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Temecula, CA – Well Sports Fans, it’s been a while since everybody’s favorite, L.L. WAP* made an appearance as a news source. As I look at the round plastic container sitting on my office desk as I type this story, the one that holds 5 gel caps with a purple liquid inside them, I’m wondering the effect from ingesting one sometime tomorrow. 

Per L.L. WAP this story begins with a tip phoned in to me after midnight, waking me up from a sound sleep. And I have to say that normally I wouldn’t consider taking something that I received from a total stranger and his girlfriend in the middle of the night, except this couple came to me through 3 connections; the DBS Boys, Mary Jane, and Keirah Ann Robbins.

The DBS boys have been in a number of my local color stories, as DBS stands for drive-by-stoners. One of the DBS boys, see the photo story Will Plank For Food in archives, scoops me up and takes me to a undisclosed location where I meet the couple who recently took first place at an Orange County Kush festival. My DBS source as my street mole had told me about the couple and my job was to deliver the political message of Prop 37 [Vote Yes, label GMOs] and Prop 32 [Vote No, dissed by Service Workers as anti-labor, see recent stories].

The handsome young couple is part of the burgeoning medical marijuana science industry and the first place ribbon this couple took home was for Best Edible. We discussed things like how a vape doesn’t heat up and release the CBNs, only the THC, as we had a late night session of snaps with his bong. We also talked about the suppressed medical study showing that a certain amount of cannabis taken internally for 60 days along with a healthy diet and you are free of any cancer. It is then that Ryan tells me something which will appear in my forthcoming tome, Memoirs.

“Cannabis put into your body as an organic agent, seeks to drive out anything not organic (not healthy) in your body.”

Ryan talked of this man who had an exposed brain tumor and parts of it would drop off in the shower once he started the treatment. They, Ryan and Randi, are part of a new group of specialized practitioners working with CBNs, something that Big Pharma is trying to duplicate in the lab for the patentable billions in potential medical earnings. 

After receiving samples of the award winning taffy to go in a factory sealed package and glomping one down like a Scooby snack, my host produced the contact lens sized professional grade screw top clear plastic round container with the 5 liquid filled gel caps, which upon closer inspection under the desk light, appear to be a semi-clear drab dark green in color rather than purple.

“I wouldn’t take more than one to start,” recommended Ryan, explaining that the liquid was an expectorant that would clear my lungs of excess phlegm. “You will feel a difference,” he exclaimed. 

Hence the reason for my upcoming experiment.

In small talk it was revealed that Ryan knew of Java Joz. I asked since we were smoking weed if he had ever been to the ‘green room’? When he said ‘no’ I was surprised but what came out of his mouth next threw me and my DBS wingman into fits of laughter.

“I only went down to Java Joz twice (and saw music shows) but I knew this one girl that hung around there. Her name was Keirah.”

Stay tuned, this is a developing story.

(* - Lois Lane With A Penis see archive reference; see numerous archive ‘Keirah’ stories including, To Black Rock City By KAR; extra credit for those who spotted The Big Bang Theory homage in the main title; go to the head of the class - Ed)

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