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BSC, CA – Life is about connections. From the life that started for me at Occupy Los Angeles, this is the latest connection in a life of connections to other connections who once had a different life, a life before Prop 37, California's attempt to label GMOs before Bernie Sanders' short-lived Vermont Law. Out of the shadows of one and the ashes of the other came my first California Guild Convention, an adventure on two levels.

Back story: Following label GMOs advocacy, honk'n'waves, and potlucks, the fight to save the world from Monsanto here in California led from education about gyphosate to testifying at the hearings on its allowable limits and Prop 65 in Sacramento, at which both John and I spoke. From that appearance John was asked to co-sponsor resolution CET-17-002, a specific series of tests for chemical residue involving 12 designated Ag counties. The California Guild is a non-profit with teeth to lobby the state for action. From my appearance [and coverage], I was also asked to join the Guild and participate. I did because my Gem Faire group taught me where this residue comes from.

Sunday AM skies above the Oroville Best Western, 10-15-2017
On the second level this is the continued path which started on December 21st, 2012. Back then it was known as Doomsday through media hype, but it was the morning I publicly released Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, the start of doomsday for the money system the king in Chapter 2 of Daniel invented. He had a dream. In Obama's Dreams of My Father, it is revealed that our former ex-Prez suffered a very similar dream with the same results, a cold sweat. This second level continues from the first two and last two paragraphs in my last story. From the crystal clear blues skies we were greeted with, to our lead-in shot, here's the weekend edition. Make the jump.

Like the skies when we first hit town, the California Guild under its former identity, started life in clear and fresh air, like the type you drive out of the city for. Suddenly with the Prop 37 effort blow back it was seen that the grand old organization had been infiltrated by a segment in opposition to the original principles that once were the core values. In short, the invading element lied their asses off to gain control.

Oroville skies on 10-13-2017 Thursday
However, if you can raise pigs then you are used to being in shit. The schism occurred shortly after the 2012 election cycle with some of the blow back reported here in stories about Zen, Kathleen, and the formation of Moms Across America. John too, experienced rejection for his Prop 37 involvement that seemed puzzling at the time. The California Guild was born a few years later.

As last year, this year's convention which officially opened on the Thursday of the 12th, was held at the Feather Falls Casino which provided organic food fare per the Guild's request. Improvement in ventilation was also noted. We had excellent staffing for the Silver Moccasin Room.

The weather outside was early autumn for Northern California, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Ballots were cast by the 75 delegates representing over 40 Guild Chapters for or against the various resolutions after open discussion, during the two days.

Entertainment and music came from within the gathered groups.

Gift baskets were raffled off both days.

Handmade aprons from the various state Guilds were auctioned off,

After an appropriate viewing, giving some in the audience an advance on their Christmas shopping.

This was the second time that I took part in the program of events.

Plenty of networking took place,

And official Chapter Charters, suitable for framing, were awarded. Below Jessica Denning, gracious prior host to John and I from the Sacramento Community Guild accepts their new charter.

John and I are members of the Sacramento Community Guild, under the 'outside agitators' description.

Seriously, though founded on the Bible's principles, not everyone is into the hocus pocus side of life, proving you don't have to be a Believer to know right from wrong, or how precious Nature and real food are for everyone.

Sometimes it is all about just Saving Private Ryan.

Thus concludes our BSC coverage of this year's California Guild Convention. The passed resolution regarding the testing for aluminum and other elements partially comes through Dane Wiggington and his advocacy against weather warfare. Be sure and catch his latest - Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality.

For those who do believe, look for our companion piece, Paradise Connections - Occupy LA and the California Guild, coming soon.

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