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Temecula, CA – The personification of cannabis into the female ‘Mary Jane’ seems a pretty straightforward conclusion when you think of ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Mother Nature’ and the fact that ‘marijuana’ is Spanish/Mexican slang for ‘Mary Jane’. But as I maintain in Memoirs, nothing in life is as it is taught to us.

You may think it is a coincidence that Jesus said, “Man lives not by bread alone" and nowadays the word ‘bread’ is slang for money, but there is no such thing as coincidence.

Marijuana, the slang term used for the female side of cannabis and Mary Jane, the name derived from the translation, are part of the ‘magic’ of cannabis that goes all the way back to Eden (see Memoirs, Chapter 20).

While there have been ‘420 girls’ around pot since the jazz era, it is this present specific group that represents marijuana, medical marijuana, the best. They are the 420Nurses.

There is a rising mountain of people, mostly in two age groups, at the center of the cannabis culture occupying the heart and soul of a plant that is misunderstood and held down like a woman in Afghani culture. How can a plant be treated as if it were human? The answer is found in Chapter 20 of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, however, here is a clue. We know we live on a planet, and some of us know from Bible class that the old name for God found in Genesis begins with an ‘e’. Since God comes from the heavens and not from the earth, what do you have when you remove the ‘e’ from the word ‘planet’?

So it should not be surprising to see women representing the female side of the plant but the combination of the medical side with the gender side speaks to the inner self of cannabis, which is to ‘mom’ you like a good nurse who restores your health, or as your mom would. The reality that a complete stranger could care for you with that much compassion speaks to the mystical side of both humans and the plant cannabis. As explained more fully in Memoirs’ Chapter 20, there is a connection between humans (THC receptors hard-wired in brain) and cannabis (THC providers) only a select few know exists. The suppression of cannabis isn’t about money or greed, it’s about control and has been since the Garden.

420Nurses is a cannabis culture myspace/facebook style social network centered around people who not only toke the good herb, but who also combine cannabis with their lifestyle, politics, music, attitude, and natural beauty to promote/model the role of Mary Jane to the world. This LA venture is the brainchild of a CEO named Cha Cha. Mama Mia, such a Va Voom!

Stay tuned, Sports Fans, this is a developing story…'heh heh' (Bender laugh)

  (Model pictured is 'Bob' Carlee- Ed)

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  1. Photo is of model Bob Carlee