Wednesday, August 9, 2017



BSC, CA – The Orange Farmers Market band, Greasy Spoons, one of several in rotation at the Saturday morning meet just a few blocks away from the town train station just off the west Chapman side of The Circle at Orange, will be ditty-ing up to the bar at Ruby's Diner, 186 N. Atchison St., the train station depot restaurant this Saturday evening.

Doors are free and open about 6:30 pm. This is an all ages show because the music is real, not background for getting lucky. The two bands in the show feature the members of the Greasy Spoons and friends of their musical circle. The music genre is Americana, sorta country without the twang, booze, and heartbreak; in other words, fun music that puts a smile on your face the more you listen.

The Greasy Spoons, a member more since their debut album release, Stealin' the Show, normally play covers at the Market shows with ear-catching arrangements. The CD presents the band in a more intimate coffee house setting, being a duo for the album. The Market shows present an expanded sound with the cover's remembered familiarity adding its own fill. The Ruby's show should be that next level since it will include even more musicians and originals, plus this is closer to a venue show. There is also excitement to playing an encore show, which this is. When you listen to Stealin' the Show you hear a solid foundation; good picking, catchy lyrics with a twist, and sweet arrangements.

The 12 track CD lists song titles like Lazy Days, Sound Sleeping, and Sunglasses; something about the list conjures up 'ditties'. The dictionary may have its own definition of the word meaning, but to me a song of this style is slightly quirky, with some humor, a bit of comeuppance, is topic unique, and presented in a retro musical rendition.

Other songs like Worthless, Hangman, and Medusa's Gone carry a heavier meaning with not always a chuckle, but a thought about life. And that's what real music is about; the musicians spin words to music and the listener hears a thought about life they can relate to.

Stream Stealin' the Show and hear the Greasy Spoons [2013] appetizer. Come for the full course Saturday, Ruby's Diner, Metrolink Station, Orange, August 12. Doors 6:30 pm. Free.

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