Sunday, July 31, 2016



Temecula, CA – On a day filled with sudden surprises, like a bus breakdown [blown lower radiator hose] less than a block after boarding, and it being Winston's birthday [a Memoirs main character*], three witnesses went to LA's Friday Night Sesh with the 420Nurses bearing the gift of some blond Lebanese hash [refer to pp. 178-80] hand-pressed by one of them. It was old school on a night of old school mixing with new school, the theme of sorts for this week's cannabis event.

Filled with many more MMJrs as the 411 spreads via the word-of-mouth techno platforms I can't keep up with but those who will be criminalized by AUMA, if it passes, can, a grassroots movement grows when watered by viewer traffic of those hip to the dip. The two witnesses traveling with me, their guide, responding to the first story about last week's FNS, are current leaders in the marijuana activists posting on Snap Chat.

For me, the night would be another validation to the compassion of a free market unregulated by a corrupt Establishment who worships the god on money, and the next rung up the ladder of lightning captured in a bottle for the world famous 420Nurse patient models. Who knew Yoda had an Earth daughter? Let's look in, shall we?

Friday, July 29, 2016



Temecula, CA – Perhaps the thing that most appears like the original Christians, not those of today, is the phenomena of word-of-mouth 'secret' Friday Night sessions happening all over California as those in the cannabis field find themselves backed into a corner by the gentrification of cannabis through the re-branding of marijuana by NGOs.

No doubt many of these secret seshes are serious, however a number have turned into a type of Farmer's Market where patients with proper ID's can peruse various wares for sample or donation without the middleman operation for delivery services and clinics, resulting in a lower cost to the patient. This is the prime result of a free unburdened medical marijuana culture operating without corrupt government or union interference.

As serious as all that sounds, the Friday Night Sesh with my fav book reps is anything but, though business is definitely taken care of. After the jump, we pick up where we left off in Part 1 and show you some available treats. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

CLINTEXIT - Political Satire


Temecula, CA – Today marks a new low or a new high for this country, depending on how you look at things, and if you look past the veneer of polished shit. If Jack H. was here he'd say it himself. The Emperor Wears No Clothes! Will people keep to their convictions, or be swayed by the convention that was stolen from the little people, the people of conscience, and now used to stampede the sheep? Even though there are those trying to sound a warning.

Today the powers that be are trying to stem the tide of Bernie Sanders supporters leaving the party like salmon swimming upstream after seeing the shameful way Show Hoe Hillary paraded a neutered Bernie Sanders around like a pimp's ho. Hillary could have showed some class, but that's a lot to ask of someone who steals the White House dinner ware when she could have gotten her own set from the Franklin Mint. Bill, she's worth that much.

At any rate, the Black Sox won and now the country is divided while trying to pull the Russians in. Putin wants nothing from the USA, particularly our American food, grain, and oil. As the country is treated to some old-fashioned home-spun hogwash from Arkansas city slickers via the mainstream bought media, here we look at the real Hillary and SMH at how so many black folks could swallow such swill from a diehard racist who once appeared in blackface. Will wonders never cease? I guess PT Barnum was right.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Temecula, CA – For months the Calendar has seen the financial winds of the surrounding cities blow good and bad, according to the ever changing reports appearing in the Valley News, the Weekly, and other sources. I put top men on solving this financial reversal of fortunes that seemed to run in cycles.

It at started with rosy financial news for Menifee in their announcement of the second largest sales tax revenue increase to date, because for the 5th year in a row, the 3rd quarter sales tax revenues outpaced the prior year's results [Valley News, 3-4-2016 issue]. That same edition reported that 10 cities, including Temecula, paid the county $120,000,000 for the most recent year of Sheriff services.

The 4-8-2016 Valley News issue spoke about a potential tax referendum coming to Menifee in a story that featured a picture notation with Lisa Almendarez speaking about glyphosate, but with no follow up in the printed story about the subject or the city council's response, if there was one. Bad news hurts wine ad sales.

Sunday, July 24, 2016



Temecula, CA – This adventure begin with some firsts. It was my time taking the new South Perris Riverside rail line that began operating in early June [sweet ride]. It was the first time witnessing a same-sex bus fight [emotionally brutal but no blood or no disruption in trip schedule]. It was the first time leaving one fire behind only to find another one waiting for me to shoot. It all went with working my way to my first Friday Night Sesh with the models who rep my book, Memoirs.

The FNS event, which started last Friday and is the very Spirit at the heart of what's been called 'the wild west' of pot, was called for by the edible/extract producer market segment as a way to promote these expanding cannabis avenues. You see, Sports Fans, marijuana is one of 10000 different uses in that realm of cannabis. And cannabis will replace cash [see Memoirs, rear cover text, Amazon].

Also, say what you will about a certain peppery lawyer who will remained unnamed by this journalist, but you can't deny that a firebrand spreads the heat among the coals, as was seen inside the Sesh on Friday night. Next FNS I attend, I'm taking some stickers. Everybody loves stickers. And posters.

So make the jump to attend this Friday Night Sesh in shots, with no liquor in the front or poker in the rear; just good cannabis, good eats, and good times in great weather.

Friday, July 22, 2016



Temecula, CA – As the news moves from lampooning Trump to more brick-blasting in their vain attempt to make Hillary Clinton look less despicable to the world, this Friday as fires still smolder to our southwest leftover from yesterday's massive blaze, I again make my way up to the city of angels, and nurses, 420Nurses.

Los Angeles has been hosting a number of events lately dedicated to the younger medical marijuana patient and voter. The 420Nurses have, as usual, been right in the thick of things by wo-maning up helpful, enthusiastic vendor help, friendly faces, cheerful smiles, and a kind word for other patients like themselves.

The organization, began in 2009 as a home to young women themselves who were dealing with the everyday problems associated with today's younger MMJ patient in society. Being an open model agency means members don't feel pressured and can grow in experience at their own appetite pace. Like musicians, the 420Nurses are part of the party, not just attending the party, while representing a brand logo that speaks volumes about the plant cannabis.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Temecula, CA – Once again we bring you the true word of God, the One who gave us the Sixth Commandment, not the one who Oks drone bombing, civilian sanctions, believes in modern science over nature, or the use of geo-engineering of food and sky. 

Reading the true Word will fill you up on complete knowledge and wisdom, like organic food, not like a Happy Meal that leaves you wanting real nutrition. Also reading this edition won't cost you a penny, another difference between here and there. 

In this part we learn about the source for all ills and woes, a source that continues to pollute the world still through physical means, cough Monsanto, along with explaining why the God of the Old Testament seems so different from the one Yeshua speaks about in the New Testament. Jesus, is the name given to us just like marijuana has been named for cannabis, the actual name. Name change means control of, like a trademark. Just saying.

Perhaps the most telling section in this part is the Sermon On The Mount, given here unedited, that shows the promised hope that has been the mainstay of believers down through the centuries until the 'God Is Dead' and 'Live Life Abundantly, He Wants You To' con of today's world. The gathering storm clouds show the planned for days approaching, so after the jump there's a ray of unedited sonlight to see the truth by.

Monday, July 18, 2016



Temecula, CA – The lyric goes, “Once in a while you will fall, but it's all, in the game.” The line refers to the 'game of love' or romance, but the lyric could also refer to the Game of Life as I saw when I went to Burning Man in 2008. Having heard about 'the man' since the 60s, your concept of the man really depends on who you are and where you live.

For me, this reality crystallized as I watched the awesome wooden image high atop a platform burn, amid explosions that you could feel wind concussions from. The flames dance on your eyeballs, especially if you found the girl with the baby carriage and the cooler full of chocolate covered magic mushrooms. Sitting there with 50,000 other people out in the desert like a Jew in the Sinai, the concept of what the Man burning was supposed to symbolize came into focus. The Man wasn't the cops, the political system, or even the Establishment. But the Man is real, by way of alchemy.

Being in a camp for a week with no money system in place, yet having a functioning society, albeit temporary, is eye-opening, and you understand that The Man is the Image in Daniel 2, the image of money/commerce [in Daniel] or mammon [NT, Matt, Luke]. Later you see that the golden calf which doomed many Jews in Moses time, is the same Bull guarding Wall Street, all grown up. In fact, the 'In God We Trust' on our money refers to mammon, the same god that billions go to Sunday prayers for and Friday worship service is dedicated to. The Jews on Saturday are under a different offense and won't be covered here. How did this happen and how does it work? After the jump, but you knew that.

Saturday, July 16, 2016



Temecula, CA – If you have been waking up lately to crystal clear California skies, the way the skys look over Sacramento, you can credit Hillary Clinton for that temporary re-passe. Like a city political party that paves the streets every election cycle, so Hillary Clinton is trying to show voters the power she has over Obama by getting him to stop the Geo Engineering spraying program, like a boss. Of course anybody with a brain knows the day after Hillary is crowned, the term 'blue skies' will be found in song lyrics and Wall Street conversations only. Given the constant positive propaganda and no outcry against the corruption in the mainstream, the collective National IQ level is a ball in play.

Scarier is the Vice Admiral selection of Donald Trump, given that the country loved John Kennedy and they killed him. Now you have half the country hating on Trump and if he wins [which I believe will happen], do I really need to finish that scenario? These are times to believe in something besides having a next drink. The tricky part is, what do you believe in? Or perhaps the question should be, what God do you really trust in? The one printed on your money, the same one that you give a tip back to in a weekly cycle? Research this, the use of money and a weekly devotional cycle both came out of Babylon at the same time. Just saying.

When you see one SCOTUS dying under creepy circumstances and another earning public scorn for politicking for the Wall Street candidate by bashing her opponent, you can see the treasonous shape the United States is in following the bankers' plan of control which began in 1913 with the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the prohibition of cannabis done through changing the plant's name to marijuana, a recurring theme now with AUMA [Prop 64]. After the jump, a better look at things without TV, cough Their View.

Thursday, July 14, 2016



Temecula, CA – Most readers probably don't give a second wonder about how I seem to be at the heart of my share of valley and world news. Ditto that for GMO and cannabis cause news, but here's the thing. I met John Diaz [Label GMOs] at Occupy and got my recommendation a month after OLA got rolled up. I was reporting positive medical marijuana reports long before Full Value Review morphed into the Temecula Calendar, so how I did I gain “I'm with the band” status from the MMJ crowd long before I wrote Memoirs?
Author, PT Rothschild, and Memoirs book editor, Jeff Bradford
Amazingly enough, that question is itself answered in my first person narrative written in 2001 after quitting my 'other woman' around since I was 20, Mary Jane, who I later took back and gave the Christian last name of Green to. At that time I predicted I would need to begin my tale at the start of my association with the plant now embroiled in a conflict of greed, so people would believe that what I said will come to pass wasn't just a lucky guess.

This 20 chapter running pop culture history can be broken into three Acts as it reveals how the social, sexual, economic, cultural, and esoteric elements of cannabis, in the form of marijuana, can affect your life as an asset, not a liability. The following selection showcases four of the five aforementioned attributes about pot in the span of 72 hours and takes place approximately one month before this Calendar story but in the same river city of Davenport, IA, circa 1980.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Temecula, CA – As the people in state government [Sacramento] tent their hands like Monty Burns and say, “Excellent,” to their plans for controlling cannabis [marijuana] come November much like Hillary Clinton's presupposed November victory, the natural all-encompassing usefulness of cannabis continues to expand on a individual remedy basis, especially into the non-combustible arena.

Recently an old friend sometimes mentioned in past music scene stories from Temecula's Golden Age of music contacted me with the news of his brand new medical marijuana recommendation. His full story is found here but suffice to say that Tuesday suffered from all the negatives of smoking cannabis [pot] so smoking the stuff was out of the question. Through readily available peer studies, eyewitness recommendations, and pamphlets, Tuesday came to know that cannabis tincture could help even after his insurance-covered regular doctors/counselors were advising either prescription drugs or the tapering-off approach. MMRSA seeks to close this avenue for the citizen and place recommendations into the hands of insurance-covered, Big Pharma paid, drug-dispensing regular practicing doctors that have no background in herbal medicine. Cannabis is a herb [Gen 1:11, 29-30].

Since the Captain is expanding his repertoire into the non-smoking arena of cannabis, as are a number of readers out there, this report we give you a new way cannabis is can be beneficial and how to make Canna-butter for those who like to cook at home organically. We'll also throw out some websites so you can be smarter than the average politician who looks to practice medical marijuana without any experience, cough, quack.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016



Temecula, CA – When Donald Trump announced his bid for the Commander-in-chief of the United States, there was already a set hierarchy in place, as far as the Democrats were concerned. That progression didn't include any rubes from Kentucky, smart or stupid. You can almost hear Elton John's The Bitch Is Back echoing through the halls of Congress.

The Republican Party, who fought an eons old economic system, slavery, to bring in the modern system of banking, lending, and commercialization to the South, mounted a unified defense to the Democratic arrogance with a host of willing opponents to oppose their presupposed 2016 Presidential contender. It wasn't a case of smelling the pizza, but smelling the perfume.

For a while, the people had hope in the Democrats outsider, GMO champion Bernie Sanders. Bernie put up a good fight but the Democrat side had the game fixed in the old-fashioned machine politics way, this time using gender rather than a pint of liquor to get the swing. Alas Bernie was too classy, too spot on, too old, and too slow to dance. Sometimes valor doesn't win the day [page 107, Memoirs]. For some Donald Trump is a dream, for others he is a nightmare, but to me, I only see one question: Is he the waiter bringing America the check? We look at The Don after the jump.

Monday, July 11, 2016



Temecula, CA – As anyone can tell from reading a few of my reports, I always seem to manage a Biblical reference or angle where other writers may only see a coincidence, if they mention anything at all. The reasons for leaving out any Biblical tie-in or religious reference are many. While no longer endorsing organized religion from any orthodox doctrine, I have seen too many things in my life to deny the existence of interplay levels beyond the sight of some, or most humans. What we all do see is the fallout from those who are nefariously in cahoots. We begin this report with a MOM who was in Vermont for the start of their Label GMO Ingredients bill that took effect July 1, 2016.

“Last Thursday night, after Senator [Bernie] Sanders made a passionate, intelligent and frank argument for amending the federal GMO "labeling" bill to adopt the Vermont standards, I was encouraged and hopeful. I turned my attention to dinner and family. Then I saw an email from a national labeling coalition stating that we would have a coalition call tomorrow, after "something happens." So I did not think anything would "happen" that evening except more speeches either stating the obvious or stating a pack of lies. Hardly anyone did.

At 10:15pm a vote had been called to deny amendments and to pass the bill. 63-30 of our Senators voted to deny states rights, not label most of GMOs and to have labeling be voluntary in the USA. At 10:40pm I checked in and saw a furry of messages.

Friday, July 8, 2016



Temecula, CA – Gone are the days when you could George Jefferson it; today's world is inside out, upside down, right is left, nothing is sacred, good is bad, all is lost, revenge is mine, God is dead, Jesus is coming, kind of place. To those aware, this is past scary, this is downright Twilight Zone Zoroastrian.

In the end all the hoped for promises of the Sanders Democrats, ideas and reforms Hillary seemed to also espouse [for the sake of arguments] to attract liberals, were all thrown in front of the DNC bus as the Democrats were betrayed by the Benghazi Butcher. As a friend recently said, “The thing about Hillary is she will tell a lie when the truth would do.”

Not only that, when you hear what the Democrats platform is for this election, you'd think it was written by Dick Cheney and Spiro Agnew. So after the jump, we take a look at Hillary's supporters, Hillary's mentors, and Hillary's people, in our usual rascally visual way. Meanwhile, what a revolting development this is when even the FBI have been clipped as if entangled in a magic invisible rope by some American Way wonder woman. Do we all live in the comics now and somewhere there is a Daily Planet?

Thursday, July 7, 2016



Temecula, CA – About the time of my 'spring break' a lot was going on. While that may not be unusual for some, it is for me. I cover news but that is usually someone else's news, and I cover it on my own time schedule. Around the time I speak of, a lot was going on in my personal life, therefore some stories got put on a back burner, and then of course, new news caught up so it has been like that until now.

I was all set to go to the LA420 games but plans fell apart on my end, though I was able to help ensure a turnout due to some social networking, and through cross-promoting a fellow reporter did attend. His report is up right after the jump. But first a little back story. The Star of Cannabis has lit up the scene in a flash of magic. This esoteric factor has intoxicated those delivered from the clutches of prescription medications, ie., opiads, making them much like the newly saved at a tent revival; the fire of conviction blazing in their eyes and voice. Into the mix of existing cannabis people, prescription drug establishment converts are now medical marijuana advocates. Imagine the social self-esteem issues encountered, so removing the patented notion that marijuana equates 'stoner' is tantamount to spreading this healing alternative to other establishment people in distress, thus a noble goal.

In that vein the LA420 Games came about to demonstrate that people who are fit and active, read young movers & shakers, can also be MMJrs. As a person who lived a dual life much like a cool alcoholic, undetected by the uninitiated, I can appreciate these folks' effort to remove the cultural stain placed upon cannabis by hypocritical Democrats [Clintons, Obama] and family value Republicans [Nixon, Reagan]. As we wait to see whether California cannabis will withstand the efforts of the NWO folks [Bush, Soros, Parker] to entrap the hope from Pandora's box, you must understand that 90% of the people helped by cannabis do not believe or read history, religious theory, or understand real magick [linchpins to cannabis understanding beyond the how and on to the why]. Now our report from Calendar Correspondent Matthew Lopez.

Monday, July 4, 2016

EYE IN THE SKY – Movie Review


Temecula, CA – In our last 4th of July weekend trio of stories, we look at one of Dandy Don's main peeves and vote getters – the Bush/Obama War. The War on Terror is a Pandora's Box that just keeps on giving. It could be called a rainbow of deceit and every color has been looked at here in our annals of the Full Value Review and the Temecula Calendar. One effect that gets overlooked in total, is the cost of war.

We see what the US is doing to multiple factions on various continents through smart bomb footage or still pictures of the aftermath, and we see the use of learned war tricks, like breaking a man's back by doubling his legs over now used on [future] death lotto winners [average payout $6M, to the fam], but what is the real cost of war? The cost to the winning side?

Now playing in its last week but definitely worth a look see at the Temeku [the cheap show], is Eye In The Sky, a taut political thriller a lot more subtle than Jason Bourne. As fresh as today's headlines about the global war on terror and their allies through use of drone warfare and local spies, the story conflict is explored through the emotions experienced by all those involved, including you, the audience member.



Temecula, CA – If that title is confusing, imagine how confused the general public is over being stampeded in this latest round of cognitive dissonance. What is cognitive dissonance? Simply, wanting desired outcome C, and given [A] the subjects, you stage an event [B] as a stampeded impulse resulting in C. Cognitive dissonance is the logic behind what is called a 'false flag' incidence. The Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag and it brought the Vietnam Police Action [War].

After numerous regime change false flags, both to traumatize the populace and politicize the enemy, read terrorist radicals*, today's false flags are to disarm the citizenry, a move done in the past in various countries yielding the same result. Ask any Armenian.

Another dictator who banned guns after the Armenian Genocide
With the SCOTUS opening the floodgates for money to pour into Congress now, it would seem that only Big Don, big BIG Don, is all that stands in the way of outright government ownership and insurrection in these treasonous times. When a California story makes a wave in Davenport, IA to me that's news. When that same story is tied to the Orlando, Fla. mass killings at The Pulse, hinted to be a false flag previously here and other other citizen news sources, then that's news you need to know about, as taxpayers and citizens this 4th of July.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

EYE$ ON THE PRIZE - Breaking Exclusive!!


Temecula, CA - In the United States, larceny is a common law crime involving theft. Under that common law, larceny is the trespassory taking (caption) and carrying away (asportation, removal) of the tangible personal property of another with the intent to deprive him or her of its possession permanently. Today most jurisdictions have eliminated the crime of Larceny from the statutory codes, in favor of a general theft statute.

Larceny by trick was created to punish the taking of property with the owner's consent when that consent was obtained by Fraud or deceit. Before the courts created the offense of larceny by trick, defendants who had swindled their victims were able to argue that they had not committed larceny because the victims had willfully given them property.

Because the Temecula Calendar stands for what we believe in delivering just the facts, like Dragnet we present to you, dear reader, a report alleging local larceny complete with redacted exhibits, pulled right from AARP's headlines of Medicare Fraud. A call to my Medicare mole in Denver got this reply when questioned on the topic. “Medicare fraud is rampant!” [$60,000,000,000 per year - AARP].

This allegation concerns not some recent tenant to the valley, but a long time resident. As you read of a proposed Temecula sales tax ramp-up for revenue, please remember this report from someone who reached out to us to release the facts. After the jump, the local alleged larceny licensed[?] by Lobue Laser & Eye Medical Centers.