Sunday, August 20, 2017

The R in Fire is Riverside

Smokey T. Bear Must Live Here -

BSC, CA – In the short time that I've lived in Riverside, I've been around more wildfires than my whole 23 years around Temecula. Here is a picture of the latest one from just a week ago.

By now it may have a name, if it was reported via mainstream media, including local mainstream media. Since I work outside those bonds of infotainment [Thank you, Homer Simpson] I can't say.

However, given the clues that I see around me, the only conclusion I can draw is – Smokey The Bear must live in R-Side. Make the jump as I state my case.

The fire a week ago was fairly close when I first observed it before hearing a slew of sirens.

The fire then galloped up the hill as I noticed something.

I didn't smell smoke. Then I recalled the other fires I have seen since arriving in Riverside.

A fire in April

The above pictures are of the Pedley fire, an area just outside Riverside to the north, when I traveled through the area after the fire. See this story for that coverage.

And now this fire of a week ago. Though people were out in front of their houses viewing the fire's progress and knockdown, the real blessing is the natural breeze flow through Riverside. Blowing in from the west, it blows any fire in our hills to the east, away from populated areas and neighborhoods.

So I got to thinking. If I were Smokey T. Bear, where would I want to live? Someplace close to the action but where I wouldn't expect to wake and find my cave ablaze, right?

But remember, if medical,

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