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BSC, CA – When I lived in Murrieta, my Vietnamese neighbor used to say 'Have fun' when she would see me head off to a Prop 37 honk 'n' wave up in Orange County. One day I stopped to explain that I wasn't going to a fun event, like a party or dance. Spreading the truth was frustrating, time-consuming, but ultimately very fulfilling because once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it.

Being an event activist [or in my case, an outside agitator since I don't live in Orange County] is also a lesson in political growth because the people you are with aren't your neighbors, family, or school chums. All you share with your cohorts is the truth. Often their values and lives are different but one thing that is common is a belief in orthodox Christianity, usually running from strict to a livable framework.

There is another thing we all share [at these Gem Faire events], a belief in the Alex Jones side of life. We have all seen his show and heard his voice. We have a general knowledge of his mainline subjects and the types of people he talks to...so you can image our wide-eyed delight on Sunday when a walk-up engages John in a winded conversation with a climax of his B&W alien photos taken when he was a part of such secret programs! This Gem Faire we had our Alex Jones moment. After spreading the truth, the truth came to us! More after the jump. 

Before we get to our lead-in alien truth, it must be said that this Gem Faire brought out more than just one truth. The most important truth is that with the present scale of weather modification, the entire earth is headed for extinction, no ifs, ands, or butts. It is the same bottom line All In conclusion reached by Brett Wilcox at the end of We're Monsanto, Vol.2, delivered here live as seen below.

"Either we stop Monsanto, or Monsanto will stop us [Mankind]" - Brett Wilcox
The latest group of charts proved what I have been telling people for years: "I know when they have sprayed [the skies] because my sinuses clog up like I have hay fever."

"That's how I can tell when they spray at night [which they do now that the word is out]. If my window is open and I wake up with a clogged sinus; and even when the window is closed since the particles are nano-sized," I told walk-ups to my section during the 3 day event. Word is getting around and this crowd stopped to do more than smell the pizza, as Ferris Bueller would say.

A couple of shoppers read one of many chemtrail [geo-engineering] easel placards

Some of the self-educating placards were done by the volunteer activists as well as by our sponsor, Dane Wigington, whose latest video presentation Hacking The Planet is the followup to his groundbreaking initial filmed meeting, Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and The Collapse of Civilization.

Geo-engineering over Riverside, CA in late April, 2017, Stater Bros lot, bsc-ca file photo

For those who could handle the truth, I revealed that cannabis is the expectorant I use to clear my system of the crud the evil society sprays on us. Also that gruel, the food that kept the poor alive for a 1000 years while the titled hunted and ate meat, was based off hemp seed. This is why the peasants were often healthier than the lords of the land, [that and inbreeding].

This exposed another truth for me. At first led to believe that front center booth space was altruistic of the Gem Faire, this time the owner of the Faire event, Steve, was onsite and the rose-colored sunglasses were smashed. Dane pays $3 grand for that front table spot, money well spent.

We also were activists/experts for No Smart Meters, Wireless, cell tower bill [the vote is set for the Friday before Labor Day as the lawmakers' zipless fuck to both the working man and the 'stupid' people], mandatory vaccinations [see below], and our old standby, GMOs.

It was Sunday, a bit after 3 and I returned from a bathroom break to see this older gentleman engaged in a conversation with John. Only instead of seeing John dishing information, John is standing there kind of wide-eyed with a zoomed kind of look. Since we were the only 3 in staff, I went to another end of the long booth. Sometimes people come to engage in a debate and you can't tie up all our staff in one argument.

When I returned from my next break, one to shop for some goodies, John and this guy were still at it but John's voice was back.

"You gotta see this. This guy was in those secret programs you hear about on Alex Jones. He has these alien pictures. He was there."

I then approached this gentle-looking man you might mistake for a trig professor secretly working on a Nobel paper, probably with my one eyebrow arched. I can't hide my reflex emotions. I was greeted with the zeal of a model railroader showing you his home layout. There in glorious black and white with sharp clarity, were several pictures featuring the usual alien type [elongated head greys; the miniature alien found in Peru [see archives, this publication], and one picture that I haven't seen anywhere else. It was 'an alien we shot down with a laser in the 70s.'

When I walked back over to Linda, the other volunteer [activist] to get her opinion, she replied, "I don't do aliens."

There was one last truth that I shared with the last woman of the last couple who were the last people to visit our booth in search of verifying the truth before we closed. Learning this last truth and that I wrote a book about this very time, well like the main subject in the book, cannabis, I was able to convert my signed book into cash. Thank you, Nebuchadnezzar.

This was the most productive Gem Faire so far.

Kudos to Steve, James, and all the staff at Gem Faire!

For those keeping count, though there were a small percentage of 'round people' in the visiting weekend crowd, with over 200 vendors at the Gem Faire, not a one was fat. A number of vendors also took bags containing our various cause positions. 

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