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Temecula, CA – Today the church will tell you the world is evil while its leader sits in a gold chair/throne with an upside down cross embellishing the chair back, out of sight of public viewing and worship. Regardless of that distinction, or maybe because of it, the church seems to know what the true situation is. Whether we are getting the full real message can be determined by your interpretation of Revelation.

While national politicians play their game of control over which ones get to push their unwanted agenda over the populace, a time long written about is occurring and even modern literature sounds the warning, like Calvin and Hobbs, an avant-garde cartoon strip drawn in an approximate ten year arc, renowned for its integrity against commercialism, political satire, comic strip innovation. The classic series of adventures written, drawn, lettered, and inked by Bill Watterson lasting to 1995, speaks to us today about Riverside County politicians [and all places] in this funny reveal that could be about RC’s medical marijuana regulation.

The proposed go-ahead for marijuana growing penalties put forth shows a tendency to "inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity," and fits a report titled The Dynamics of Interbeing and Monological Imperatives in Dick and Jane: A Study in Psychic Transrelational Gender Modes. Put another way:

The four panel daily shows Calvin and Hobbes on a walk in the local woods and they come to a clearing. Calvin notices the cleared away area and remarks a six-year olds curiosity of what happened, “Now it’s a mud pit.” Hobbes, who can read, spots a sign that says, “Future Site of Shady Acres Condominiums.”

Shocked and aghast, Calvin hollers, “Animals can’t afford condos!” Hobbes sardonically remarks, “’Shady Acres’? The only shade I see is from that bulldozer.”

That in a nutshell describes what this reporter has learned about the RC Supes Board. The report, starting with Supervisor Jeffries who bases his support from questionably figures which hide a Shady Acres agenda, starts right after the jump.  

“I am totally upset about Supervisor Jeffries planning to build this Logistic warehouse right off the freeway! I have signed a petition but would also like to know where I can go to protest this. My son lives right next to Seaton/Cajalco Rd. and he is livid! I am also enclosing an e-mail I sent to Jeffries. Please any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have "never" been involved in anything but this corruption just has to stop! Enough is enough!

P.S. If Breeds Market is mentioned to "anyone" near or far, it is well known. My son works in construction and has mentioned Breeds Market to people in LA, their answer OMG you live by Breeds? You take your life in your hands to go there. This is all Mead Valley is worthy of? One more thing why was Oleander changed to Harley Knox? Perhaps ol Harley or his cronies have a hand in this. Jak brakes are another problem with noise pollution. I live right on Cajalco Rd. and even now I hear them just before the stop light on Alexander.

[My] e-mail to Jeffries:

The more I think about this Logistic Center the madder I am getting. I am going to contact any and everyone I can and ask why this is being built. It is right off the freeway and perfect for a shopping center, even mall also what happened to Metro link? As I stated you know nothing about Mead Valley. You do not build a warehouse right off the freeway. As it is I have to go to the Nuevo off ramp to shop as do all the people of Mead Valley. This area needs improvements, not another warehouse. I absolutely know that there are "special interest groups" paying you corrupt politicians and I for one am sick and tired of it! I will be calling my representatives, not you, tomorrow and hopefully they can tell me where to go to protest what you are doing! Mr. Jeffries, you need to be investigated!” - Posted on 10/10/2014 05:00pm

Last Tuesday’s vote advances a crackdown on those who use medical marijuana as a cover to …large profits. At least ‘300 marijuana crops are being grown in his district alone’, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries told his Supervisor colleges. He intoned that organized crime was behind crops that led to criminal activity, foul odors, and theft of water and power, though actual records or evidence beyond Jefferies say-so were stated in the news article which ran a piece about small business readiness featuring a ‘magic/new age’ store without telling the reader that is was such. 

Supervisors Jeffries and Stone, who has moved on the next round of government ‘wheel of fortune’, spent weeks carving out an exemption which 'legitimate patients', though they are not doctors, could grow pot only if they lived on the property. Tell that to someone crippled in a wheelchair or hospital bed.

Stone, a pharmacist, is on record as opposing recreational use of pot, and favors the status quo of pills, cigarettes, and booze; all big money makers for big business.

Accordingly in relation to the 10/10/2014 posted comment, Supervisor Jeffries voted against the update [and increase] of development impact fees, something that would affect his Logistic Center, it would seem.

"It's surprising how hard we'll work when the work is done just for ourselves." – Bill Watterson

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