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BSC, CA – Once again it was a Friday night. That could only mean one thing to this new sailor in town after leaving Union Station in LA, a Friday Night Sesh.

This FNS would prove to be the most well-rounded sesh event for me so far. For all you new readers, a sesh is a medical marijuana farmer's market. The FNS is a sesh that happens on Friday nights and is put on by a particular patient group, the 420Nurses. The initial chapter is LA-based having started in Hollywood. On Halloween night with six patient model friends. I met the group on Doomsday, 2012. They rep my book.

On this trip a question would be answered about a bird I feed sometimes at the train station; how did this bird get a stump? The answerer to the question would supply the solution to a dilemma. Make the jump.

Like the way the colors change from winter to spring, Mary Jane Green, pot, or bud references are everywhere you see now, if you can afford to look, aka, aren't behind the wheel of a car.

Like the disenfranchised. In the big city some people are unnoticed except by the man.

Other times you can witness a man with seizures sitting on a bench head shaking uncontrollably, unnoticed by well-dressed professions [government types] walking by as a speeding and blaring ambulance speeds through and keeps going. Turns out he wasn't the droid shorting out that they were looking for. This is the city you go through to reach the sweet center; this FNS theme was Vegas Night, unbeknownst to me, with one 420Nurse having her 19th birthday.

It's like that in the big city.

As I had come up for the specific reason of expanding my palette of Slump Wax for tastings, I made my way to the ATM of my choice and stood in line for nexties. Presently a 420Nurse came out from a drive-thru and walked down the sidewalk to the next teller window past my line. The woman in front of me turned to me, as the model went by dressed for the Vegas night in costume, giving me a distressed WTF look.

Since I was sporting my official 420Nurses cap I felt compelled to offer a reason for the scantily-clad model, "It's a Vegas-themed event. She's a medical patient model," throwing the best spin I could to a total stranger. However, when the model went by completely, I could see that she was distressed and in tears. The next time the woman looked around I gave her the 'Haven't the faintest clue' look and for a second, thought to offer some assistance since I had met her since she ran the FNS the Chalice Cup weekend. I wondered if there was some drama, something I hadn't seen around the 420nurses, happening. Then the line moved and life went on. I got my cash and returned to the sesh.

This trip, rather than do my usual walk-about until the morning comes, I made a reservation at a hostel through a random ad. The place looked legit and I knew where the neighborhood was, as in what bus to catch to get there.

The unassuming hostel even had an 'outback' smoking area MMJ-friendly, according to 'house rules'. I Love LA.

Wrapping up my business early with Slump, scoring 3g total wax [3 dif runs, 2 TR, 1 NR] for a $90 donation, I went inside to talk to head honcho Jimmy. In Vegas an eighth of leaf and 2 [1g] syringes runs $255 after taxes and fees, now that it is legal for everyone there. On the scene price via Fast Eddie.

As the night rolled on, behind the scenes upstairs was like being backstage. At various times, a fresh 420Nurse had a new friend nurse help her get an outfit for the night; a father came with his daughter to choose her branded outfit (he seemed proud); a '19 and non-stop' celebrated her birthday by buying some pasties for Vegas night, Jimmy took pictures. But for me the night's magic surprise was waiting below in the evening's crowd.

Sure enough, as I sat there in the grill area after passing various food vendors, medicated and not, I settled on the old standby, cooked out-of-doors hotdogs. Whatever brand this was, it was the brand I always liked.

A young man sat down next to me and soon we began to chatter as he waited for his hamburger. We talked and I started to remember his face. "Didn't I meet you before? You had a booth?"

"Yeah, I had that pipe you liked. Still do, follow me back upstairs and I'll make it available to you tonight for a special price."

I did remember the pipe he spoke of. It was a Gandalf [elf wand] pipe. You don't see many pipes like this as most of the type are too long and don't have the markings this pipe did.

We went back upstairs where the indoor part of the FNS was happening, and sure enough, the deal was made. As soon as I touched the pipe, I knew that pigeon's back story. The bird was a survivor. The effort to trap him [as cities do] was the cause of his long-healed stomp. This is the big city, LA. It can be tough.

The city can also be very rewarding so getting a bag to put my pipe in from Summer, I bid them all adieu as the 420nurse models made plans to shoot more pics after the FNS. Joining the end-of-the-night group was the young model I had seen at the bank. Now she was bubbling in the midst of the bunch. So the drama had come from outside. The company of other patients, other 420Nurses, once again showed the value of sisterhood and One Love.

Meanwhile, what to do with a magic pipe purchased at a medical marijuana farmers market like some beans that Jack bought and the pot dilemma in Riverside? Hmmmm.

to be continued...

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