Monday, July 9, 2018


DO THE MATH, #8, #4, AND #1 -

BSC, CA – If you are anywhere in southern California, you are indoors. It's hot, hot, hot and I don't mean that in an eye candy way. Here in Riverside after a pleasant spring into the first week of the season, it went from the 90s straight into the triple digits. LA was even worse because they had humidity with the heat. [How bad was it? People were driving around in air conditioned cars handing out cold water to anyone outside walking. I know, I was one of those walking.]

One of the tastiest ways to cool off even at the beach is with ice cream, as in a malt or a shake. And when it comes to great shakes, not the DQ ones but the ones that get ranked as great shakes, Palm Springs lays claim to the Number 1 in the land, aptly named what else, Great Shakes. But what's this? I was in Riverside. Another tasty mystery for this 'Lois Lane' to solve.

And the ranking: #1 in California, #4 in America, #8 Worldwide. Not too shabby. In the Riverside Plaza restaurant row, at least three other spots offer shakes and malts, so I was curious as to what makes this shake so great? Make the jump to find the answer.

The Great Shakes in Riverside Plaza next door to Blaze Pizza is the sister shop to the Great Shakes in Palm Springs, being owned by the same family with son, Scott, being the Riverside manager. The hail and hearty crew of smiling faces make it seem like they just finished a great shake. But the down home Iowa atmosphere is just the beginning. Like a well written movie, you need good ingredients. For a great shake, you need great ingredients.

Next, you need a great menu.

Then a great assortment of real eye candy, especially the old school brands. Where did you park the Oldsmobile?

But wait, there's more. For those who like a soda, a great tasting soda made with real sugar, there is a selection of Virgil's available chilled. Also chilled is a Dole Whip, fully vegan and soooo delicious. It's a whipped pineapple smoothie and featured at places like Disneyland.

When you step out to enjoy the selection you made at the shaded front patio, you realize you're in a great spot to enjoy a shake, a great shake. And it is. 

 Or was.

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