Friday, July 31, 2015



Temecula, CA – The TPP slowly continues to build in the public marketplace toward moving to the court of public opinion for an Obama backlash with the latest 'oopsy' from [so far] Presidential candidate frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday Hillary attempted to distance herself from the controversial 12-nation trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. During her tenure as U.S. secretary of state, Clinton publicly promoted the pact 45 separate times -- but with her Democratic presidential rivals like Bernie Sanders making opposition to the deal a centerpiece of their campaigns, Clinton now asserts she was never involved in the initiative.

"I did not work on TPP," she said after a meeting with leaders of labor unions who oppose the pact. "I advocated for a multinational trade agreement that would 'be the gold standard.' But that was the responsibility of the United States Trade Representative."

But at a congressional hearing in 2011, Clinton told lawmakers that "with respect to the TPP, although the State Department does not have the lead on this -- it is the United States Trade Representative -- we work closely with the USTR." Additionally, State Department cables reviewed by International Business Times show that her agency -- including her top aides -- were deeply involved in the diplomatic deliberations over the trade deal. The cables from 2009 and 2010, which were among a trove of documents disclosed by the website WikiLeaks, also show that the Clinton-run State Department advised the U.S. Trade Representative’s office on how-to negotiate the deal with foreign government officials.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Temecula, CA – Recently up in Orange County, I attended a potluck dinner marking the end of the Monsanto 1000 Day War, and the beginning of another, perhaps final confrontation, against what's predicted versus what's right. This felt like The Alamo but the question is, if we lost at The Alamo, how did we get Texas? Perhaps the answer was at this Moms Across America wrap party with her guests.

This potluck 'wrap party' was for the three year effort to ban or label GMOs. At every battle against the bad guys, we lost. Not only did we lose, but the bad guys always won and then took it up a notch like this was Gotham. When the SC church massacre happened on a Wednesday night, in a sacred place, during a sacred ritual utilizing the emotion of hateful bloodletting, the villainy selling out the country left the everyday garden path variety of yellow journalism evil and crossed over. A State Senator had been killed and the TPP was then won by a single vote of a Federal Senator. Most who see everything outside of church as secular didn't connect it, but all felt the air sucked out of the room. Washington trembled like it was Halloween and caved. Only Alex Jones advanced the theory of something supernatural by design. Anonymous moved past to stay focused on the problem, not the trickery of the TPP.

Though the mood was light including a viewing of the Jeff Hays film 'Bought', the pallor for taking a rest after this last impasse and regroup, hung unsaid in the air. I had at first thought of not going up to the wrap party, and then had resisted the notion of taking my 'teacher's copy' of Memoirs along since I had no new copies to sell. Besides, this trip wasn't about me or my Mary Jane Green.

Now here I was standing and holding my slightly dog-eared copy up among a group of other writers and authors in attendance. In my mind, they are all real writers; me? I was there because I had some outside help, an adjustment team known as the Moirai. However, our total written output deals with the current and coming American crisis in one fashion or another. We represent the 'ifs', 'whys', and the 'what will be' politically.

Monday, July 27, 2015



Temecula, CA – Today the New York Magazine presents a still in progress project. It is the project to bring the personal stories to light of the women drugged/raped by Bill Cosby who have come forward so far. For this project, all the women photographed in white or off-white. The stark background and no-frills style bears witness to their testimony.

Though this report will not be presented here except for brief excerpts and two pictures, details show this attitude toward drugs and women. “I used them,” he said, “the same as a person would say, ‘Have a drink.’ ” He asked a modeling agent to connect him with young women who were new in town and “financially not doing well.” In the deposition, Cosby seemed confident that his behavior did not constitute rape; he apparently saw little difference between buying someone dinner in pursuit of sex and drugging them to reach the same goal. As for consent, he said, “I think that I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things.”

In the ’60s, when the first alleged assault by Cosby occurred, rape was considered to be something violent committed by a stranger; acquaintance rape didn’t register as such, even for the women experiencing it. In the ’70s and ’80s, campus movements like Take Back the Night and “No Means No” helped raise awareness of the reality that 80 to 90 percent of victims know their attacker. Still, the culture of silence and shame lingers.

Sunday, July 26, 2015



Temecula, CA – I have to wonder, is this the last days of Pompeii? Am I covering the story of a lifetime, the end of America's lifetime? Like every great story, even one in the making, you have your cast of characters, who we like to say are 'The Usual Suspects' and this story is no different.

Every great upheaval begins the same, usually with a small group of people meeting in some fairly remote place that is over-sized. A Saturday meeting to make a plan to stop the ratification of the TPP from becoming law, resulting in the wholesale forfeiture of America as a sovereign nation, began in earnest at various cities across the nation. From being involved politically during the days of Nixon, the faces may be different but the players are the same. So rather than reveal names and details, the Calendar gives you the down low, not the tippy-toe. Here's the rundown.

The Breakfast Lady, or Gent. This is the person who knows a guy. They actually know the guy or girl in public office because they said 'hello' to them when that person first hit the election trail. The Breakfast Lady is the Peoples' Lobbyist, taking the seat member out to brunch on a personal level so as not to 'cold call' on a rep. Our Breakfast Lady was charming and seemed straight off the set of Dallas, well, north Dallas. Down home charm like a truck stop waitress.

Friday, July 24, 2015



Temecula, CA – Over ten years ago when I started writing at the Full Value Review, now the Temecula Calendar, a topic came into focus called CODEX. The report had been filed by some guy who seemed reputable in the explanation he gave. Today that report would form the basis of knowing about TPP. Two days ago, at the very end of Ant-Man, one of the very last film symbol logos, the one that resembled Google Chrome only mono-color, was named CODEX.

Does life imitate art, or is the basic theme of the world just repeated in the stories we get handed down as legend?

Right now, much like we saw in The Hobbit, The Battle of Five Armies, we have a gathering of five activists groups, armies if you will, coming together to fight against a mighty image, a powerful Smaug. This Smaug lives in Washington surrounded by sacred geometry in his Erebor. To have sway with this image of the empire, the 5 Armies must arouse the sleeping Citizen Spirit, for only this great spirit can stay this ancient force of darkness. But a flame has ignited.

Romanticized, this is the unified push back against SB 277 [Mandatory school children and adult related vaccinations], HB 1599 [The DARK Act], Fast Track/TPP, GMOs, and outsourcing jobs by those who seek to stop the spread of government domination through dissemination of information to a sleeping general public. Like with Occupy LA, I get a chance to cover this movement from the inside, so as once was said, 'You Are There.'

Thursday, July 23, 2015



Temecula, CA – Is it surprising that dark-skinned blacks are killed with no regard by some whites when the very United States House of Reps considers the people who elect them from the various states across the land regardless of skin color, little more than common curs? Consider the food issue.

Saying things like 'they would only be confused' as if the vaccines, fluoride, and GMOs already have autism-ed the entire population or giving the official corp tobacco science line, the arrogance of the US Legislators' contempt for the average person, regardless of race or a person's grasp of the situation, is astounding. The current group of Republican 2016 contenders offers no light in this darkness.

Conservative/liberal spin shot grouping puts front-runner Trump at end of line, of course.
Only Donald Trump is too gentlemanly to come and say how John McCain's revealing POW flight info to the enemy cost American Navy flyers' lives, turning an American war advantage into an American deathtrap, or that McCain was having an affair on his first moneyed wife while she lay dying in the hospital. And people like this are the ones running the country, cough Dennis Hastert.

Here's the latest on YOUR tax dollars at work to enslave, sicken, and kill you before you collect your Social Security, see Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. After the jump, two reports.



Temecula, CA – The hippest bet in Vegas now has to be which will stop first, the Rolling Stones tours or Stan Lee's cameos?

Once again Marvel/Disney has put out a popcorn thriller that leaves a smile on your face and a cheer in your heart. 

The 'professional' critics/reviewers are giving it mixed reviews but what credit can you give a critic when he says 'mental telepathy'. What year is this?

Anyway, without giving up any spoilers, here's my review of the coolest movie of the summer that is just plain fun and a movie that deals with a segment of the population that rarely gets explored beyond statistics.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015



Temecula, CA – In almost as many days, a second rally even bigger than the one in Texas against Jade Helm and the Alamo takeover, occurred today in picture perfect weather down in San Diego, this time against the treason act of the TPP sellout. Though you may not hear about it, thousands turned out in person and in big rigs to protest the intended vote taking place in December.

Like Occupy LA, it's nice to see so many people aware who have never read the Calendar. In this conservative valley, just a few people are aware or even care about GMOs. And you can tell this fact if you sit outside a Vons or Albertsons or Food 4 Less here in this magic valley. I know because I used to be one of them before being 'radicalized' by my OLA friend and fellow protestor, John Diaz. This story scoop comes via the big guy who recently underwent a hernia operation. What a trooper!

Labor, and big labor, like the 1M plus Nurses Union and the 40K skyscraper maintenance union joins hundreds of small labor to draw attention, gather forces, educate, and formulate the plan to stop Obama from signing or the Congress from ratifying the TPP on threat of unelection of the corrupt sellouts at the least, and thwarting the passage by extreme voter pressure from American citizens. Making the public aware is top priority. After the jump, the story on the ground from our guest Jimmy Olsen, John Diaz and his traveling sidekick, Anthony.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015



Temecula, CA – Shortly before this current news cycle started, I had received a request to attend the 60th birthday party for a person mentioned somewhat in Memoirs but who enjoyed a much more behind-the-scenes role in my 'memoirs' life. As much as 'Winston' also in Memoirs became a brother to me in adventures, so Woody [his real scene name unlike 'Winston' which is totally fabricated] became a brother to me through music, aka band life and also because he was Max's brother-in-law. Winston's music broadening was more the music genre and bands; Woody's was more about band life, along with blues and some honky-tonk Rock'n'Roll as part of the band. For a time I was the Spoonbills road mgr.

In another place perhaps, the three of us would have become running buddies, but in the strangeness of Iowa, and it does have its own uniqueness, the paths of Winston and Woody rarely ever crossed, with me as the only common thread. On March 29th of this year, that thread would become common again as Woody turned 60 and the bands he spent time in were set to reunite at the Rusty Nail for the event.

Though I've been back to Iowa a number of times since I left in 94 ['Tis The Season of The Witch', Ch.18, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green], this last visit of discovery was heralded by Woody's 60th birthday celebration. To understand this, you have to know some things. The first being that Woody helped me to segue into So Cali life by his steering me to my last job in Iowa, a mini-mart job.

Monday, July 13, 2015



Temecula, CA – Were it not for some folks trying to poke a hole in the universe, the blatant but still undiscovered selling out of the country in shoddy fashion, and the hypocritical debauchery being unveiled before our very eyes, I myself might tend to agree with the 'nothing to see here, folks' comments that fill MSNBC's story here. But really folks, everyday life gets stranger. What happens when there is no program with which to tell the players apart by?

With that in mind, here is perhaps your first mention of Jade Helm. It isn't the first time I have heard it.

'[Jade Helm] is, according to Chuck Norris, “likely more than a military exercise”.

For senior Texas politicians, it is enough of a concern that they demanded it be monitored by state armed forces. And for a great many citizens, it is at best a secretive and dubious show of military might and at worst, the prelude to martial law, Barack Obama confiscating their guns and locking innocent Americans in internment camps.

Sunday, July 12, 2015



Temecula, CA - Last Monday night, a federal court unsealed documents from Andrea Constand's 2005 lawsuit against Bill Cosby following a request from the Associated Press. Constand accused Cosby of drugging and raping her, and found numerous Jane Doe witnesses who said the same. (The suit was settled out of court in 2006.) Cosby and his lawyer had tried to block the release of the records by claiming the comedian was not a public figure; judge Eduardo C. Robreno disagreed, ruling that Cosby had "donned the mantle of public moralist" and thus "voluntarily narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim."

Before the official release, the AP reported that Cosby had admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women he intended to have sex with. The full records reveal that Cosby had seven prescriptions for quaaludes, which he used for this purpose. In his testimony, the comedian said he did give the drugs to other people, and confirmed a Jane Doe witness's account that they had sex after he gave her the pills: "She meets me back stage. I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex." Cosby did not answer the question of whether he gave women drugs without their consent.

Elsewhere in the testimony, Cosby remembered calling Tom Illus at the William Morris Agency and telling him to send money to one of the accusers. On another occasion, Cosby admitted to offering Constand money for her "education" (she had asked only for an apology) and testified that he had set up a similar "educational trust" for one of the Jane Does. When pressed, Cosby said only that he had made similar donations "for a variety of people, for a variety of reasons."

Saturday, July 11, 2015



Temecula, CA – It is said that 'politics makes for strange bedfellows' and the latest twist to Obama D'Jangoing 'his' country with fellow political rivals, the Republicans, who have to the public been roasting the 'first' black president since his days in office began, certainly bear witness to that statement. Who knew that was the plan all along, to sell out the country in such a treasonous fashion?

While those traitors still sit and draw salaries paid by the people they sold out, most of those affected still don't have a clue as to how they have been sodomized along with their children's futures. The reason for this is the guile used by the Luciferians in committing a blood sacrifice in this day and age. 'Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.' ~ Confucius 

However, like your favorite journalist, ahem, not everyone was fooled by the devilish smoke, screams, and blood of the flag flap. After the break we present two of the strangest bedfellows in politics who are in agreement with the tone of this article; Ralph Nader and Anonymous. Yes, you read that correctly. 

As a bonus, we present a report vid on a murder carried out 'Chicago-style' spun to silence critics, cough Donald Trump, and give someone red bull wings to victory.

Friday, July 10, 2015



Temecula, CA – Under the radar of the main stream news, on purpose, and six months away from any recognition by black people everywhere, is newly announced presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The independent Senator from Vermont and possibly the only non-millionaire in Congress has a voting record that backs his words and political focus.

Hillary Clinton is ahead on the polls based on name recognition and power access. Blacks recognize her as Bill's wife and many black women, and women in general, resonate with her being a mother, much the same way people were mesmerized by a 'black' man running for president. In our next report we take a view at the aftermath of that ill-fated ruse.

Though it hasn't broken through to the main stream yet, the fight against Bernie by Hillary is one being played by proxy, since any direct confrontation would show the grandmother up for what she is. In this report to keep our readers on top of things as usual, here are two short vids after the jump showing the character of the man from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, running for President, 2016.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015



Temecula, CA – No one is perfect, not even the Pope. We come into this life a blank slate and as we go through it, we make mistakes predicated on selfish desires and wrong opinions. However going through life, either maturity or religious beliefs are counted on to bring about a character arc of repentance with both luck and hindsight playing a role.

Stephen Collins started the Hollywood sex ball rolling by the admitting that he had inappropriate relations with several underage girls via his TV persona of squeaky clean character portrayals. At first Collins fought the charges by lashing out at his estranged wife but later he came clean, admitted his guilt, and arranged to apologize to two of the now grown women. The third refused any contact. It would be interesting to know how Collins views Cosby's predicament.

When you look at Bill Cosby today, you see the type of 'black man pride' that refuses to budge, much the same type of character as the man who shot Marvin Gaye dead, a preacher and his father. Cosby too, has tried to be a moralist, adept at telling others how to best live, telling young men how to be more 'white' because their lifestyle wasn't acceptable to folks that owned Coke, Jello, and Kodiak. He also scolded young mothers who followed fads for their kids rather than raise these unfortunates more Spartan-like.

Now we see the clown without his make-up, penis in one hand, pill bottle in the other. It's not a pretty sight but it is a sight to see.

Sunday, July 5, 2015



Temecula, CA – As some of you out there know, I turned 70 years old a week ago. Hardly anyone I meet and greet believes that fact, and that includes me when I stare back at the mirror. From my stories, I think you can tell I take no credit for that anomaly. No matter though, when a couple of months ago I received a call from my Colorado Justice cousin who worked the Detroit bankruptcy.

Happily he asked if I wouldn't mind my cousins throwing a party in my honor up in LA at a place of their choosing. Slightly stunned, I muttered, “Sure.”

The Four Amigos, all only-child cousins
This call happened only a few days into my trip of discovery back in Iowa when I was there for Woody's 60th birthday at the end of March. That trip would start a new precedent of not being in my now So Cali hometown for a celebration since moving there, a time-span of 20 years. I didn't see the pattern then since that was the first time it happened.

Spending my birthday in LA this last weekend was the second. It being a jubilee shemitah year and my 70th all things contributed to produce the most magical trip ever to LA. After the jump, the story behind the group of people who came by jet, by train, and by car to honor yours truly, as only a family can.

Saturday, July 4, 2015



Temecula, CA – Today we may be celebrating our next-to-last Great American Holiday. On the surface things look great, almost too great. The stock market is booming. The NASDAQ is high and so am I, as the saying goes in the escalating cannabis market which is growing like a weed.

So as we celebrate our now limited freedom and puff tuff, those of us who partake in the magical indulgence of gathering two or more in the name of Mary Jane Green, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & …

And magic is what you need nowadays, even if it is just to make sense of things. Knowing how magic works adds logic to things that otherwise would make no sense, whether they be good or evil. Proposed in Memoirs is the theme that says you can't begin to understand how cannabis works [to relieve so many ailments] unless you know magic or esoteric principles. This is good magic.

The same is true for events like the recent South Carolina church massacre. If you believe Alex Jones and some of his theories about who or what runs the world, then you know though most people think the event was racial, it was only painted with a racial brush to mask the true intent and purpose. If you believe what they say about the Bohemian Grove, then that Wednesday night massacre was really a Wednesday night sacrifice; a blood sacrifice carried out for that same worshiped grove entity. That was bad magic.

Thursday, July 2, 2015



Hello Football Fans,

Attached is some football info to chew on as the season approaches.  I'll provide more details in late August before the season starts.

I've included four quiz questions plus lots of other hopefully entertaining stuff.


The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL, on the lam from the gambling police

Wednesday, July 1, 2015



Julie Hamp, Toyota's most senior female executive, has resigned following her arrest in Japan on suspicion of drug law violations, the automaker said Wednesday.

Hamp tendered her resignation through her attorneys on Tuesday, and Toyota Motor Corp. accepted it because of "the concerns and inconvenience that recent events have caused our stakeholders," the company said.

Hamp, a 55-year-old American who was Toyota's newly appointed head of public relations, was arrested on June 18 on suspicion of importing oxycodone, a narcotic pain killer, into Japan. The drug is tightly controlled in the country. The hidden stash was 57 pills, and still no prescription has been introduced as evidence in the mainstream news.

Toyota declined to disclose other details, noting the investigation was ongoing.

Hamp, who previously worked for Toyota's U.S. operations, remains in custody and has not been available for comment. Police have said she denied she tried to bring in an illegal drug.