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BSC, CA - It used to be said that the winners wrote the history, but the fact is now modern history is [re-]written by pseudo hipsters, or people who pass themselves off as 'intellectuals' by way of their selective soundbite from someone famous but now departed. Pseudo hipsters give the appearance of someone who walks or walked the walk. This allows the unaware to be led astray through a false sense of complacency, 'the blind leading the blind.' The blind being led are generally nice people and comfortable in their blindness.

Coming from the suburbs side of Riverside County, fresh from OC organic food activism and the artful gentrified LA barrios, it isn't that you don't see overweight or fat people in the general population because you do. In every venue, in every age group; even Dr. Seralini [the French doctor who proved Roundup does cause tumor growth] is no Harry's Razors model. The problem in Riverside for me is that everywhere I go, I see round people. Like seeing the indigenous difference in Asians, being a food activist enables you to see the difference between genetic, medical, and food ingredient [diet] obesity, or roundness. The occurrence of roundness is roughly the same ratio as Obama's 2010 Cancer Study. 5% [generic/medical*], 95% environment. Riverside's environment is '1955 Chevy-Things go better with Coke' born and bred. With Mickey Dees set to deliver via app, you will soon see round people too.

Above, example of medically induced obesity
The story I turned in concerning the Riverside May Day political anti-Trump parade may have seemed snarky since I didn't weigh in much on the political side of the Left being hijacked, but I couldn't get past what I saw; some of the nicest city dwellers that I have ever encountered in my various moves and all of them buying in to the ads while the world gets heavier from their collective accepted girth. Food isn't political or noticed in Riverside's 60% obesity rate. Move over Springfield, Riverside is a city on the grow' like Brazil.

My original mandate wasn't and still isn't food, it's cannabis, the other chink in Riverside. Both the lack of choice for sodas and the official 'let's see how we can make money from stoners' in Riverside mentality come from the City, but not in the way that you would suspect. Hence the need for a wizard to save these people who have believed the words from pseudo hipsters, like those pictured below.

To give a more concrete example of a modern pseudo hipster, the latest 5th Column effort hatched by that old hen Hillary brought the following in my mailbox recently. While the whole piece, written by Tyler Durdin, with byline pic, was directed indirectly against Trump via Jeff Sessions in tone, the real secret agenda behind this effort to smear Sessions for a policy started under Bush and continued under Obama, is Sessions' view against legal weed. Selected below is the pseudo hipster spin specifically:

'As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, if the government can just take from you what they want, when they want, and then use it however they want, you can’t claim to be anything more than a serf in a land they think of as theirs.
It’s up to “We the People” to demand reform.
These injustices will continue as long as we remain silent.
In other words, make them hear you.
And if they won’t listen, then I suggest it’s time for what Martin Luther King Jr. called for when government doesn’t listen: “militant nonviolent resistance.” '

My issue isn't with this suspect** quote per se, it's just that I was there back in the day; met and heard Dr. King when he galvanized us as a high school crew [from various high schools across Louisville, KY] to desegregate the downtown lunch counters in that city. King's brother had a church in Louisville with a son attending Male High the same time I was. There are readers here who can attest to these words because they, too, were there.

Dr. Martin Luther King's message for the press may have been some term but the mechanics to carry out change were simple. “We pay the same taxes on the same amount of money and we [as a race] deserve the same right as per the Constitution.” Translated that meant withhold the dollar from Whitey and he will cave “because the Almighty Dollar is what he worships.”

File photo from The March on Washington
In our Nothing New For Easter economic boycott of downtown Louisville merchants toward the second best buying season from the black community [we don't buy boats either, John], we collectively withheld from buying, the merchants squealed, and the city [who also got taxes from sales] caved amidst a varying list of publicized feel good reasons. This style of economic boycott was only spoke of once to my recollection, appearing in the Wall Street Journal in the days when they did real news 100%.

For more information about food nutrition, please see your MOM. Remember, your health starts with you. You have to read the label ingredients; you have to look at the ketchup and maybe eat your fries with Cajun salt; you have to ask the waitress what kind of oil they use to deep fry? Most importantly is you have to want to understand how crap food [ingredients] affect you, because we are not talking added exercise either.

And look around at your neighbor [especially if in Riverside] for inspiration. I do every time I think about having a Pepsi [my fat of choice back in the day when I was a size 38 waist].

But mostly as I ride around on the buses through Riverside, the largest city I have lived in since Indy in the 70's, I have sorrow and compassion for the round people I see. I know how it is to be round and lug that excess HFCS fat around. You feel older, slower, and you are tired all the time. Except for Occupy Los Angeles and John Diaz/Prop 37, I would still be round people. So I have compassion for those still in the dark about food and nutrition.

Reflecting back now to a recent column theme I suppose you could say that the Occupy Moment was an agape event orchestrated celestially and the first reward from that participation was a pathway to better health and a better body.

(*- in reference to obesity only. **- For those who read the actual quote as I did, this term does NOT appear ANYWHERE in the paper from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You can follow the link for your personal proof of pseudo hipsters and wannabe intellectuals.)

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