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BSC – As the first anniversary of the Friday Night Sesh approaches this weekend, we take a look at the second in command for the 420Nurses, Chacha's No. 2, Summer Rain, pictured below.

The fact that I didn't have to say where in the picture she is, shows you her mystique. The other fact that at 23 years old, Summer Rain is one of the youngest VPs around of any successful and growing company, even in this industry.

Interestingly enough, the story of Summer Rain begins the year I migrated to Southern Cali, in 1994. The next co-winkydink wouldn't occur until Doomsday, December 21, at the LA NORML Christmas potluck. It was in the early Doomsday morning when Chacha, snacking on a slice of red velvet cake, invited me to join the group. One by one she introduced the four 'nurses' with her who were also snacking on red velvet cake. Red velvet cake. Best. Move. Ever.

Though I barely remember any of the names from that night, due to that night, I know Summer was there because I remember seeing her earlier when Chacha delivered Christmas Greetings from the group to the patients at the meeting. I remember Summer [visually] because she seemed like a little sister playing dress-up with the older sister's friends in her garter belted white stockings. Coupled with the look of a fan-girl towards Chacha as she spoke all added to a 'too cute' moment, not a sexy moment.

Summer would be at the next NORML event, a fundraiser that went south for almost everyone except me and Jeff, my book editor. I got some great promo shots including the biz card pose shot by Jessica Lux. Still, I really hadn't noticed Summer individually from the group. And then 3 things happened almost in concert.

The first was during the same time period as the fundraiser but afterwards. On a whim, AJ and stopped to see Jay and Silent Bob [the actors that play them] at a comedy club in LA. The actors, we were assured, would come out into the audience after the comedy portion. Famous last words. So while we are snooping around backstage, we bump into Chacha and Summer who had also been promised an audience, this time by the comedy team themselves. Afterwards, as we were leaving to return to the car, AJ goes, “Who was that redhead?”

As I combed through the group's photo cache at first to get a feel for the personality and texture of the model agency, the majority of the shots fell into two categories; fun, sexy pot related poses, and standard model/burlesque shots, also featuring cannabis. Except for one picture.

This color outdoor shot featured a hovering hummingbird, beak in a big cannabis bud, on a sunny day. At first I thought it was photo-shopped, but when I examined the picture lightning closer, I could see the shot was real. Summer took the picture.

And the last thing that caught my eye was a picture of her taken shortly after her 'One Love' motto tat was done. In the picture, with the tat lines still fresh and red, Summer makes the ugliest face I have ever seen on a pretty girl. She was trying to smile for the camera but the ouch was showing through. What a trooper, I thought upon remembering her from the Doomsday potluck.

At first too was the 'if you say so, Coach' face in some early shots with me. I thought that was cute too. When I was young, old folks were old folks. Now here I was, Grandpa at a sock hop but not as a chaperon or a date. Yeah, that could be a little confusing. I was a little confused myself. Amazingly enough, the weed added to the clarity of the situation. Plus the generations have changed. My generation didn't like old people or old things, hence rock 'n' roll. The generation now and the past few have looked to the older ones as elders.

After that, as I snooped around the site and read more blogs, I came across a poem that Summer had written. The honesty, openness, and insight expressed in a flowing rhyme said one thing to me; this young woman is a talented natural writer, aka an artist at it. I made my opinion known. Summer became a writer when launched and carried over as an editor when Everything420 spun off from there. Her latest article is an up-to-date piece about PTSD.

As the organization grew after the time I encountered them, Summer grew with the expansion and helped to propel the brand forward, especially in being a role model to other young patient nurses by earning her position as VP, the second most recognized face of the 420Nurses, and someone who the newest member nurse can feel at ease to ask a question to. All this while fitting into the drama-less society and keeping it that way. In fact, when someone comments about the biz card photo I always point out that the 420Nurses are as nice [a group] as they look [in modeling].

After this past brutal weekend at the Chalice Cup in Victorville with temps in the 120s, we at BSC hope all the 420Nurses who attended that fest are healthy and strong for this week's FNS, the 1st Anniversary.

And the young VP is scheduled to attend the International conference on cannabis to be held later in the year. 

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