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BSC, CA – With today's lexicon of letters taking the place of words, a kind of geek speak, we are used to them meaning disorders lately, ie., ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and the like. So today's question, Sports Fans, is are you RCRCD? You could be if you live along the 91 going to Orange County.

Once again my Lois Lane-Spidey Sense has landed me right in the middle of a story for my lead-up to our Mother's Day post, Why We Love Moms. You see after you read what RCRCD is, you might become infected.

By the way, the gentleman in the lead-in picture is a doctor, but not a direct reference to either story title. He is intricate to this two parter that started with an ice cream shop flyer announcement from CAP just a day after I saw Avengers Infinity War. BTW, Marvel's best!

OK, for those asking how bad can this be if it starts at an ice cream shop, the question should be, how good will this be? The answer is great, if you like to see birds in the wild. There is a difference between this,

And this.

California Scrub-Jay @ 11:55, top of branch with long tail pointed down

This past Saturday was my first ever morning of bird-watching, an event brought about by Castleview Arroyo Project [CAP] and Riverside-Corona Conservation District. Arriving fashionably late, I could see the group ahead of me.

Around this time I met the 'daisy' of the title, a mom who graciously secured me a pair of binoculars and guided into the group. She is in the blue shirt [below] with her little girl crouched down beside her. Daisy Valdovinos explained that CAP had been out last fall with about 50 people to clean the arroyo area of trash [not left by homeless, just regular folks]. A city grant had been received and with the leftover loose change, the morning bird watch resulted. The next project is a bridge from the hillside above to the dirt trail on the side of the arroyo.

The early morning group was a cross section with some recruited through flyers placed at bookstores and of course, ice cream shops.

Leading this three hour tour was the professor, Dr. Norman Ellstrand, a plant genetics professor at UCR. Plants are his day job, but birds are his hobby and passion. This showed in his discourse as he pointed out the winged neighbors by sight and by call.

Armed with his trusty field guide and an app called Merlin, which he demonstrated perfectly, it was his wit and similar attitude about bird experts [aka talking heads] that told me Prof Norm, as he was called, still has a gleam in his eye. His assistant expert was consulted on the toughies.

Also present was Diana Ruiz, Public Affairs Manager for the RCRCD.

She later joined up with that group at the end of the tour.

So what did the professor see, you might ask?


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Next we learn more about the RCRCD.

Be here for Part 2, Birds of a Feather.

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