Saturday, March 31, 2012


         Temecula, CA – It was during my first writing gig and I was living in Louisville, KY, a beautiful old river city located on the Ohio. Louisville is a very cosmopolitan river town with a rich history. The Kentucky Derby is held there and is the only major sporting event that has never been segregated, at least in the infield which is the spot for all the 99%ers. The 0ne Percent sit in the stands. The Derby started before the first Jim Crow law was ever enacted because America didn’t start out racist. It became that way after people like George Zimmerman’s father, a retired judge, switched the country onto the racist track it is still on today. Luckily I talked to my grandfather who was born before the turn of the 20th century. Seventy miles ESE of Louisville is Lexington, KY, voted one of the cleanest cities in America.

Friday, March 30, 2012


         DTLA, CA – Though it may sound like a joke [and the answer will be given at the end of this report], the current state of the country, the imperial decree signed by Obama (and Bush and Clinton), and the latest wad of missing cash ($7M/LA gasoline) plus the latest missive from Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries delivered to this reporter all point to another joke(?). Supposedly an original copy of the Constitution written on hemp paper had the word ‘subjects’ crossed out and ‘citizens’ penciled in above it. That would certainly explain why every member of Congress is verified with a million dollars in personal assets and over $30M with familial assets.


         Temecula, CA – Today the story is that the nuclear plant just over the western hills and directly in our valley’s almost daily wind stream, San Onofre, is catching the attention of more concerned citizens (see recent NIMBY nuclear story here for the safety record of the nation’s worse operating facility and why). KTLA, channel 5 released the following report just today.
        ‘Concern over the safety of the San Onofre nuclear power plant is growing among Orange County cities closest to the facility, which has been shut down since January because of system failures. "San Onofre is being operated safely -- that's the bottom line," said Victor Dricks, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, came the retort. (Where does old Victor live, um?- Ed)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


         Santa Monica, CA – My friend John Diaz was in the Right2Know March late last year and from there with just a brief stopover at his house (and a ‘Welcome Home’ from wife Suzanne) he opened up his no-GMO table at Occupy Los Angeles where we met. The fact that we met at all is a wonder, given the ‘3 ring-big top’ atmosphere at the foot of the south City Hall stairs in downtown LA. Even the LAPD used to joke that all the ‘serious occupiers’ were on the north side of the Daily Planet building. Well Sports Fans, even the cops didn’t have a clue on this one. Everyone at OLA was serious with karma was bringing together the people who needed to meet. Because I met John, I got to see a revolution in Zanzibar, a human revolution.
         First though, let me give you the skinny on Zanzibar, the club. As I stood there in the mostly empty parking lot watching my ride there pull off into the night, I received a confirmation from John, the tennis pro and the initial reason for my LA Valentine Holiday. He was on his way to the Club Z. On his personal voucher, I was there to see an artist that he became friends with during the R2K march, see Occupy archives. “You’re gonna love this guy, I can just tell from the (type of) music scene you have told me about,” John had said over the red phone when the invite first went out. “If you can just get to LA, don’t worry.”
         I walked across the street to the Zanzibar Club at 1301 5th Street in Santa Monica, a city that previously I had only been  to for its famous beach boardwalk and Ferris wheel. Tonight Lu Fam Pro Entertainment was starting their Luminous Movement project to ‘activate yo booty chakra’. This premiere event featured the CD release party for the album Small Town by The Human Revolution with Amae Love. What is The Human Revolution? It is a band and an organization raising conscious awareness about the natural wonders of the world.
         After talking to two young women who were also waiting to see the headliner, again, in their case, I got a clue about the fan base. Simply put, the crowd is reminiscent of the core Java Joz/Cuppy’s Burner bunch that would practice spinning poi in front of the fabled Murrieta coffee shop venue. What is a burner, you ask? See the picture below for the 1000 word explanation.
         John pulls into the parking lot with two buds. One is his partner for an upcoming tennis tourney and the other is a camp-mate from OLA. The four of us roll up into the Zanzibar Club, a name that seems a dusty memory from some music group story but just as familiar somehow as the sight of the ‘Daily Planet’ city hall building. So much of LA and the surrounding area has been featured in the public eye that being in the city seems like being on a movie set. It’s pretty trippy, folks, and enchanting.
         The club has a ‘been there for a while’ feel to it, but not the shopworn look like The Roxy. In fact, the inside of the club has a definite hipster edge to it. The crowd is young city types who dress clean, but not bro style. The spotlight graphics beaming over the long front stage are abstract designs, not pictures or images that are political or cosmic.
         The long front stage runs the length of the club’s side wall and bends around the back wall. The drum riser fits into the corner ‘V’ comfortably while the first half from the door back showcases the two DJs with more than ample space. The rear half proves to be enough room to handle all the members of the Human Revolution. The front-man who also strums a big acoustic guitar is Human. He looks barely 25 but as I find out later he has released six CDs, two of which I picked up that night.
          Small Town is the latest, with The Love Revolution the 2008 release. Both CDs are excellent but exhibit quite a range of musicianship in style. Neither album is similar to the other in material and I can’t wait to see John again since he bought 4 that night. I’m anxious to sample the earlier releases but for now that’s in the ‘save something for the sequel, Rocky’ category. Both albums I obtained contain some chart toppers and toe tappers but it is the lyrics that have some meat on them, an observation that I shared with my radio DJ friend, Catter, recently. However, I didn’t buy two albums because of the lyrics. It was the live stage performance that sold me, that and the crowd reaction. Before the last song played, I knew that John pegged this one right on the nose, er, ear.
         Also performing with Human was a fiddler who played the instrument like it was a violin; drums, percussion, bass, a lead electric guitar that sometimes dueled for the solo with said fiddler, and Amae Love, also on vocals. Together this band, more a tribe, really rocked it. After I left the front of the stage [watching the band] when the set ended, I got a chance to meet Human as he was chatting it up with John. i shook his hand on a fine show. He is very cordial and accessible, a pleasure to meet. Definitely an ensemble musician, Human is extremely adept at gathering other artists talented in their own right to make his music come to light as art.
         However, most of my readers know many of my stories are not one dimensional and the same is true here as this 2007 award-winning music video shown below will testify.
         Before our little group returned to the parking lot for a ‘safety meeting’ with added member Michelle, a leggy Romanian recruited by John to the label GMOs [John is a babe magnet with a purpose] petition effort, I asked Human if he knew the last name of Mary Jane, the personalized moniker for marijuana. He stared at me with a quizzical expression on a smooth face that doesn’t seem to want to grow much hair yet. “Green. It’s Mary Jane Green. But hey, you already knew that,” I said with a sly smile.
         We hugged as brothers, parted, and I followed the crew out to the parking lot after copping the aforementioned CDs. I love LA!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bel Vino winery announces Tapas and Wine events

Bel Vino is Southern California's friendliest winery. Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. for Tapas & Wine Pairings. Each week, a different tapas menu is created by our international award-winning chef, Jorge Alvarado, and paired with our award-winning line of Stuart Cellars wines.

No reservations required. $9.95 for Tapas only, $19.95 for Tapas & Wine pairing.

33515 Rancho California Road • Temecula • California - (951) 676-6414

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


         Temecula, LA – Maybe it was the time on the ground at Occupy LA, both in camp and out, or maybe it is just natural cynicism, probably a mix of both, but it seems that the official news spin is becoming more transparent to me. Though we all know that the news is spun, it is the spun spin that eludes many. Being inside OLA and reading the news reports that were spun about it and the way the whole affair was handled just opened my eyes, like I was Neo. Suddenly I could see past what the people were hearing, reading. The truth comes out and is then twisted on purpose. Trayvon Martin is just the latest case.
         The rare thing about this nation is that the truth does come out like a kernel of corn in a dog turd. And like seeing that kernel, you know what it is as soon as you see it. It is the object of this publication and this reporter to enable the reader to have this same ability should he or she need it. For instance, how many of you reading this news story know that while I was sheltered down in the outdoor elements of City Hall with it being reported about how horrid our squalor was, the LA mayor and other dignitaries were having din-din from tables adorned with naked women like it was a Roman circus? (See LA Weekly archives and upcoming story, What Do You Say To A Naked Women At Dinner?)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


          Temecula, CA – When I relate to my LA friends that have come because of my participation at Occupy LA, about how ‘magical’ this valley is, I always use an example as a metaphor. The latest instance is the local club that has changed owners more times than Maverick has been dealt aces. In the latest possession, the name was briefly changed to something ‘brand new’ [Red Lounge] before common sense for a small town prevailed. You see, in the big city a new name means a crowd to check out the ‘new’ digs but in a small town, a new name means a lot of ‘what?’; where is that?; aehhk. So in the end the new owners kept the name the same as it has been for years, Aloha J’s.

Friday, March 23, 2012


         Echo Park, CA – When I ask my peeps in the scene how they feel about LA, the answers always fall in two slots. It’s either ‘I Love LA’ or I hate LA; there is nary a wishy-washy in-between. For my readers who have never been to Los Angeles, or to New York City for that matter, it is easy to find reasons not to like living in ‘the big city’. After my week long stay in the Big Apple back in high school, I understood the tagline, “It’s a great place to visit but…” Before Occupy LA I used to feel the same way about Los Angeles. That all changed when I got to see the Blade Runner level of the town, without all the rain.
        Having been one of the oldest communal gathering spots [settled September 4, 1781] and the least racially divided, there is a mystery that is the art/style of the place and the people. This same quirk, if you can call it that, is also found in the architectural variety of design found everywhere around the city. When you spend two months on the ground, sometimes in the rain and wind with the people of LA, Angelinos as they are called, rather than just swooping in as a passenger to see a show like youse lived in Joewzee at twrdy-twrdy and twrd, something happens to you, especially if you are a romantic at heart. Being back in Echo Park, a hipster [in the nicest sense] area by night, for a Valentine Holiday was just the break I needed from the revolution.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


        Temecula, CA – There is exciting news for those who want to overturn the horriffic Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision, which opened the floodgates for unlimited amounts of corporate money to corrupt our political system. The California state Assembly just voted to pass AJR 22, a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and send it to the states for ratification.
       AJR 22 now goes to the state Senate. If it passes there, California will be among the first states to officially call on Congress to amend the Constitution to undo Citizens United. The Occupy Movement is working because it is still [and started] bringing notice to issues that are finally getting the attention they deserve to attract a sheeple America to do the right thing. Evil cannot stand a spotlight on it. You don’t get mugged on a well lit street. Also see any recent article about Jason Russell and really research Joseph Kony. Zimmerman and Sandusky are Art Linkletter and Mr. Ed next to Kony.


         Temecula, CA – First it was Obama’s weakling, no cobbles caving on his campaign promise to uphold state laws for medical marijuana that got the ball rolling for everyone everywhere to see him for the non-leader our first ‘black’ President is. Of course that whole ‘first black’ is total bullshit, just look up John Hanson. Then after giving Mexican drug cartels all the automatic assault weapons they could want through two Federal programs [‘Fast & Furious’ was the only one you heard about], Holder & Co took Second Amendment rights away from medical marijuana patients with a letter. That’s how easy it was. The NRA hung pot smokers out to dry. But that’s alright, y’all next, dumbasses, especially if BO gets a second term.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


         Temecula, CA – It seems that every day more and more the curtain is pulled back to reveal that the word ‘citizens’ has been changed [without your apparent knowledge or consent] to ‘subjects’. Our ‘public servants’ have become our ‘public overseers’, our rights became laws and their laws have become our rights, because money is speech and corporations are people. One percent control the 99% and at press time, one percent, less than one percent actually see what is really happening. Between the circle of clowns and a man who divides the country along racial lines, for good or ill, stands the man who gets ignored by everyone but the common folk. Don’t be railroaded, as the correct political term is, make the jump back to America…


         Temecula, CA – After talking to my friend Catter about his placement of a Samuel Larsen song in his radio playlist highlighting the T-town underground music stars on his upcoming show from LA (stay tuned here for all the details on the debut), he asked if I had seen the  FOX TV show Glee that now features Sam in a continuing 7-arc role. “Been covering the revolution” was no excuse as he said in his radio DJ voice, “Well you’re back now.” So at the first opportunity I decided to check out the hit ensemble series and see my friend in action. Boy, was I surprised, at both the show’s premise and Sam’s acting chops. I always knew he could sing since the 15 North days, but WOW!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


         Santa Ana, CA – Welcome back for the conclusion to my latest Occupy weekend. For the sake of brevity and cutting to the chase, in my last report I revealed the bottom line for the motivation of Occupy. The forces that plunder this planet are serious and scary, cough Jason Russell’s breakdown, but the rebel forces aligned against this evil are no slouches either. Didn’t we all cheer at the end of the first Star Wars? So in this report we meet some GMO rebels, get a confirmation that short range atomic weapons were used in Vietnam, and find out another reason why Orange County was chosen for a TV series. This entire segment is brought to you by Mother’s everywhere.

Monday, March 19, 2012


         Koreatown, LA – When you hitch your wagon to an ex-hobo’s idealism and ride into LA atop that dream, you know you’re in for an adventure, even for a LLWAP. That’s exactly what happened this past weekend the two days I spent outside this enchanted valley. Just how enchanted is this valley? Well it took two buses and a train ride to get to LA-LA Land the day Jesus got his Red Bull wings pulled off the shelf. The return was a much simpler affair under cloud mountains, cold temps, and fresh snow even on the Corona hilltops. What took place in-between is my latest adventure as a Lois Lane with a penis (LLWAP). Let the adventure begin.
         Par for the course, the Red Phone rang and the story purpose was set: chronicle the latest Occupy event known as Occupy Monsanto. This was the latest chance to catch up with one of my ‘occupy’ co-harts, this time the tennis playing, John Diaz, a league player. John manned the no-GMO/GMO label petition table at Occupy LA by the right-hand foot of the south stairs at City Hall. We met and became instant chums.
         Between October 1st and October 16th of last year, marchers from across the world walked 313 miles from New York City to the White House, in Washington, DC, to demand labeling of all Genetically Engineered Foods in America, in what has come to be called the GMO Right2Know March. John, who once hobo’d across the country as a young man via a reverse Midnight Express route, is a no-GMO marcher. He was there when the NYPD first allowed the OWS marchers onto the Brooklyn Bridge behind his fellow GMOR2K group then closed the trap, arresting over 700 Occupy marchers while permitting the no-GMO marchers to continue on to Washington, DC.
         Mid-morning Friday John and I scoped out the designated block of our event site. I was there with John to assist in his gathering signatures for the labeling of GMOs in the food supply of California through a petition drive to place the initiative on the ballot in November 2012. The 3400 block of Wilshire Blvd is an urban business district with restaurants forming the first floor base for 3 towering buildings that hold a college and offices belonging to Monsanto. A block away the buildings offer a more historical LA reflected through the art deco building style. In the shadow of the Gaylord, we started to set up our table when one of the first ‘occupiers’ came up to us. She had been one of the BofA occupiers from the previous days’ news seen by me before I left T-town who set up a living room in the bank lobby. We chuckled as she imparted to us the 411 of how the group pulled off that caper.
         By noon our label-GMO table had been joined by approximately 30 other people, all associated with Occupy Monsanto. Since Monsanto is the main culprit of GMO use and the current FDA head is an ex-Monsanto ‘golden boy’ exec appointed by Obama, we were all birds of a feather. A printing of a MSN current post will give you, the reader, a very brief talking point for our combined protest on Friday.
        “A newly published study draws a stronger link between mass die-offs of honeybees and an insecticide widely used on corn. The study sheds more light on the worrisome phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees play a critical role in the pollination of crops, and thus a threat to bee colonies can potentially affect entire ecosystems.
         The latest study, conducted by Italian researchers at the University of Padova and published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, focuses on a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. The pesticides are popular because they kill insects by paralyzing nerves but are less toxic to other animals. Springtime die-offs of honeybees coincided with the introduction in Europe in the late 1990s of neonicotinoids as coatings of the corn seeds, according to a report by UPI, citing researchers.
         The scientists postulated that bees were flying through clouds of the insecticide created by automated planting machines that expel a burst of air with high concentrations of pesticide-coated particles, UPI said.
         Even before the latest study, some researchers had identified neonicotinoids as a potential factor in bee die-offs, along with other pesticides, tracheal and Varroa mites, the Nosema fungus and a variety of viruses. Some European countries, including Italy, have banned the use of neonicotinoids. The Environmental Protection Agency, however, continues to allow their use in the United States. Despite the scientific data, reports still claim the reason for the bee crisis is unclear, even blaming cell phones. "To EPA's knowledge, none of the incidents that led to suspensions [in Europe] have been associated with Colony Collapse Disorder," the agency said in an advisory.” - MSN
         So what's really holding up the banning of neonicotinoids in this country by ‘fellow Americans’ designated to protect us? As a beekeeper in the documentary Nicotine Bees says, "A fifth grader can figure this out." All the campers at Occupy LA were smarter than a fifth grader but it seems that Obama isn’t. Now the ‘change you can count on’ is your family tree being sterile in three generations, according to a Russian study since agro-business is international. Monsanto has now made GMO seeds to be their own pesticide. When a pest eats the plant, their insides are destroyed in an evil, movie-like manner. Problem is, the GMO seed plant works the same for anything that ingests it, just as a gun can defend a person or kill someone innocent, like a black 17 year old teenager.
         As we walked and talked with shoppers and spectators passing our sign holders, cars honked, showing their support for our cause along with a working knowledge about the ‘cause’. What is the ‘cause’, a fourth grader might ask? A drastic reduction of the world population, the adoption of new a world language, the creation of a world court and a vague allusion to eugenics, is the answer. In other words, a blueprint for a New World Order as shown in the Georgia Guidestones located in Elberton County and erected in 1981.
         The monument is of a great importance in the understanding of the forces covertly shaping today and tomorrow’s world. It materializes into stone the crucial link between secret societies, the world elite [0ne Percent] and the agenda for a New World Order. The push for a world government, population control and environmentalism are issues that are today discussed on a daily basis in current events. They were not in 1981, when the Guidestones were erected.

         Many of the rules of the Guidestones do make sense for the preserving of Earth on a long-term basis. But between the idealistic words of the Guidestone’s authors and the actual way these policies would be applied on the masses – by power-hungry and greedy politicians – there is a world of difference. Reading between the lines, the Guidestones require from the masses the loss of many personal liberties and to submit to heightened governmental control on many social issues … not to mention the death of 92.5% of the population [the 99%]…and … not those of the “elite” [the 0ne Percent]. – Vigilant Citizen
         Though you will not hear or see news of our Occupy Monsanto event, rest assured that Occupy is not depleted, depressed, or dejected and I was glad to see an ‘old’ face from my OLA days. Her name is Morning Star and it was after we had all cleared and left Wilshire for the day that I recalled exactly where we first met. It was the Occupy march from Echo Park to the Occupy LA camp at the foot of City Hall, see recent archive story, and it gave me a chance to test a theory of mine which I have expressed in my posts.
         After we had been in conversation about some occupy activities past and present, I asked Morning Star, “Has your life been affected in a positive way by your participation in the Occupy LA event?” The young 20-something looked at me with a smile in her eyes and said emphatically, “Yes”. Mine too, Morning Star.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


         Temecula, CA – Stories break when they break and even a ‘Lois Lane with a penis’ can’t be on top of every story. While I was participating in this weekend’s Occupy/No GMOs event, the news of Jason Russell’s alleged mental breakdown reached me in a debate over the film’s propaganda pitch to help NATO/USA forces encroach the area for American economic control. While we may all be radicals, we found out in Occupy camp that we still see things differently from each other’s POV. So when this disturbing news reached me, my first reaction was to defend my friend and the cause for which he has poured out his life for. Hang in there, Jason, for this too shall pass.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


         Temecula, CA – Reading the comments put forth by the general public following any news about an Occupy Wall Street movement event can be depressing if you take it at face value. Most of the sentiment seems to still believe this whole phenomenon is by lazy hippies and ne'er-do-wells who lack any ambitions. In fact, if you read the opposition views to the Vietnam War protestors, it seems the same people must be writing about the Occupy Movement. This is not surprising since the same war profiteers are involved with our GMO [Genetically Modified Oligarchy] Congress. That’s right, Sports Fans, the same company of people who brought us Agent Orange are now trying to put it on our food supply. If you thought all you had to worry about was radiation droppings, you’re not on the trolley.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


          Echo Park, CA – Periodically at the Calendar we get a novel for review. Though I can’t speak for any other writer here, all the book reviews that I do stem from personal contact just like my CD reviews. On my Valentine Holiday in LA not long ago, I met a comic book artist as I sat at an art gallery lounge located slightly off Sunset Blvd, so to speak. He was sitting with a group of other artists at the table, one of whom I had just interviewed (see the upcoming Art Made Between The Streets). Looking much like a young, handsome, scholarly ‘Dewey Largo’ complete with longish locks, Michael Jasorka, who teaches cartooning, is a spokesperson for Herbert Schirmer, UFO contactee of 12/3/67.        

Monday, March 12, 2012


          The town is Okuma. A year ago it had a population of around 10,000. It was a fairly wealthy community, not rich but comfortable middle-class. It had some of the best schools in the area. There was a popular softball league. A lot of people worked as engineers and technicians at the nearby nuclear plant. The radiation levels are high in Okuma, but I learned that the real danger is the dust. Don’t touch your eyes in the exclusion zone. Don’t rub your mouth. Don’t pick your nose. And never, under any circumstances, eat anything at all. The question is, will Temecula become the next Okuma?        

Saturday, March 10, 2012


          Temecula, CA – It feels good to be back after being on assignment so here’s some things that you might not be aware of. Afroman is returning to the Twisted Kilt in April after hosting a sold out SRO Christmas show there. Lee Koch joins the list of old school Full Value Entertainment music show artists hitting the small screen. He has joined the cast tryouts on The Voice. Sam Larsen, another FVE alumnus, can be currently seen on Glee doing a seven show character story arc. All of us in the local music scene are proud to see one of our family of artists grow past this talented valley. More after the jump.