Tuesday, August 30, 2016



BSC, CA – When Columbus came to this hemisphere, he brought the European mindset of privilege. The natives who lived on the islands where he landed did not know the concept of ownership. To them, living on their island for their eternity, as the origins told them, was a right. That's why they were on their island, happy. Don't worry, Sports Fans, Columbus taught those natives what was up, as he and his men slaughtered about 750,000 people; a foreshadowing of things to come to the mainland. And they came in the Name of The Lord, the one on your penny. Remember that. God will.

Once news of the New World reached Europe, the rush was on. I remember sitting in grade school hearing how the natives [called Indians in those days] had traded [not sold] the Island of Manhattan to New World settlers for $24 in beads. At the time, I didn't realize that this was a way to show how naive and unaware the natives were to 'real world' items' true value, along with how crafty and smart the European was. A trip to DTLA by Union Station next Columbus Day will show you the real historical worth that resonates still from the descendants of those long ago natives who welcomed Columbus into their mist, much as Dylan Roof was in South Carolina that Wednesday not long ago.

Today, there is another New World lush and green. It is the world of cannabis and once again the European mindset of privilege is coming into conflict with a right, a right granted by the law through the People's action of Direct Democracy, Cali's Initiative system to convey the intentions of the Peoples, rather than the store bought agency-captured government of Big Money. The people here called 'pot goonies' believe it's better for the country to have 100 million millionaires rather than 100 zillionaires. Pot is power for the people, and it always has been.

Sunday, August 28, 2016



BSC, CA – This is probably the most important article I may ever write, because it deals with our current evil as it attempts to monopolize the plant cannabis the same way they made it illegal in 1913 [California, Chinatown, though it was then a barrio because the Mexicans hadn't shifted slightly south and east to their present East LA location]. This first arrest happened on September 11.

Today as the world falls apart racked by explosions and refugee waves set in motion by the war hawks of Washington, DC, regime change tactics to control the whole world, or bring about the so-called destruction foretold in the Qur'an and the Bible are the current marching orders. Spoken of from the days since the Full Value Review [pre-Temecula Calendar; BSC, CA], man and womankind are caught up in 3 wars lumped as WW3. These wars are 'Man against Man' [resources 1% v 99%], Man against Nature [Man-made Projects; environmental issues], and Man against God for total earth, population control, and no religion. No god, no moral compass. That is the goal; working too, evident from today's many headlines. [SMH]

Many say that the present world situation is the same as the world has been living in since Cain killed Abel, the difference being now, with the proposed subjugation of cannabis through a name change once again to 'marijuana', the final straw for the world's soul is up for grabs. However, because of Cosmic rules, evil can't just roll over people; the people, distilled down to voters, have to be tricked [by a Trojan horse legislative bill] to vote away their birthright.

Friday, August 26, 2016



Hello Football Fans,

The college FB season starts Saturday with one game in Australia, followed the next Thursday, September 1st with 7 FBS games, then 4 more on Friday and 28 FBS vs. FBS games on Saturday, followed by 1 game on Sunday and 1 on Monday, September 5th (Labor Day).

The NFL season starts the week after Labor Day, and I'll kick out a pro FB letter next weekend, hopefully.

Kalani Sitake, new coach at BYU

I'm really trying to keep the letters short; this one is only 10 pages.  It includes preseason projections, a partial slate of games for the first week with preliminary point spreads, odds for teams to win the CFP, college rule changes and coaching changes, a preliminary Heisman Trophy watch, conference changes, various other items, and one quiz question.

Enjoy the season,

The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL, on the lam from the gambling police

Tuesday, August 23, 2016



BSC, CA – What an amazing weekend!! I witnessed the battlefield decoration for a couple of front-line activists of the Red Cross-Green Cannabis Leaf get awarded after the smoke cleared [no pun intended]; got a line [mole] to inside the WH; saw some old faces from the pot battlefield, new faces that I recently met at other conferences; smoked weed on the busy corner at the heart of WeHo on a late Saturday night; watched history repeat as my 'third way' scenario happened [one I had never shared with our posse because it was more an anarchist fantasy], and had the Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green theory in my book validated, by none other than WEEDMAPS in a story. Holy Moly!!

After spending the evening in a pleasant fashion among genuine medical marijuana patients, homegrown vendors, and patient models in a warm, relaxed, entertaining, compassionate, and happy atmosphere on the MJG side of Life's mirror where truth and decency reign, Saturday in West Hollywood was a slice of real life. And as we see everyday in the news, real life happens to real people. History does repeat.

OK, we'll see and read how last Saturday ended [hugs all around; homo, hetro, and howdy], but the origin, at least from me, will sound slightly far-fetched which is why I am providing the link, not copying, pasting, or retelling. It's just too Space Cadet Pete. And it all began with a letter to commiserate Lead Mom, Zen Honeycutt, who I once told had a special place in this cannabis civil war by virtue of her unique name, Zen. Blast off and make the jump.

Monday, August 22, 2016



BSC, CA – I used to always get a feeling of anticipation and thrill when seeing the banner headlines of Stan Lee's Marvel Comics days say this: “This Issue Has It All!”

It was a statement that made every True Believer's eyes gaze like SpongeBob's, because it promised a story that was all-encompassing, starting slow, ending with a bang, providing a surprise, a guest star, aka cross-over, giving a background clue to an expanding scenario, and leaving you a cliff-hanger question. Your palms grew moist as you slowly went past the 4-color Jack Kirby action cover and settled on the quiet, unassuming ¾ splash page, another Jack Kirby awesome panel illustrating his imagery to show quiet beginnings.

The following two-part gonzo story has it all. We will go from 'A' for alien to female Xenophobia, stopping at the letters 'J' [jail] 'R' [rhubarb] 'S' [seven thousand] and 'C' for cannabis, covert, cash, conflict, competition, compassion, and con. Extra credit 'B' [Barack Obama]. Like those Lee-Kirby masterpieces of old, but in the tradition of Wicca and Eastern cultures, we start out with the letter 'Z', for Zen [Honeycutt, co-founder of Moms Across America] and the recent signing of the DARK Act, a grassroots fight in itself of four years. Jump.

Thursday, August 18, 2016



BSC, CA – As with cannabis recognition, the necessity of knowing one's food and food ingredients becomes more imperative every day, what with the treasonous DARK Act signing. Though most of my reporting is more regional, that doesn't mean I don't Jack about my own hood. I know Jack and Mary Jane both.

That being said, Temecula has a place that offers a great selection of natural products, a knowledgeable staff, an on-site fresh mini-deli, and now both an education [free] and hands-on [fee] class sesh*. 

Long on my list of stories, it was time to bring my readers, the locals anyway, a followup story to one of those 'gems' in this mystic valley. Like Gladstone Gander, I seem to stumble across these hidden gems as if I worked for Coasters.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016



BSC, CA – With the coming election looming closer, the forces for Prop 64, the DARK Act for cannabis are spreading their treasonous poppycock around to all who will listen. Being Establishment, the forces aligned with Hillary's Schedule 2 change and the state's agenda are organizing efforts to sway the general public by allowing open forum meetings.

The Pot Goonies have spread out over the state to counter the false promises from those who have sold out the patients the way Whole Foods and Just Label It reneged on the Label GMO grassroots families. With the Unsinkable Hillary becoming the Unstoppable Hillary, all matter of evil is out since the gates of hell are open. But the Pot Goonies have ramped up in the wake of the signing by Obama of the DARK Act and the Center for Food Safety readying to sue the unconstitutionality of the law. In the shadows looms the TPP, the remaining stake left for Obama to drive through the American Heart. Go Bo.

Letitia Pepper, activist lawyer and prescription meds survivor, who recently did an educational session for Monrovia will be standing up against Prop 64 at 6pm tomorrow on this cannabis High Tea podcast. Friday other Goonies will be headed to the big competition [?] happening at this week's FNS happening with the World's best recognized cannabis culture photo model patient group, the 420Nurses.

Monday, August 15, 2016



Temecula, CA – Some of the people who've read Memoirs have said to me, “[Mr. Pete], you sure did a lot of f**king and smoking,” to which I reply, “Well, it is a memoirs book.” But honestly, my book isn't about the stops, it's about the journey. The sex along the way hit the bookends; feast [Indianapolis] or famine [California]. Most of the time, it was catch as catch can, but I always had a hold card – cannabis.

Early in my acquaintance with Mary Jane, the man who would, much later in life, become a reverend, made a remark to say a pleasant surprise awaited me besides a deeper appreciation for jazz music when stoned [bottom, pp.16, Memoirs]. At that time I had no clue as to what he was talking about, though shortly afterwards I did get a glimpse and a strange blow-back reaction [pp. 20].

During the time spent in Indy after having discovered this mystical effect cannabis has concerning a person's sex life, my booty call routine ran the same way. Being involved in the political scene in the heady days of Nixon's Re-election, chances of getting laid were better than in summer theatre though only one chapter is dedicated to those particular memoirs. The reason for such brevity is, at that time I was only standing in the front foyer of Mary Jane's House of Pleasure. I still had much to learn and much to write about.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

THE 'HOW COULD YOU' ELECTION OF 2016 - Religio-Political Analysis


Temecula, CA – Although the Presidential election is months away, already it isn't an election of issues but 'how could you's'. How could you vote for fill in the blank? As can be seen by the new masthead, long time readers will see that the current wave of 'how could yous' has rocked my comfort zone. Now like D'Jango, I'm off the chain. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The truth is, I don't know.

There are two things that I do know, however. The first is that a similar Presidential election featuring a fiery Presbyterian that also divided the country happened about a century and a half ago. The second is that I truly believe, come good or bad, Donald Trump is part of the Divine plan that is unfolding for us all to feel, and a few to see.

You see, Sports Fans, it isn't about the issues, per se, for me either. It's about eschatology, or at least my perception of it. For all the non-believers, the answer as to the other fiery Presbyterian President of 160+yrs ago, is Andrew Jackson. They have cleaned him up now in school but when I came through about three quarters of a century ago, he was presented as greatly anti-Establishment in his demeanor and his scorn of high society or people who put on airs; those who think they are better than you based on what you don't have. Believers, make the jump.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


CANNABIS STARS AT GAS LAMP [Part 2 of the SoCal Cannabis Expo]

BSC, CA – We left off in our last coverage with a question to a woman with green hair: “Are there magic mushrooms in that stroller?” The answer to that question right after the jump. For those just joining this BSC report, the gang of four on Saturday and five on Sunday were deep in San Diego for the city's first ever cannabis event, taking place in the intoxicating aroma of bullshit mixed with greenbacks and carrots. The coming Prop 64 seeks to chain cannabis to the bureaucrats of the state. We were in town to spread the word of this catastrophe to the unknowing innocents at this event.

Of course, even though cannabis and marijuana are the biggest parade in town right now, there are always those who are asking, “What parade?”

In the days of Noah, people like this didn't swim but they floated, back up to the top. We were at the Southern California Cannabis Conference Expo looking for swimmers. Here's a picture report of what we found at the event happening next to San Diego's Gas Lamp district.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016



BSC, CA – Welcome to BSC's coverage on the California cannabis conflict civil war, the Greenies vs the Meanies. Although our opening lead-in shot could grace the cover of any SD Reader issue for tourism, the two people pictured, who didn't know each other before the SoCal Cannabis Expo, weren't in town for the Gas Lamp District. They were in town on a mission like me. Their story wraps in Part 2 as we reveal the clues to their SD mission (hint: it's not as simple as it looks, MENSA fans).

This past weekend the City of San Diego hosted its first-ever cannabis event. Since it wasn't a medical marijuana event but only for those looking to cash in on the expanding Green Gold rush breaking out across the globe, praise was only token for the tourists. However, despite some legal states and others pending in both medical and recreational status, California remains the keystone for cannabis monopolization because without the place where it all started, So Cali in 1913, the plan to replace [US] oil petro-dollars with [NWO] canna-dollars will fail.

BSC will cover this developing multifaceted story until two weeks after the election, including fallout. Like the tourists in the GL District, the first SoCal Cannabis Expo attracted products from inside and outside the state. In Part 1 we look at the products which appeared at the event and their vendor reps.

Friday, August 5, 2016



Temecula, CA – On the heels of the coming tax efforts by both Hemet [dog whistle politics, when you see the nice Valley News crowd photo] and Temecula [fearing rising police and fire rates via Sheriff Sniff for AUMA], beyondsocietycontrol.blogspot.com, decided to location shoot the present life of someone touched by Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

Approximately six years ago two friends walked into my office on a nice sunny and pleasant day. It was the type of day that people read about in other states, and then think, 'Ah, California'. When they walked through the door I said, “Hold it right there!” And they froze. The reason for my instruction was simple. As a photo editor through training, you spot what others take for granted. My friends walked in the door wearing contrasting tee shirts that were devoid of text, with one exception. Each had a pair of sunglasses hanging, California style, down from the front of the shirt. I grabbed my camera.

At that time I didn't know these two things. First, that the picture would become the cover shot for the still developing runaway bestseller to come, and sadly, that one of the two young men on the cover from that shot of the two Christians, would be homeless, a Prodigal Son to his family and a sad commentary on the god his church believes in. After the jump, BSC takes a look at the man destined to be helped by the book he graciously and unknowingly became a part of, in pictures.

Monday, August 1, 2016



Temecula, CA – For me it started with the Agent Orange catastrophe in the 70s. That was the beginning of learning about corporate evil. Life intervened and the next time Monsanto crossed my path was after my Invisible Children crusade at Occupy Los Angeles. His name was John and like the John of the Bible, he had a revelation for me – GMO foods are here; we must get them labeled for the good of the American people, especially children and babies. Baptized in his rhetoric, I was filled with a passion to finally read food labels. 

Now after almost five years of street protests, petition signings, seminars, potlucks, and beach events to spread the word, the Monsanto cancer and its head polyps, have sold out the American people to an agonizing future of inflammation, cancers, autism, and ignorance through the signing of Bill S 764, done this past Friday by our elected monarchy whose leader is currently Obama. With this signing, Obama can beat his chest and say, 'See, I gave you Moms a GMO labeling bill like I campaigned, but I never promised you a Rose Garden.' Mission Accomplished! Hillary, a Monsanto lawyer and Soros chum gets the offering of the parting gift.
  • The words "GMO" or "genetic engineering" will NOT be required to be anywhere on the package.
  • 95% of the current GMO ingredients are NOT included in Obama's "labeling" definition.
  • The "labeling" that will be "required" is an option of a QR code, a telephone number, website or symbol.
  • There will be no fines for not complying, so claims that this law is "mandatory" are simply false.
  • Vermont's state labeling GMO law which took effect July 1, 2016 is over-ruled by Federal jurisdiction. [Sorry, Bernie]
  • CT, ME and VA pending GMO labeling laws have now been preempted.