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Temecula, CA – When the scene first ignited around these parts with Finch, who are touring in limited locations back east with the original line-up sans one, my music reporting started out as band bios for the program booklets sold at the Throttle music-sports extravaganza, November 24, 2002. With the exception of the venture into  Mr. Pete’s Breakfast Burritos food truck, where I saw there was a lot to be said about eating something tasty, I roll in the entertainment, albeit underground music, world.

Recently, however, this reporter-turned-author has seen his solitary writer existence readjust due to moving into the spotlight with the publishing of my long-talked about ‘pot chronicles’ called Memoirs of Mr. Pete & MaryJane Green. The first significant door to open was an invite by Cha Cha VaVoom, leader for the female stoner model group, 420Nurses. Entering the arena of ‘sexual politics’ (an excellent book, btw) with publicly endorsing Measure F, the best medical marijuana dispensary initiative on the May 21st LA ballot, the group’s political move earned them the cover of JEMM’s April issue. More after the jump.
There isn’t much more that I can say about the enchanting group of young women except to reveal that it

seems to be a group whose time has come, much like the Suffragettes who brought women voting rights.
Although there are a number of female groups making waves today, either politically like Femen, see recent story, or culturally, such as the east coast literary group The Outdoor Coed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society did in Central Park a couple of days ago, 
the 420Nurses make a different statement without doing a public half full Monty. Now that’s classy, hot, and sooo west coast. At the report’s end, the photo shot used for JEMM’s cover before it was shopped, so hot that St. Patrick blushed.

First reported several weeks ago, the 4/20 art show happening up in Santa Ana is where I will be, ahem, headlining, as I found out when I got the poster artwork. I’m humbled, really, but no pressure. Me and Mary Jane Green can do this. Details below.

And finally, my favorite ‘one-practice wonders’, Matty T, Joey T, Danny B, and Andy T, Strike Twelve [MOONSHINE] just dropped their brand new video covering Blind Melon’s song, ‘No Rain’.

Fortunately the 420Nurses don’t suffer from such a Fate.

Administrator SUMMER RAIN, 2nd from left; CEO, CHA CHA VAVOOM, right

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