffer in his trial. He gets physical ailments including boils, but he doesn't die. Finally Job does get his audience with God though and you can go read what God had to say, but here's what the Book of Job says to us, for we are like Job in our own ground level way.

Good things and bad things can happen which we don't know the origin of; only the outcome from these influences is seen. Most people in cities and jungles believe these forces affecting our lives, good and bad, can be directed or controlled. So we attend church, offer prayers, cast spells, burn candles, etc. for a prosperous life in our opinion. Job backs up this theory by being righteous but in the opening we see that life's existence isn't cut and dried depending on our dedication, hence bad things can happen to good people out of the blue and vice versa. Almost like a whim or a wager.

Although most things that happen are our own fault, good and bad, when something happens that is especially bad, we don't blame God. We are a little too sophisticated for that outlook anymore. Only the Jews got to argue with God. These days the trap is with chem trails, glyphosate, EMPs, radiation, vaccines, fluoridated tap water, and our old standby, GMOs. It's easy to be overwhelmed, and not fight back, or just fight on your own behalf. Jesus talks of something called agape, or the fight for others, being aware, and enduring in these last days for the time is short.

Noah and Job lived in the same era, a time when Jesus said would return again at the end of our age. The things mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph may sicken you but won't outright kill you in typical situations much like Job's afflictions, but the lessons from Job, the reader's POV, is lost on today's churched. The present day seems God must not be around [much, is the message rather than God has a plan]. The preach is 'help me to get closer to you to help me' be a better person yada, yada, yada.

For the last days Jesus said be aware [see paragraph 11], endure [don't stress, God has a plan], and be noticed through agape [fighting for others]. You have to wonder that if any intelligence is watching us, why would They or It want to share their technology with a world that won't even share a weed that can help all? Who would a benevolent alien make such tech available to, our present day leaders?

In the Old Testament days it was the circumcision that marked you 'chosen' and noticed by God. These days it would seem that agape [fighting/activism] would get you on the short list now that wolves can be seen with sheep foreskins. Remember, Job didn't quit his in his day even though he didn't have the inside view or the backward glance with cliff notes to help him. All he had was faith, memories of how good his life had been up to that point, and belief that he had been doing the right thing.

Years ago I had my Job moment. I was hustling around my So Cali neighborhood tract making weed hookups for kick-downs from kids in their 20s cause I knew the down-low, riding on a 20” bike like a homey. I was in my 50s. One day I said, “Bullshit.” I quit smoking pot cold turkey because I thought I was a stoner. Six months later after writing the rough draft manuscript for Memoirs I realized that I wasn't and packed my first bowl of cannabis. It was to be almost a decade later that Occupy Los Angeles would propel me to declare that I was a patient on record, finally moving past the pot stigma.

A couple of years ago I found out that Woody [The Spoonbills, Memoirs; The Phatheads] had gotten his medical recommendation for medical marijuana. I chuckled, even though I knew he had a back injury that grieved him from time to time, as I asked him, “What made you get a rec for medical pot?”

“I realized that whenever we were partying [smoking weed back in the day], my back wasn't hurting.”

While all the stuff thrown at us from modern science [regardless of politics] won't kill us outright as in Job's day, it's nice to be able to pile through the crap by making use of our built-in THC receptors that whoever built us provided as stock equipment. And remember that goes for your pets too.

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