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Temecula, CA – Sitting in my office are the on-air talent of the latest underground music adventure to happen in these southwest hills of the Murrieta-Temecula area, The Catter & Kixi Radio Show.

“Only one of us, PT. not sure where Kixi is. I did text her to clue her in on the deal.”

Temecula Calendar – Just what is your deal exactly? I think all my readers would like to know.

C&K – Yesterday was 420. I’m sitting around, chilling, watching the news, one of the local channels, and they start a piece about the day being a ‘national’ holiday for ‘stoners’. The news heads were practically snickering as they read their lines. Then they punched up a clip with some ghetto preacher surrounded by stereotypical looking inner city Sunday school little girls complete in pigtails and white dresses starting to deliver a fiery revival style sermon about not surrendering the day to pot smokers, Dude, I just snapped!
I started thinking, not all at once but throughout the day and night, about how the media trivializes anything not mainstream about pot. I read on your site where Anonymous joined the fight against the government prohibition too yesterday. I like that. Anyway I got up this morning and got this idea; why not petition the government, the Congress to reschedule the plant? So as part of where we stand on the issue as well as drumming up some buzz for our show, The Catter & Kixi Radio Show has officially launched a petition
directly to Congress to reschedule marijuana. I believe this to be in the spirit of the movement Occupy and what Ron Paul would do. Recent history has shown that petition drives showing public sentiment at are proving successful as a new weapon for societal correctness.

TC – Wow, I’m blown away by your awareness as I am by the simplicity of what you are doing. Were there no other petitions like this there?

C&K – I didn’t see any, but then again, I wasn’t there as a patent attorney, if you know what I mean. For any measure, the petition to Congress is there for all to sign and pass along. Forget about supporting some cause or group to half-step pot to liberty. It’s time for the people independently to stand up and not wait to be led to two doors, above each a sign that says ‘damned’.

TC – Ha, ha, hah. I know that one. 

C&K – I’m not kidding. We keep waiting for ‘someone’ to lead us. We need to tell the government ourselves because our pastors aren’t, our politicians aren’t, our business leaders aren’t, in fact ‘no one’ who represents ‘us’ is telling the Congress that we are tired of this bullshit drug war. These others are all a part of it, willingly or unwillingly, but I, you, and probably a lot of your readers aren’t. And the polls indicate the same sentiment is in the overall public mood. 

TC – I’ve been dropping hints in some of my stories about your planned upcoming radio show since I didn’t have official clearance. What’s the skinny?

C&K – The skinny is this. Kixi and I have access to local and tour band music from local venues of the area, past and present, to showcase in a Temecula radio show out of the LA market area via a LA market internet radio outlet network. The network itself is very hip and alternative sounding. It’s called Global Voice Broadcasting or .  When firmed up the show will be aired new weekly with past shows available after broadcast for listening or download.

TC – What is the format?

C&K – There is no format beyond the ‘old school’ DJ style of introducing a record, er, song; maybe a little story to tie in the listener and then the music. This show is really all about the music. Kixi and I have long shared a love for all the musical talent around town. It’s crazy but I once told her that between the two of us, we know everyone making music who is under 30. We still know many of the present day up and comers along with the scene rockers. We have our fingers on the pulse of the underground music/political scene around town, and we know people.

TC – People? What people?

C&K – People. But this is about the music, remember?

TC – OK, how is the show music formatted?

C&K – At present, the show runs 50 minutes and looks to feature eleven songs. There is no formal ranking as such. Each show will have some ‘just released’ material and some ‘dustbin ditties’ early demos of a group who once blazed to glory in the scene. We will play songs that have been around for awhile as well as those from H.Y.C.C. aka ‘hot, young, cute, and cool’ bands that are breaking in the 14-18 demo. In fact, our general demo is 14-33. Anyone who finds our playlist enjoyable is a plus. We are looking for the MTV demo without the TV (smiles).

TC – Genres?

C&K – Pretty much all of them that are radio friendly. The emphasis here is on music originality, not experimentation. We are not looking to re-invent the wheel, just give it a fresh coat of paint and add a few new spokes to it. The Temecula/Murrieta Valley remains a fertile area of music [and other] artist development.

TC – I couldn’t agree more. What’s your next step?

C&K – Sponsorship through ad slots on the broadcasts, hardcopy [banner] and plugs [verbal on-air]. Final working is being worked up listing the cross-market ad penetration between LA and Temecula. For anyone out there interested in more information, send queries marked: C&K Radio Show, to –

TC - OK, any last comments?

 C&K – The petition is our way of kicking off that we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We need something fresh. End the pot prohibition NOW. This is not a Romney vs. Obama decision. This is We The People speaking to them.

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