Monday, October 31, 2016



BSC,CA – The bombs are still dropping on Hillary Clinton and The Shady Bunch, courtesy of Wikileaks and others. To this journalist however, in the fog this Titanic has struck a weiner. After screwing over so many people for so long, to be xxxx-slapped by a high-brow low-life perv named Tony Weiner because he's sexting a 15 year old, is sooo Damon Runyon. Even Hitchcockian, you might say. We at BSC also send our special day regards, in celebration from all the good witches around. You know who you are, Ladies.

Before we get to The Shady Bunch, trending right now as you read this is the debate question over why FBI Comey made the critical decision to drop a dime on Hillary to Congress and then send a BTW to Loretta Lynch [our first Shady Bunch cast member]. From a source deep in the muck comes this tip.

Searching through Wiener's hard-drive for any child porn, the FBI [now operating without the Deputy Dir whose wife got a $650,000 bribe from Clinton, found approximately 650,000 emails, or one for each dollar spent. However, it was one special folder that caught their eye; it was marked Life Insurance. This file contained all the dirty laundry Huma Abedin felt she needed as life insurance against a 'suicide' sometime down the line, aka Vince Foster. This info came to Comey Thursday evening. A broadside hit! And neither woman ever saw it coming.

Saturday, October 29, 2016



BSC, CA – 'And all the Queen's Jemimas and rice-brained Uncle Bens couldn't put the Hillster back together agains.'

The Bible tells us about the pitfalls of having dishonorable friends, but since there is separation of Church and State, perhaps Hillary didn't get that message at the Goldwater Girl classes, or perhaps it's birds of a feather. Personally I prefer to think that this is Divine Intervention, particularly when noting that this letter to Congress came 11 days before the election. Circle associates will finally understand the meaning behind their 11:11 astral fixation.

FBI Director Comey, long on the hot seat after his boss Loretta Lynch [am I the only one paying attention to these last names and the double entendre?] basically back out saying, “Make it so because my job depends on it.” Comey did all he could to deftly alert people who were listening to his words and the way he parsed them, understood the undertones, 'I'm being made to do something I don't believe in, but...'.

Friday, October 28, 2016



BSC, CA – If you follow the newly activated BSC ezine news reports closely, you may have seen a HRC story come and go very quickly here on FaceBook. Thanks to all who went directly to the home site to read the latest. This is the explanation from the media that is starting to fight back through real reporting that still happens, albeit off the beaten path like here.

“Corporations aren’t allowed to directly donate money to a candidate’s campaign committee. However, they can sponsor political action committees (PACS) or donate unlimited amounts to independent expenditure only committees (Super PACS). Individuals can donate a maximum of $2,700 (per election) to a candidate’s campaign committee and unlimited amounts to Super PACs. Super PACs cannot make contributions to candidates, parties or other PACs but can independently advocate for a certain candidate.

In six months, Clinton's official campaign committee Hillary for America has raised $460 million. However, since there is a cap on the amount an individual can contribute to a campaign directly, super PACs remain important to big donors. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, more than half the amount raised by Clinton and her allies this election cycle came from large individual contributions, versus only 15% of Donald Trump's campaign funds.
Priorities USA Action, the main pro-Clinton super PAC, has raised a total of $155 million. It raised almost $25 million in September, narrowly beating its August tally.
The following are the biggest donors to Clinton's campaign:

  • Donald Sussman, president of this Connecticut-based hedge fund donated $21 million to the PUA super PAC and $100,000 to the Correct the Record super PAC. Correct the Record collects money to pay for personnel whose job it is to defend Clinton online [shills]. Of the total figure, $2 million was given in October for which the filings haven't been released yet.
  • JB, the heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune (H) and co-founder of an investment firm, donated to the PUA super PAC along with his wife. The Pritzker Family Foundation led by Jay Robert also donated to PUA super PAC. $12,600,000
  • Chairman of Univision Communications Haim Saban has been a long-time friend of Clinton, and his wife Cheryl sits on the board of the Clinton Foundation. Both donated separately to the PUA super PAC. $10,000,000
  • The 85-year-old billionaire, George Soros, has been vocal about his disdain for Trump. He donated $9.5 million to the PUA super PAC and $25,000 to the Ready super PAC.
  • The 91-year-old, S. Daniel Abraham, sold his weight loss brand Slim-Fast to Unilever for $2.3 billion in 2000. He advocates for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and is the founder of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. He donated to the PUA super PAC. $9,000,000
  • Fred Eychaner is the founder and chairman of Newsweb, a Chicago media company.He donated to the PUA super PAC and Clinton's campaign committee. $8,005,400, a return investment from the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize a few years before he re-armed Vietnam.
  • $7,000,000. What the billionaire hedge fund manager and mathematician, James Simons donated to the PUA super PAC.
  • Henry Laufer is a director at Renaissance Technologies, an investment management firm founded by James Simon, above on this list. Marsha Laufer served as the chairwoman of Brookhaven Democratic Party. The Laufers donated $5,000,000 to the PUA super PAC and Henry gave $500,000 to the Correct the Record Super PAC.
  • Laure Woods is the president and founder of Laurel Foundation, a private foundation focused on the education, health and welfare of children as an obvious future [in all the right credentials] Cabinet member of a Clinton Presidency. $5,000,000 (thanks, DT)
  • David Shaw founded the hedge fund, but he currently focuses on his role as Chief Scientist at D.E. Shaw Research. He donated $3 million to the PUA super PAC and $50,000 to the Ready super PAC.

And the real Hillary 'janitors'. Sorry Donna, don't let Missy Hillary confuse the words janitor with foot stool for you. She gets confused a lot, even Huma said that in an email.

The following have all given to the PUA super PAC: Facebook's (FB) Dustin Moskovitz has given $2.5 mil. Herb Sandler, whose foundation has supported the Center for Responsible Lending, ProPublica and the Centre for American Progress, donated $3 mil. Bernard L. Schwartz, chairman of BLS Investments and life-long supporter of the Democratic Party, donated $2.5 mil. Chairman of Dreamworks New Media Jeffrey Katzenberg and director Steven Spielberg both threw a bone for a $1 mil. each. Movie producer Thomas Tull, who was responsible for such hits as "The Hangover" and "300", has given $1.5 million. DNC donors are here.

Feel bad because you're a disposable deplorable in Hillary World? You should, but look around you. You're not a tree, you're a forest. Remember. The corrupt fear us, the honest support us, and the heroic join us.

#NoOn64 then read our lips, NO NEW TAXES anymore! 88% of incumbents can be removed this election cycle. Vote them out!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


ANONYMOUS #TrumpTheEstablishment -

BSC,CA – Many people are saddened by this coming election, disgusted by the choice of candidates. Those folks fail to see the BIG picture, the picture this matrix portends to. This election is at the very core of this Nation in its basic premise. That premise is the power of choice.

For those who don't believe in anything supernatural or spiritual, perhaps some logic for them will develop as I write this post. That part is yet to be seen. For the rest of us, this coming election is a freedom of choice because the devil has been loosed to deceive. This is his time to shine. While I can't speak for other faith books with authority outside the KJV, this time of great deception is stated for the world, cannabis [#NoOn64] on the ballot to be renamed and government-chipped is that keystone. America and what it stands for, individual Freedom, is also up for grabs. Because we have to vote or allow the Evil One to rape and pillage us, we operate under the ground rules of Job, opening chapter.

With this election, we are faced with the machine of the status quo, otherwise called The Establishment. The Establishment was always taken to be the government. This is the case in any organized group of people. In America, it is a sympathetic human lock-down because all the tribes of Man exist here like at the Tower of Babel. The difference here is the freedom of choice, the freedom to decide our free-will choice; the choice to believe what we are being shown and told on the Establishment media vs what we know to be true on the net that matches what we see as reality, in defiance to Establishment propaganda.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

CUBS IN SERIES!! Update featuring 'The Curse'


BSC, CA – Just when you think things can't get crazier this year, and I won't even go into all that, then the Chicago Cubs beat the LA Dodgers 4 games to 2, winning the National League Pennant [I guess that's what they still call it, barring another Mandela Effect.

Unless you live in the Midwest or lived there at one time, like myself, you can't fathom the meaning of the Cubs being in the World Series for the first time since 1945. It was the beginning of the Atomic Age, the Generation spoken to in Matthew 24, and The World's Mightiest Mortal was outselling the Man of Steel at the newsstands and in drug store comic book racks.

Today we have the digital age and the word 'atomic' seems so yesteryear. Unfortunately the idea of war hasn't faded from history. Superman is beating up on Batman nowadays, but lo and behold, did the goat finally forgive the Cubs, relinquishing the Cubs' curse after all. After the jump we look at great shots of the winners in the most superstitious sport played today, baseball. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016



BSC, CA – Remember this story? Well, here's what just took place. It also illustrates why we don't need a fake legalization. We as citizens just need to stand up for Our Rights and not be seduced into letting those become 'privileges' by the very servants paid for with public funds. One of those rights is called accountability. Nick Schou filed this OC Weekly report about its conclusion.

Santa Ana's city attorney office has dropped all charges against a dozen employees of Sky High Holistic, the Santa Ana medical marijuana dispensary that police raided on May 26, 2015, during which officers were recorded on surveillance footage eating what appeared to be pot edibles, throwing darts, and insulting a paraplegic pot activist. After the OC Weekly and other news outlets [Ahem] posted the video online, three officers caught on tape were fired and have been charged with petty theft and vandalism.

Although the dozen employees were charged with misdemeanor counts of working in an unlicensed pot shop, the OC Weekly has obtained court records showing that Santa Ana city attorney Sonia Carvalho has formally agreed to drop those charges in return for promises from each employee that they not sue the city over the incident.



BSC, CA – Shhh! WikiLeaks. Move over Podesta. Quit searching the skies for UFOs, folks. While everyone was watching or puffing the smoke [cough, cough], the grandest political scheme ever since The Sting may have been fabricated on the American population.

What if Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar [smarter than MENSA, WOTS], cooked up a plan to guarantee his wife's election as the first woman President? What if Slick Willy convinced his self-made bud to jump into the race as the straw-man argument to the politically powerful Clinton Dynasty?

As fantastic as that may sound, the story is gaining ground around town from a piece written by Michael T. Hertz. His bio follows our report.

Friday, October 21, 2016



BSC, CA – Jack Reacher Never Go Back opened today and as one of the eagerly awaited films on the BSC list [Rogue 1; Dr. Strange follow], we joined the crowd seeing an early show. Also the showing we hit wasn't an Imax because it is the story, not the effects that BSC readers really want to know about, or as much as can be said without spoilers.

Personal reaction. I liked it as did my co-reviewer. We both saw the original Jack Reacher 2012 at the movies and I bought the DVD so I got familiar with the character Jack Reacher. Never Go Back almost lets some of Tom Cruise into the picture, perhaps because Cruise is more comfortable with the portrayal. Still, if Cruise shines through, it's just a glimpse.

Tom Cruise is the type of movie star almost like a John Wayne. His action hero is his persona onscreen. But Tom Cruise can also lose Tom Cruise in character, as he did as Les Grossman [Tropic Thunder] or the hit man in Jamie Foxx's cab. Jack Reacher is that sort of character, men of action. Reacher is a character of action, and this time we get to see more of the character Jack Reacher is.

Thursday, October 20, 2016



BSC, CA – Before starting on topic, we at BSC send LISA a hearty THANK YOU, on behalf of every unknowing mother and child who lives in Menifee, CA for insisting that city stop spraying Monsanto's Roundup on public property there. Zen told me. Lisa, you rock!

The above effort was made successful through the self-education efforts learned at Moms. You too can stop the spraying of your city's public and tax-payer funded public thoroughfares. An eye candy treat, at the end of this report is your reward .

Last night the final debate of this election cycle was held. Donald Trump, the leader, stepped out. He made the appearance he needed to make. He looked like a Caesar on stage with a shrew. And it was the shrew who got tamed, with the truth about money. “Give it back” - Crash! I heard the tingle and I wasn't even watching the debate. Trump is Bernie Sander with BALLS.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016



BSC, CA – The month of October is noteworthy for many reasons other than for being the first four letters to Spiderman's favorite doctor or host the scariest night of the year.

For those who noticed the lovely model to the right, she is a member of one of the fastest growing all female cannabis organizations happening today in America. The group known as the 420Nurses came into being October 31, 2009, Hollywood, CA. Nuff said.

This demographic is made up of medical marijuana patients who aspire to both be models and sisters of support for the ailments they all share, being today's youth affected by the years of Monsanto geo- engineering. At the end of this news report, another new women's cannabis organization with a connection to October.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016



BSC, CA – Because this story deals with money, the realm of Mammon [god of money, KJV], there will be a mixing of the esoteric, music, and reality in exposition. The song “Smooth Talk” by Delbert McClinton provided the subtitle for today's news post. Fans of the Ft. Worth, Texas blues rocker will know the song.

Since this story started in Hemet, our old friend Deep Throat makes a return appearance as well.

The above picture may look rather familiar to Temecula residents but in reality, this sign is in a different county than Riverside. The sign above is endemic of the money fever sweeping the state, the country and the world, climaxing at this moment at The Hague. But it all started in Hemet.

“Meet me in your park. Two days, morning time.” -read the text.

Sunday, October 16, 2016



BSC, CA – Going up to Orange County to spread the word about No On Prop 64 was a two-fold trip that began with some final trimming on Friday night. Before the trip back to my magical valley, I would discover 5 possible story articles, including the two named in this article's titles.

For over a year I have had this 'goofy' picture in my shot bucket, knowing that one day a story would arise that would fit the picture bill. But before we get to the latest about Bill and Hillary, the scuzzy opposite to George & Gracie masquerading in blackface as our present day Good Times, we open with my vote for Mom of The Year [Decade], Zen Honeycutt. My eyes water up just thinking about her valor. It makes you more than proud to know someone like this past the fan level, plus we all inspire one another. We have to. Even David had a crowd around him with Goliath.

Monsanto was brought up on charges of Crimes Against Humanity about a year ago, before Obummer signed the Dark Act. Though most of the food cause leaders held a slim hope that maybe Obama would do the correct thing, none of us were very surprised by the treasonous act after Fast Track. Reading the leaked email stash from WikiLeaks shows the depth of depravity in D.C. Now when people say 'Lord help us' they are not just mouthing the words. “We are all in deep doo-doo!” - Col. Potter

Wednesday, October 12, 2016



BSC, CA – In Part 1, we showed the Establishment's view and ballyhoo about Donald Trump. To be fair and balanced, in this part we will view the side that isn't shown in the mainstream media, but is the reason people from Jesse Ventura to Loretta Lynn to Wayne Newton [no relation to Cam]. One aspect about this election cycle is the emergence of two 'anti' or non-Establishment candidates for President.

The biggest divide between Trump and Bernie, a sea-salty sweet old Jewish grandfather type, was just that, he was too sweet! There is a meme going around with Bernie in a hospital gown on a lab table with Debbie Wasserman lurking in the background, looking like a vet's assistant. That pretty much sums up what Hillary's DNC laid out in the 'hacked emails' released by Wikileaks, the people who first showed us how rotten our government really is. Did you know that if the Feds had their own state for all their workers, it would be the second largest state behind only California? E Pluribus Unum

Meanwhile the latest batch from Emailary's past Goldman Sac's speeches show the real agenda in her own words, private policy vs public policy, read, what I tell you rich folks vs what I tell po' folks, cough blacks. Hillary's plan to divert attention by illegally [what else from a Clinton?] dropping a sound bite comment of The Don seeing a 'nice looking piece of wool' egged on by George Bush's nephew named Bush from 11yrs ago, a master politician move, rang hollow when it was Trumped by Donald parading past Clinton sexual abuse victims around the way Hillary paraded Bernie. Booyah!

Monday, October 10, 2016



BSC, CA - We left off in this past double-header Saturday dedicated both to holistic science and the Cannabis Whisperer, in town for an encore to this event. It was also our community garage sale day in my magical hood of the valley. If you ever wondered why Shamrocks is on this side of town, the answer is at the end of this story.

Meanwhile, the not-so-distant sound of that island rhythm draws us back to the moment we left off from...

In part one.



BSC, CA – The day wasn't over for me by a long shot as the holistic health meeting broke up. Thanks to a couple leaving the meeting as I was, I maintained my pre-planned schedule to Temecula and the flip side of my science Sabbath day, the kid part.

Even when the original music scene was going strong in the All-Ages category and I got to cover it like a glove, all the homies knew that I was a kid cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Strolling through the Promenade Mall in Temecula, the usual Saturday crowd was in the mall, malling around. Passing the crowd, I stepped out back to the Edwards side of the Mall, moving past the water-shooting fountains and headed toward my destination, The Hokulia Hut, to grass skirt my sweet tooth.

Sunday, October 9, 2016



BSC, CA – I was going to make this a single double issue story for Sunday, but after going through all the pictures and reconstructing the day in my mind, I realize only two separate stories would do both justice. It was a Saturday double-header for me though, starting with a community garage sale. All over the hood I live in, it's your day to sit your stuff out if you have things to sell. Every block has one, or two going on.

Moving past that part of the morning, I set out to arrive early for a chat with Dr. Alana Sills, the person I nicknamed the cannabis whisperer. Turns out my Lois Lane sense was again right on the money. However, to really tell you the meat of this first half of my Saturday, I have to sort of paint a picture rather than give you sound bites.

When I say this is a magical valley, or that there is a church on every corner instead of a bar, it really isn't one way or the other, but both. Back in the day [Full Value Review daze], the WOTS then about this area was Murrieta is a nexus point, a singularly spot where several plains of conscience reality meet. While you may be able to go anywhere and find people who believe Saudis pulled off 911, you will also find people who believe it was an inside job. At a nexus point you find people who have moved past that argument. They don't grumble or debate this past issue. For reasons of their own, they have, in Bible terms, become part of the 'falling away', actually 'great falling away'.

Friday, October 7, 2016



BSC, CA – Today the push for more individual money is on because people are seduced by the stuff of the world, no matter where they live or who they are. Many of these people are hard-working, like the Mexicans who do work no one else, white or black, wants to do. Many immigrants come to America and make a better life for their kids, often dying in a foreign land thousands of miles from a home country grave.

If you are traditional and black, you are probably aligned with Missa Hillary and her gravy boat, because when you look at the Clintons, the only people close to them are either people they use, or people they trust. Being white and Southern, the Clintons know how to treat coloreds from the South, and what to demand of them. The Clintons have no one white close to them as helpers because they know white people, and white people know them.

So here you are today. You have no vaccinated kid to hang a yearly golf tournament on, you are not the 25year old go-getter that you once were, and the market that you depend for a living on is flat, with little churn. Since it's your market, you look around. The area is like most, highly segregated by racial or ethnic confines. As they still say in the South, 11o'clock Sunday Morning is the least racially integrated time of the week. The question is, how can you turn this minus into a plus for you?

Answer: you create yourself a job and have those people pay you for it. Why? Because either you are the smartest person in the room, or the only person. If it's Hemet, CA, the answer could be BOTH.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016



BSC, CA – There can be no question, this weekend in the sister cities of Murrieta and Temecula, grass is in, whether in a skirt or as cannabis. And once again your friendly neighborhood gad-about-town has hopes of partaking in both events. High hopes for a man without a car, you say? Well, we can agree on the 'high' part when it comes to hope. For where else is there hope, but on high.

However, you don't have to be high to have hope of getting well, and that's the topic of discussion this Saturday at 29995 Technology Dr., Room 203, from 1-3PM when Dr. Alana Sills returns to town. Originally one of the main speakers at the Guardians of Wellness Expo [Sept. 17], the good doctor was a hit with the folks at the expo, and a genuine interest past the stereotype of pot was kindled prompting this encore meeting appearance.

Happening across town but on the same bus route [lucky me] is the first ever customer appreciation day at the Hokulia Luau, across the corner from the Mall's Luna Grill which goes from 2-5PM, with the Hula girls performing at 4. Hula girls or no, not to be missed is the assortment of cane sugar flavors that you can add to your shaved ice, called snow cones back in the day. Though there are some who poo-poo the sugar aspect, the Good Book offers everything in moderation [OT] plus Yeshua [Jesus] speaks highly upon keeping the mind of a child. Nothing brings the kid out like the sugar rush from a snow cone flavor or three.



BSC, CA – Happy Hump Day. As I write up this report, there is a lot going on.

First, today it has been said, Julian Assange will release more emails about Hillary Clinton, who is single-handedly trying to start WW3 by accusing Russia of the DNC hack, when in reality it was the NSA. Dangerous, neurotic, and psychopathic is how many people see the woman who would be king, and a lot of them are not Trumpsters. Once again, the American People have been put into a box; the Karken's Box.

In regional news, local author and war correspondent, me, will be honored tomorrow in Davenport, IA, home to Chapters 4-14+ in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. The event info is: 5 - 8:30 p.m.
QC Waterfront Convention Center, 2012 State Street - Bettendorf, IA. Details can be found here.

Unfortunately, I am on assignment until the cannabis war is concluded. This is a 50-year college anniversary fundraiser celebration, so if any plan to attend who know me, dress accordingly. As a graduate, I was selected to write a three paragraph brief about attending the college. Probably this may be read with several others or may be included in the written program somewhere. After the jump we get to Letitia Pepper.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



BSC, CA – We can't go much farther down the home stretch without devoting some coverage to Donald Trump. We sang the praises of Bernie Boy, until he got tutored. We tried to give a Johnson a big break but all that got him was an endorsement from the murder capital of the world, Chicago. Tuff titty.

Hillary Clinton has been and is so blatant with her hypocrisy that the grand event of the perceived Madame President historical moment is hard to ignore, whether you love it or hate it. Rich, depicable her. But Hillary isn't the only resident on 'D' block.

Down at the other end of this year's Presidential cul-de-sac is one Donald Leroy Trump. Just kidding. Dandy Don is getting treated in the news like his middle name was Leroy though because they are treating Trump like anything but a white boy. Even across the sea.

Sunday, October 2, 2016



Hello Football Fans,
It was another wacky week in the NFL; over 50% of the favorites lost their games outright. 

In college the Top 25 rankings are still in a state of flux.  There are several big games this weekend, including a PAC-12 North early-season showdown on Friday night, and then AP#3 vs. AP#5 in an ACC match-up on Saturday.


The Fugitive Commissioner

Saturday, October 1, 2016



BSC, CA – As we head into the home stretch of the 2016 election, there will be many people trying to gain your ear with their message, or their promise. It is always important to know who you are listening to and who that person is, or why they are involved with the issue in the first place. The fact that firey Letitia Pepper is a lawyer is well known to our readers, but what do we really know of the person?

Now, exclusively in her own words, here is Letitia Pepper, the 420Nurses first-ever Weed Warrior, as featured on E420 with almost 80K views to her first victory over Prop 19, from her letter to the Sisters of CBD.

“I am an attorney and have been one since 1982. I did my work primarily for California Court of Appeal Justices as well as for a Federal District Court Judge, so my expertise was in neutral evaluations of complex legal and factual situations. 

I developed Multiple Sclerosis in 1993, but after disastrous side effects from multiple prescription drugs, I was advised to medicate using only herbal cannabis as a nutraceutical.  Cannabis use has saved me and my health insurer about $100,000 per year on drug costs alone.  The relief from side effects is priceless.  Prop. 64 is written to end my ability to grow and use the cannabis I need to treat my MS, so of course I oppose it. I'd like to add that I do not smoke cannabis at all.