Wednesday, October 11, 2017



BSC, CA – In the 20+ years I lived in Murrieta, all the classic car shows that I went to were always a big deal to get to. Living in Riverside, things are different. I can't speak for any other side of town, but the East Side is poppin'. For me, that's a good thing.

You see normally when I would see a classic ride, I'd scramble my phone out to snap a shot and post it on my Facebook page for my oldest son, a car nut like I was in my youth, to see. This time, the church down the street held a decent-sized event that had the right mix of eras and muscle, plus some real class, Gov'ner.

So here's to my oldest, and all the rest of the fam that digs vintage rides. It must be noted that in So Cali, vintage cars come in colors that never existed during their heyday, but hey, it's California. Here's to you, Peter and Cassie and to the time I drove up to Becca's in that yellow dune buggy just to see you. I love you, son. Enjoy the rides.

The event fit well in my time zone, and the weather was So Cali, cool in the morning and sunny.

This model was not only sporting a new paint color but was wrongly marked with a 60s era '327' engine insignia, but the use on a Chevy is correct. 327's were legendary.

Even the same model Malibu that your Grandma drove was on display, just in a different color with a smaller mill. She owned a 396 SS, yes, yes. Only took her a minute to get from the house to the classroom she told me. The kids called her 'Vroom Vroom'.

After those memories, it was time to head for some splendor on the grass.

Then it was time to grab a couple of hotdogs cooked outdoors, hear some Martha & The Vandellas, and win a tee shirt,

Before taking home some fond memories on the original Sabbath. Great cars, nice people, good dogs.

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