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Temecula, CA – With the reemergence of the story 'Sugarcoating The Bare Essentials' back into the Top 7 during my Spring Break, it was time to repay a visit back to the East Coast and see what those literary ladies who love reading pulp fiction out-of-doors so much, were up to.

The first time we looked in, the women were going through the unicorn syndrome. This is the WTF look almost anyone receives walking around in the buff. As you may recall, the liberty loving libertines usually found a spot away from the Lookie Lous, opting to enjoy their sunny solitude. In the winter, well, what fun was that? No one was around. But that was a few years ago and if there's anything we know about New Yorkers, they are resilient, as opposed to being jaded like the west coast.

Seeking approval to update the west coast fans about outdoor reading and artful political action, cough Moms, the first change noted was one in the locals' attitude. The group has been making the rounds, so to speak, and New Yorkers have moved on. You might even say that now they fit right in.

But you know how it is, sitting in isn't necessarily fitting in for anyone with a knack for reading pulp fiction, those steamy paperbacks written when some things were still sacred. Join us after the jump, provided you are 18+, like smart women without guile, and always wanted to be part of the first couple to the floor at a dance. We see in pictures the birth of a notion that would make Daniel Webster proud, and blush. Presenting the latest page to the O.C.T.P.F.A.S. saga.

Perhaps it was a story plot point somewhere,

Or the local gymnastics based on testosterone.

The sun was nice,

New people were coming and joining the reading circle,

Not all have adjusted, note the 3-legged man in the background
 Members were reading, 

 But something was missing, a new idea was needed.

As is wont to happen in a free and creative environment, inspiration struck an uptown girl.

 "Let's do Shakespeare in the Stark," said the OCTPFAS member with the Lisa Simpson pearls.

End of Part One - next, The Player's The Thing

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