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Temecula, CA – As the dust settled and we sat around the small in-ground swimming pool at John Diaz’ house in Orange County, John looked at me and said, “Your (420)Nurses were a no-show. Are you gonna put that in your story?”

I looked at John, who had admitted he didn’t fan the GMO pot/420Nurses stories as promised due to inner pressure both real and perceived from the cause, and I noted that it wasn’t a debate. John had asked for an answer, so I replied, “John, in all my stories I report the truth.”

The truth of this story besides what was just revealed, starts with the fact that though I may appear pretty together and fly [save the transportation issues], I suffer the same logistics problems as everyone else. I just follow the Hollywood mantra, ‘Never let them see you sweat’ so this story won’t feature any of the shots I took, for expediency. The demonstration/protest movement Operation Shopping Cart against the GMA is going on through Thursday this week. (All people shots - Mike Chickey, photog)

The second truth is that the turnout of participants was as unique as usual [a mother pushing a double

stroller brought a tear to my eye], but the turnout size was disappointing. Instead of thousands, we had hundreds and only a couple at that. The drawing card crowd event set for the beach sand below the Ritz Carlton involving the indigenous dancers never materialized so the protest demonstration turned into a usual three corner honk and wave.

There were plenty of passer-by honks too. In your mind you wonder though, how many of those people even know why we are on this corner today or who the GMA or what their agenda is? At best 1%. It ended with the volunteer crowd of protestors doing a photo shoot amidst the various beach-goers enjoying the sand below the Ritz. It remained partly sunny and perfect throughout. Still future seeds of awareness were dropped as if we were all named Johnny rather than Granny Smith.

The third truth is while all of the people know of GMOs being bad for you medically, a random Agenda 21, the plan for ‘sustainable [through eugenics] future living, few know the logic behind Agenda 21, the logic behind the lie. 
sampling of the crowd revealed only some, less than half, know of the Georgia Guidestones [circa 1980], the arrogant new ‘ten commandments’ meant to replace the ones given Moses. Though many in the cause know of

That logic is: Americans as a group consume 25% of the world’s resources. Elimination of this single group increases the resources of the remaining 75% by a quarter! Those exempt from Agenda 21 are those who implement it, the sycophants. You can look at the societal order of reality and deduce who those space-wasting folks are. My readers are intelligent so I don’t need a diagram to explain to 47%.

The story title comes from the information I read about over ten years ago when I reported on CODEX, now called TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership, please google if unaware]. The information was the report done by FDA scientists who were against releasing GMO foods and any related product to the marketplace. The fear was what is now touted as ‘the terminator seed’. It was shown in tests that produce made in this way could wipe out a species, albeit insect, in just 3 generations. The gene that drives the terminator seed is mutated and a creation made by Monsanto to stop any reproduction, hence no offspring!! Ever!!!

File photo
Life went on, for me and everyone else, and now we have today. Protestors on three corners when the whole intersection should be jammed with people, all of them angry as hell for what is/has happened to them by those they trusted and voted for, many of whom claim the same religious affiliation. Selling products that kill bees while saying ‘proof it does’ is enmity, and the same conclusion is reached regarding GMO tree farms that kill the soil, a truth even a kid can see. 

File photo
For me, the only modern place to find out about ‘enmity’ is ancient; the Bible. In the days of promoting Prop 37 the failed label GMO voter attempt in California, a time hit when I was particularly down one day in Tustin, the Tiller Days event. 

Festive crowd, all families, tons of kids, and we had to hawk folks down with free samples of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap to hear our spill. We were lost in a sea of tent show tenors all signing the same tune. A co-worker, the one in this picture, shared a Bible passage with me and said it would help to read it. I said ‘sure’. The next day she asked me if I had read her suggestion. I answered ‘no’ then explained how the day and my life had plucked the need to do it from my brain. The co-worker then replied, “I have a Bible in my car. Here’s my keys, go read it and I will cover for you.”

I did and I did – Psalm 37 for Prop 37 regarding the evil attached to it.

Since I see the Bible as a story written magically, proven by cryptic prophecies coming true, this is the prophecy concerning what Monsanto is doing to the human species, “were the days not shortened, no flesh would survive.” The upshot is, the days ARE shortened, so looking further in the Bible we can distill down these things from JC himself.

·         We didn’t make the Earth, we are just here to tend the vineyard
·         Those who did build the place and are responsible for us, are coming back
·         Look busy

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