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Temecula, CA – The latest addition to the live music scene is a rendition of the Java Joz days.
For the new folks, Java Joz was the place where the underground music scene grew to maturity from the Madlins days of middle school/first year college demo. From Java Joz came Jupiter, Bipsy, Nice Day [opened for Foghat in Old Town], and the birth of Ivan Promotions. The Vault as we know it came from those Java Joz daze, days.

In an effort to bump the old scene up a notch as we are all over the age of 21 now, Ivan Promotions is hosting a local music set night at Bratt’s, the newest hip over 21, not yet gin & cat food demo, spot to open. The prime location at the Ynez & Rancho California intersection in the same corner Target Mall section as Claim Jumpers and Roundtable Pizza assures Bratt’s of high visibility.

“I wanted some place that I could hang out and have a drink with my friends, see a show like we did in the old days at Java Joz,” said the local talent buyer of The Vault Concerts.

To make that dream come true, the new Saturday night music event is set to feature local bands from the ‘old days’ and new bands just starting out, all for free with no cover. Keeping the night local is the addition of Catter & Kixi, DJs in LA set to debut the Temecula underground soundtrack featuring bands/songs from the local scene soon. I caught up with Catter.

“Yeah, Ivan called me and said that he wanted to play our show during band breaks. I said ‘sure’ but since we only have one show in the can, how about you play the music with some promo PSAs inserted instead. He said ‘cool’. That’s where we left it.” Catter informed me.

‘Support Local Music Saturdays’ inaugural line-up headlines oldies but goodies Strike Twelve, along with PARTICLES LIKE PLANETS - THE INFAMOUS THEY (new side project of Inverse bassist Paul Bahou) - TALKS LIKE JUNE- SOUND DEFENCE with music from other bands you may have seen around T-town via the Catter & Kixi Conquer The Cosmos upcoming radio show,

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