Tuesday, February 13, 2018



BSC, CA – To understand where you are going, you must know where you have been. With the next Gem Faire coming up at the end of the month, the 'Right Brigade' will be back on the front lines spreading awareness and alerting people to solutions. For 2018 the solutions are personal because the problems are personal though they affect us all collectively in an adverse way.

Inside the Right Brigade we too are individually and collectively sourcing practical functioning apparatus and principles based on things other than fossil technology. Mankind is awakening as the modern tree of knowledge, the internet, allows for the hidden* things to be seen, things hidden by Academia [Elite], the Church [Last Pope!], and the Establishment. This mighty wall of programming is showing cracks but you don't want to be swept away when The Wall breaks.

My old friend Woody [drummer in Memoirs] just shoveled 4” of snowfall off his walk in Iowa and three months ago he was looking at back surgery for an iffy back that had degenerated over the years. The solution – acupuncture. In our key shot we see how fellow road warrior, John Diaz, helps keep in shape. After the jump are four vids that do a much more eloquent job of explaining where we are. nd stay tuned for our detox part two.

As per normal, Geo-engineering will be our main focus of the big booth out front, but the real plan from the man we don't discuss, but for you, our readers, here is the real deal because today nothing is hidden for long.

"In your day all of man's secrets will be revealed" - My Grandmother, 1950s

Those secrets of course feature lies and untruths told under oath to our Congress with no accountability or punishment, whatsoever, to the people individually, though a company can suffer a huge fine. BTW, when the government wins a case against, say Big Tobacco, where do the fines go? I've always wondered.

For those who wonder why Trump is a good type to run the country, this vid explains the true land rules and why the country's people are the pillars the rulers stand on.

And for those back in Temecula and the surrounding area, the truth about a common Bible Urban Legend. To answer a question, yes, I once believed the same legend but an old friend named Monty Johnson steered me in the right direction with his inscription inside the Strong's Concordance gifted to me before I left Iowa. Thanks forever!

And some extra credit to lighten the mood and get you ready for the Detox edition coming right up,

Great ending words from Stan the Man, the Horatio Alger of my generation. Stay tuned for Detox - Improve or Disappear, our R&D segment part 2.

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