Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Temecula, CA – Imagine awakening to the 2nd snowfall experience in Temecula after living here for 20 years

when you come from the winter wonderland of Iowa. Only once before many winters ago did this rare phenomenon happen and as I write this, the sound of surprised and excited kids will soon be heard as the valley awakes.

The surprising snowfall occurred after a rainy evening and scattered cold rain periods during the day yesterday. At present, the temperature is 31 degrees and this time the west hills are covered completely, not just above a certain height. Meanwhile on this side of the valley cars are covered. For a moment I thought I was back in Louisville because it usually snows a wet heavy snow there.

Seeing palm trees drooped with snow on their leaves, grass covered, my neighbor’s coy pond cover wrecked due to the weight of the snow, and the white west hills makes it look like Santa and Jack Frost rolled into town for the Nerds In The New Year function of Cosplay happening tonight at the Uptown Tavern. After the jump are another couple of snowy pics, courtesy of Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, and Santa Claus. One also wonders if this is a sign of the weather-fixing witch due to hit the valley next year sometime.

 And now more snowy memories for the photo album.

No morning hummers today as the all the birds are huddled to keep warm, maybe roasting frozen worms.

Here you can see the west hills completely covered down to the base, unlike before when it snowed here.

 Even a bit of wet snow is heavy enough to wreck a coy pond cover, Oh My!!

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