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BSC, CA – We covered the parade and the signs from the times which highlighted the issues now being cycled by women like a Trump-et call. For the orthodox male in today's society, religious included, the 'T' in slut is trouble, in part due to another male, George Soros, who gave us Prop 215, lest we forget.

Back to guide us through the Pershing Square in pictures are the women who bandage the word slut for all women, the 420Nurses, the group I opened for during the early show edition. So join us after the jump for a look at the Amber Rose SlutWalk, 2017.


Though you may not get much news beyond the Establishment 'talking heads' soundbites, if you are under 30, you were part of the trending festival happening in LA which centered on that one in a crowd with possible self-esteem issues brought about by events out of their control. Cameras were everywhere!!

Upon entering the front section entrance at 7th & Hill, there were 2 Wall of No Shame sections for photo ops and selfies.

Then came the vendor booths housing various and sundry items, services, and wares.

A self-published author debuted her book at the fest, reminding me of the time when I debuted Memoirs on Doomsday [2012].

And the stars addressed the crowd with words and music.

But the day belonged to women and the celebration of all women, even those who disagree. I Love the USA, but especially LA.

Plus Amber Rose and her mom, Dorothy, event hosts.

LA 2017

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