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Temecula, CA – Sitting here this chem-trailed skied Monday, hitting some organic Orange County Green
from a seashell that’s as smooth as 100-year old Scotch [no cough], a survey of the cannabis crusade to date seems in order for my readers. In a field so naturally smoky even before the first shot is actually aired for the coming fight to legalize pot, you can’t tell the players even with a program.

Here’s the down low: Coca Cola, KFC, and Bayer Aspirin are multimillion, if not billion dollar players in the world today. However, all these product lines weren’t invented by the people who profited. No, in one way or another, the little people who had the original knowledge and were rooked out of what was theirs. Their treasure was taken from them to enhance others who cared not a wit for the product, only the bottom line. For my readers who believe in that principle, the logic that we can do better, as in ‘have a better nation than the indigenous of that nation because of being more civilized’, stop reading here.

It should therefore come as no surprise that although blacks, Latinos, poor whites and immigrants are jailed over marijuana the most and could use a financial avenue to replace the dwindling middle class, they are the very ones who are presently left out of any conversations concerning the coming legalization. The system is trucking in money and power to again disenfranchise the poor and the tired, longing to breathe free. Let’s look at the types in play.

The regulators. These are the people who want to control and benefit by appointing some official sounding board of experts, except these people aren’t experts except at selling government welfare to themselves. The state agency suppose to deal with the environmental conditions in Autumnwood doesn’t just not do their job, the one they are paid in a year what a welfare mom in her entire cycle of dependence, they also go out of their way to make the people suffering, suffer more. And there is no accountability. None, nada, zilch. These people are those who say drill to end foreign oil dependence. 

The toadys. Also known as talking heads, these folks have for decades, made a comfortable living off the cause. If things go legal, realistically, these folks will be out of a job that has not only paid them not to work, they have also gotten to work and get stoned. This is the first line of the mass media sellout of marijuana.
Both of above groups cater to and are owned by the ‘white man’ and as such, look to put forth legislation that will create the next Coke, KFC, or GM.
Next come the enablers. These would be the official organizations like the NAACP. Any organization that isn’t composed of marijuana users is just jumping on the band wagon, and like Obama, just wants to liked, not respected. To those folks the Washington DC motto rings true, “Want a friend, get a dog.”  That’s what Barry did, cause as an ex-stoner a step up, so people thought, from an ex-coke head, he knew the deal. He could never be real cause he ain’t The Man. Ferguson and New York City show that to the world.

The real McCoys. Even here things aren’t what they seem. People in the cannabis culture aren’t like people who work at regular Monsanto or government/symbolic jobs. The forces of evil, whether by GMO nature or the Mammon mindset of conformity, are united by a single brush stoke, the stoke of stigma carefully cultivated over the course of 100+ years and fortified by the wine natured Christian dogma as put forth by a guy on a throne bearing an upside down cross. You can gold plate a turd, but it remains a turd, it’s just gold-plated.
If evil is united and focused, good is diffused and soft. Inside this dim illusion the only common trait is illumination, and each cannabis activist concentrates on and in their own hood. Everyone who doesn’t want to be ‘that guy with a statue in the park’ is someone who doesn’t want to lose what he’s got, which is what the cities and counties are greedily always trying to do. The present proposed grow penalties on medical operations is nothing more than a blatant shakedown as seen in the case of the Pechanga payout to Liberty Quarry. Now that corruption has its own Indian holiday. Now I, being of Cherokee ancestry, have a tear in my eye.

Like the lost tribes, those with pure hearts, those who care about the plant and its goodness, are being rounded up and being tapped for duty. For every one with an agenda, there are five without, and they each know five others, so there is hope that 2016 will spell the end of evil and greed aimed at controlling a resource from God and Mother Earth bestowed on man [and woman] from time immortal. Knowing how this is going to end doesn’t mean I get to phone it in*. Because of that, I was on the trail covering the latest.

Join us for the next installment in our Lord of The Smoke Rings series, Flying High With Wrong Way Feldman as we go from the anomaly in Santa Ana to the uproar in Upland.

(*- revealed in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, available soon in audio book format. Watch for details here and at other hip outlets) 

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