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BSC,CA – My last trip from LA [yesterday] had to do with the changing landscape around cannabis. In DTLA [downtown Los Angeles speak, but actually in Hollywood] there was a cannabis seminar happening in the real California cannabis industry scene and I was curious how the LA experience would compare with Temecula's version reported here. Experience is the catch word.

You see, Sports Fans, while the Native Americans who gave this area its name [Valley of the morning mists = Temecula] smoked it for centuries and cannabis was here when I came to town [Memoirs, Chapter 19, Kicked Into Paradise], the 'good Prairie people' of the valley have no experience whatsoever with Mary Jane [Green]. Cannabis was more the private reserve for the kids placed on Adderall and Ritalin regimes by parents too busy paying for the California Dream. Pot of the type in the 'stoner' image was Mexican and not the variety currently smoked even in prison these days.

Because of Temecula and Riverside County's Pope-like view of Mary Jane Green, the county is behind the curve and will be squealing like Dueling Banjos with Downtown Brown's 12 cent tax increase on gasoline. Billions will be made starting January 1st from legal cannabis sales and the Gov gives the commuter the green weenie? WTF?? Oh wait, no pot money goes anywhere except to create 22,000 new government jobs. That's right! Here's the real Blunt Talk, courtesy of Mr. Pete, in LA.

I had gotten wind of this event from my fav LA cannabis scene mole who promised, “an evening of “Ted” style presentations by cannabis professionals, networking, and an awesome raffle. Did we mention Tacos?”

Above is a picture example of some vendor topics and wares available to the public attendees. The 'bone' at 7 o'clock is a 4” long custom blunt featuring an exotic blend flower infused with shatter and glass insert mouthpiece. The scent is dee-lish and a perfect way to kick off the Noggy Season on the road. The black 5” vape pen + battery above the bone is the latest tech update, cheefing the slimmed down USB charger size but rocking a breath actuated, smooth as silk hit from a 340mAh cap, high current output. The attached cartridge is the brand's custom design.

This event was NCIS affiliated but different than past events attended due now to this honeymoon period preceding January, 2018. So while folks didn't spark up inside during the 'Ted' talks, a total of 5 speakers after the back story introductions, an outside back patio space provided a social area to medicate or chill. A long table there provided access to DIY [FREE] taco ingredients. Bottled waters were also free. However, the other major diff between the government's Sactown pimps [lobbyists] sent in to smack down the yokels, was again experience.

The Hitman Glass creator explained the statewide Hitman Coffee Shop idea coming soon to a your area. The idea had come from the renovation and opening of the first such shop on La Brea, Weaver's flyer at 5 o'clock in samples picture. Interestingly enough, the basics aren't much diff from the Java Joz scene except for live entertainment and another small detail which won't be covered here. Pictured above is Doug, the Hitman glass artist creator, as he explains the coming Hitman Coffee shop roll-out campaign. 

Some artwork showed the political side of cannabis spoken about [Memoirs] that comes from imbibing cannabis among the meek.

The Washington State fiasco of rolling up everyone into a recreational status that killed most meaningful research in the state, was signaled out in askew stats representing today's cannabis markets by several of the professionals who spoke on topics like banking and what's best, tracking polls, and the latest cannabis product trends. 

Also unlike the Temec 'This is us telling you how it is' webinar with its food for tax-spenders only motif, 

It was a different vibe and a better crowd response at Blunt Talk LA, one of several happening in the next week in non-LA markets. 

The point emphasized by the Sactown dandies of Mary Jane [despite their waking up to the plant name responsible for the product of marijuana, pot, weed, etc] is the same; cannabis isn't going anywhere. It's coming like tomorrow's sunrise, except drawing the shade isn't gonna keep out this ray of green gold.

That said, this segment of the cannabis scene demo, the generation unaware of the history of cannabis use beyond the CIA-inspired 'stoner/Cheech&Chong' stereotype, an updated Maynard G. Krebs beatnik, is volatile. Only once did the state gov's gouging of legal revenue generated [45% tax] came into a speaker's conversation but hearing various groups networking gave me the impression of a modern 'silent majority' as far as cannabis access goes. This is the segment that Sactown hopes to get a warm and fuzzy from. 

Sorry, Charlie. These days what you need is smelly, sticky, green, and organic. Something warm and fuzzy is what President Trump wears these days in D.C. I hope he has one made from Kevlar. So if your community is like T-Town, take advice from Sam, our host of the evening and the guy who put this talk into motion,

To ...

Think outside the box and attend a seminar somewhere else that has some experience dealing with the reality of collectives and medical patients who are helped in a way that's almost like magic. Then sit back, light up, AND...

Your mind and your bod will thank you. - Mr. Pete

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