Tuesday, July 11, 2017



BSC, CA – Coming off the adventure road morning train last week, I found the UCR campus TP'd with anti-Trump flyers as far as the eye could see.

The next day campus security had removed all signs of the planned protest for this weekend, but the magnitude and intensity of the flyer coverage shows the immense [notoriously mostly gender based] vitriol against President Donald Trump. Looks like my plans for the weekend are covering the protest.

College-staged protests are nothing new but with the professional mass flyer promotional effort, I'm wondering about the presence of an outside agitator, like Soros' BLM crunch-for-lunch-bunch. All these things happening as the establishment press tries whipping up anti-Trump sentiment. Even women like Stephanie Miller, a wine-guzzling, self-made talking head makes the cover of LA Weekly, fist in the air like the black power Olympic stars in 1968, by nig---piling the President. How does this happen?

Trump is a twit. This is the United States of Amnesia. Hillary Clinton is the secret coach of the women's track team organized to string up The Don.

Trump is a twit, but he is an anti-globalist twit, and an AG twit beats a de-population, Georgia Guildstones NWO twit any day. There is a hot war in the Ukraine [still, I think], we have no TPP, and there is a Subway, the Corp who kept a child trafficker on the payroll 7 years after finding out the downlow, on every corner like Starbucks and Mickey Dees, another corp doing their best for America's obesity problem.

There is no mention of pizzagate, the missing 6 Billion dollars from the State Department in the Hillary years, or as a couple, Bill and Hillary have 3 kids, none with each other and a body count that outdoes Al Capone and Frank Nitti combined. Yet the mention of any of this to one of the anti-Trump 'He said grab 'em by the pussy' women brings a moment of blankness as in 'this information does not compute'. You get the same look at the mention of either of Hillary's mentors also. At least in Stephanie's cover shot, she shows her Goldwater roots with a framed poster in the shot.

And that's the sad part. The women behind Hillary and this controlled rundown for losing the election, and the women who believed in her [including the many who still do] are decent as people. Their anger, justified, is misdirected by manipulation through the black arts. But then Hitler who had a thing for the black arts, didn't run Germany by himself and he never pushed one Jew into an oven, did he?

BSC will cover this planned protest with a boots on the ground viewpoint and pictures as this movement by Hillary's track team seeks to gain push with the female UCR student body.

And speaking of the collegiate scene, a group from the old school before it was called that might have summed up Trump's present predicament as this:

Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts

“What's the difference between a pygmy ninja hit squad and a women's track team coached by HRC?”

“One is a cunning bunch of runts...”

In all fairness it must be said that the vast majority of women I run across fall into the 'anyone but Hillary' category, some with the Comey incident as the tipping point. And two, I first heard the phrase 'grab the pussy' not in a locker room or even from a guy. The redhead mentioned in Memoirs once said to me, “If I ever get out of hand [start flipping out], just grab me by the pussy. It will bring me back into the moment.”

She never did and I never did. I was thankful for that.

(All references to Stephanie Miller, LA Weekly, Bryan Smith, The Voice of Resistance, Vol. 39, Issue 31)

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