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BSC, CA – There was a time when science lived to explain nature and natural laws to Man so he could live in concert with Nature. Those times are corrupted and now is their legacy, ie., Mt. 24:22a, “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive...” [NIV]. Those days are these days.

While the Good Book can tell you the general background, real awareness of where you are in the present scheme of things depends on you and what you know. It's a dog-poison-dog world and you are wearing Milkbone undies (homage to a Cheers opening). Also this report begins a series on food nutrition for Chacha Vavoom, the 420Nurses, and the cannabis culture in general. Everyone else is of course welcome to follow along in the series.

Food nutrition is a complex topic but since this report deals with health and obesity, we will start with what to avoid eating and drinking, in other words, foods to make you round. Fortunately, in the attempt to win an election, the Democrat Party allowed Bernie Sanders' Vermont Label GMOs law to become a beacon for drawing in the youth vote. That's why Bernie's state was the only one to ever pass such a law.

To keep this opener about food nutrition simple as possible and common sense plain, we show you how to avoid GMO ingredients rather than why to avoid them. And to do that, Bernie made it easy. Following in a series of product pictures, is where to look for the 'GMO label' on a sampling of commercial food products. This is a sampling only and not the complete list. Following the examples is the one reason to separate proper food from the garbage we are in a habit of eating.

RULE #1 – if it comes from a major food corporation like Unilever, Pepsico, ConAg, etc., you can be sure it contains GMO ingredients and should be avoided. The brands that your mother grew up on were taken over by the time she was grown. However, most of these brands now own independent organic companies having sensed the need to cover all their bets. Avoidance of products here falls into the political realm of choice, not the health category.

The words 'Partially Produced With Genetic Engineering' are the GMO label we currently have, thanks to Bernie Sanders. The Vermont law, once passed, set the industry wheels into motion. Companies across the nation, especially national brands, inserted or printed the above warning in approximately the same location on all their product containers for distribution.

Now you may wonder, PT, I don't see any high fructose corn syrup [made from GMO corn] on those labels? Tis the sugar, my dear Reader; it comes from beets and beets are the GMO link. The companies know this and now you do too.

The words 'Real Sugar' indicate cane sugar, which is not GMO'd.

Sometimes the same product will come in two versions. Remember our Pure Leaf tea opener which comes in a plastic bottle most everywhere. Except in the gentrified areas where Pure Leaf comes in glass and that's not the only difference.

Yep, yep. Organic cane sugar. Organic label and Unilever.

Once again, today's lesson is [GMO beet sugar] where to look for the Seal of Disapproval, the S.O.D.

That label includes canola oil as well as beet sugar. Remember, if it doesn't say 'real' or cane, then Beat It like Michael Jackson.

And the newest creation from those who would be Mother Nature, GMO potatoes, farm grown.

Now the question about GMOs is more than a question of politics. Back in the 80s the FDA scientists ran tests on the first such foods using fruit flies since changes to their species order can be observed quickly given the fruit flies short life cycle. Though it may be buried, it probably can still be accessed. And that would be the news story detailing the FDA finding that GMOs [because of the structural nature] cause sterility in 3 generations [in fruit flies].

When I met John at Occupy LA, he had me at 'Monsanto'. Thank the Lord.

"You want to see the shit, look to the S.O.D." - PT Rothschild

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