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BSC, CA – For centuries Man pressed and stamped grapes to make wine. In this Century, Man has learned to press cannabis, extracting a substance that can vary in taste and head change. The extract can vary in state [and price] but the wallop from the fast growing trend of dabbing is legend. However, there is a third way.

If anything can be said to compare with wine tasting, it would have to be snap dabs, or the use of portable, variable voltage vape pens outfitted with dual coil cups. Even the combustion cup design function add to or subtract from the taste of the snap dab medication.

This report from ground zero level features a look at award winner Slump, a FNS vendor from the early days in a [snap dab] review.

At my first Friday Night Sesh, there was one vendor which stood out to me. Perhaps it was the vibe.

But in those days of covering the scene I didn't indulge in dabs even though offered by the company owner. 

The scene is full of dab zombies and I wasn't there to party.

The next FNS I went to after that, Slump was there.

And this time he had a big 'o Cup with him.

The night the lead-in shot was taken, Slump took 1st Place at a FNS contest with 3 expert patient model 420Nurses as judges. Free samples [.5g] of the winner were handed out and I was lucky enough to score one. Around this time I learned more about the advances in dabware technology, again see Snap Dabs.

Needless to say, that sample led me to this present review.

The use of a fractional amount of the standard size dab concentrate to medicate is a fresh high art use comparable to sipping brandy rather than doing a shot of tequila. This method allows you to savor the product's fine taste as you would sample a wine's bouquet. 

This report we will talk of the Road Dawg OG. The RDOG is in the budder stage unless kept in the fridge, but the smell is remarkably clean and pure. The taste is smooth and fine. In a way, the extract or concentrate sides in the cannabis field are the wine side of the liquor industry just opposite in everything except sophistication and taste. Except for beer, wine is the oldest alcohol; concentrates and extracts are part of the latest things in Cannabis City.

The RDOG color is a translucent amber on moist little chunks, not a jelly or oil. A wooden toothpick will clean a metal dab spoon and deposit the medication in a dual coil globe unit for a vape pen perfectly[see Snap Dabs].

The wax instantly bubbles into a thick slightly off-white vapor cloud quicker than most [imho]. There is hardly any aftertaste or cough-producing lung expansion. You exhale [on a snap dab] hardly any exhaust vapor, but the head trip is a heavy throttle. This isn't what you snap dab while playing Duck Hunt.

the SLUMP man
Although there are numerous extract and concentrate companies, not everyone competes in any competition, Slump Wax does, and wins.

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