Tuesday, November 29, 2016



BSC, CA – BREAKING!! This report is hot off the wire. “For those who don't know and it seems there are quite a few. Julian admitted in a media interview with RT media which is on youtube that all of the emails - data dump on Clinton - Podesta - Soros - PizzaGate - Gov came from Anon hacktivists. Without Anon Wikileaks would have nothing. Data was given to Wikileaks for FREE which they have been charging to publish.  It has been reported more than once that Wikileaks are being paid to publish. By who we do not know. 

We have words from Edward Snowden also confirming they are being paid to publish and are not publishing all the data given to them. The data was given to Wikileaks for free which they are now charging to publish . It was highly suspicious as well that more than one person in this thread after standing up to the Free Assange Wikileaks account were immediately locked out of their accounts, more than once. 

Twitter messages and abuse from FreeAssange account we are told is compromised. This account also runs Wikileaks and The Wikileaks task force accounts. There are 4 pages of tweets and we have a hell of a lot more.

Sunday, November 27, 2016



BSC, CA – Welcome back all you Holiday Shoppers. A story that I picked up on in early November seems to be holding on and trending, resulting in the first mainstream news organization outside the Wall Street Journal to comment about it. Why this was interesting is because the mainstream news organization went out of its way to debunk the trending alternative media story without debating the facts, the Donna Brazile defense. After the jump we take a look at this story that would even gag Jerry Springer.

By now you may have heard that Donald Trump has reneged on his first campaign promise, that is to put crooked Hillary behind bars. It seems the Don, being in the Spirit of the Season, decided like Obama, to pardon the turkey. The problem is, Hillary may be an old crow, but she's no turkey. After getting Soros money behind BLM, the rude movement subverted by $$$ to advance the division between older whites and young inner city blacks much like the Tubman choice to repulsively visualize progress, educated dim-bulb Jill Stein stepped up to the plate to call for a recount in the 3 states where Hillary lost by the slimmest margin. But it's not a rat you smell.

If you wonder why Trump may have backed off on his pledge to investigate the Bill & Hillary show, don't fall for the fake news of a Bill & Hillary divorce, never gonna happen. One spouse cannot be forced to testify against the other. All the dirty laundry between those two couldn't come clean with a dump truck full of Tide. With the lead story still bouncing around the internet sites like a ping-pong comet and the FBI's new 'Untouchables' battling the DoJ over the government, the smartest move was to let the cards fall where they may since DC isn't a swamp. It's a cesspool and has been that way for a long, long time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016



BSC, CA – Though Donald Trump, our President-elect, is getting credit for the 'protests' that are funded by George Soros [$6M to BLM], the current level of vitriol racism was set by Obama, both through his election that was 'fast-tracked by his rise to public star power' [true racism], and his actions, or lack of [racial anger at no real change]. After the jump two examples of that hate from government and national charity sources.

The recent incident at Chili's is more a reference to our lead-in cartoon as is today's story post, all of which prove “It's easier to deceive people than it is to convince people they are being deceived.”

I'm an old guy. As a journalist, that's fantastic, especially these days because of The Mandela Effect effect. Having a prayed-for memory and the natural curiosity from once being a cat [according to my witch ex-wife], I questioned everything growing up and had access to family photo albums. As an only male child in a house with 3 women and a grandfather, I was indulged in my curiosity. Some of you may know that there was a famous black aviator or the cook who shot down zeros during Pearl Harbor, but after the jump, the people in the service, WWII, who you don't know, my relatives, all shades, all black.

Monday, November 14, 2016



BSC, CA – The second viewing of Dr. Strange done in IMAX 3D was just what this reviewer said, “worth it.” While the second viewing after reading the fine review done by a trained writer was aided by what I had read, the real lesson was swallowing some advice I gave someone else not too long ago, “The fight is more important than the winning.”

We all know that it is easier to give advice than take it and when you pop off like a Pez dispenser sooner or later you get your pill to swallow. In these trenches fighting for sick people, kids, and just plain 'the right thing', you can't help but become emotionally involved. Losing hurts. But seeing Dr. Strange, an excellent movie destined to be a classic for Marvel, sums up the dilemma those of us on the front lines suffer when The Ancient One says, “It's not about you.”

Another thing is the news never sleeps so when The Ark of Gabriel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and John Kerry all come across the wire at the same time, you know something's up. Meanwhile though, folks are out in the streets, and these aren't Trump thugs, xenophobes, or women-bashers. These are good Christian folk like Donna Brazile, who can't get two sentences out without giving you her pedigree. It's funny how the news blames Trump for this mess when it isn't his followers out in the streets, but Hillary and George Soros' 6 Million Dollar Men [and Women]. What a twist and spin. The mainstream news should put this to a soundtrack. Probably shoot to number one.

Thursday, November 10, 2016



BSC, CA – The sub-title of today's story is the text I received from Dr. Sills yesterday as I rode the train down to San Diego to visit with a new staff at a print journal just 2 months old called, The Candid Chronicle. There is a weed leaf reverse color logo imprint inside the 'O' in Chronicle alerting the advertiser and reader alike that this little newspaper has an eye toward the future. The Candid Chronicle [masthead 'the candid CHRONICLE'] is the latest physical symbol of a new day in the cannabis culture for California, the day after yesteryear.

I had been invited down through my fellow [now 'ex-'] pot goonie, Letitia Pepper. The phone interview to set up the appointment went well and I sensed a kindred soul that reminded me of my start-up days at the Louisville Artist Magazine. Yesterday as I boarded the train and climbed to the top level, a LA Times was left which I grabbed. Ten minutes later Dr. Sills text came in. My reply, “I have the same question.”

So as Zen did the day after a four year fight with Obama yielded a signed DARK ACT, I feel the need to pen a few words to express where my head is at, after this long battle and loss. Also being a Christian who uses religious imagery in his writing analogies to illustrate present day points. In short, what happened to Divine Intervention? Although the lead-in cartoon expresses a possible answer, a better answer is Man plans and God plans. Also, as expressed in Dr. Harley Swiggum's [Adult] Bethel Bible Series program, 'God can use evil for good.'

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



BSC, CA – Back in the day, Marvel Comics, who started showing story credits in the industry and giving headaches to superheroes, had two great artists to hang their hats on. One was Jack Kirby, whose bigger than life illustrations were 3D before 3D. His panel-busting drew you into the action with comic drawings that stood out and made your blood pump. His figures, from The Avengers to The Fantastic Four, practically leaped off the page and into action right before your eyes. You went to the next panel because you had to.

The second Marvel artist that was great [imho] was Steve Ditko, whose style was kind of the opposite of Jack's. Steve Ditko was the master of the small panel and its emotion. Both artists used their visuals not to just tell a story but to show the perspective of it. Jack was the big picture, Steve Ditko was the small screen. It was this precise perspective that led to the success of Spiderman as the downtrodden, misunderstood superhero persona. Ditko's art visuals did as much to create this image, perhaps more, as did the story plot script written by Stan 'The Man' Lee. Using different exclamation lines around the hero's head almost cartoon-like totally illustrated Peter Parker's angst in a way no other artist could have.

However, if the grandest sights were Jack Kirby's cigar chomping Nick Fury, shield-slinging Captain America, or the soap-opera Fantastic Four battling Galactus, then Steve Ditko had The Amazing Spiderman and Dr. Strange, with the latter title being his tour-de-force artistically. Ditko's art style fit like a glove and soon the unique title where action rarely took place in the outside world, was a cult hit, me included and this was way before Chapter 7 [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]. Dr. Strange is the second of my planned movies to see this holiday season.

Monday, November 7, 2016



BSC, CA – Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for America, for a lot of new taxes, and for the Fate of cannabis. Even at this last minute, the foes of cannabis are mounting a last ditch effort, especially after Comey was brought to heel [horse head in the bed?]. Therefore at this time most people have made up their mind which way to vote.

Back on point, this news commentary is a last day look back at the players, the major players, in this year's plot to legalize weed and dissolve the 'stoner' image. These players are the NGOs but this report will just deal with the women groups who support Prop 64 and talk about changing the image of marijuana, in other words, gentrification of the old pot neighborhood. We'll deal with that issue after the jump.
"Remember, only YOU can prevent Prop 64. Save the cure - #Noon64"

Standing up to this financial assault on Mary Jane Green are the Tip of the Spear, Anonymous, Letitia Pepper, and Ed Rosenthal, the last major old school voice still kicking and just as legendary as Jack Herer in the cannabis annuls of history. After the jump, we look at this side too. Now I have to take a shower and get ready to attend a showing of Dr. Strange. Ooo, the life of a citizen journalist. Like McDonald's, I'm loving it.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


#NOON64, #NoPorLA64

BSC, CA – I knew the weedend [weed or sesh weekend] was going to be memorable when the valley seemed to not want me to leave town. Or perhaps it was trying to do a different route up, you know, why mess with success? So instead of coming to LA early enough to run a couple of errands, I pulled into Union Station after 4:30 with just enough time to comfortably catch my connecting train to my destination in Chatsworth. Already I had learned two lessons for future reference [rewards, 2].

After arriving at the 420Nurses HQ, the buzz or vibe felt was heightened, no doubt due to Head Nurse Chacha and her very able staff of 'green cross' Smurfettes. They remind you of Santa's Elves if the elves were MMJ, female, and social. Vendors were still setting up and there was a line to get in. Not seeing the usual door crew or being on the vendors list, I waited patiently before Chacha appeared almost like magic a moment later through all the hubbub.

As I circulated around to the vendors there, stacks of #NoOn64 [English], #NoPorLA64 [Spanish] coasters were distributed to those going to other cannabis events, which are many now after harvest. In fact, there was another Black List Secret Sesh happening the next day that Summer Rain had the 'ins' to. I thought about it, as free goodies were to be given away amidst pot-bottom prices, but to be truthful, I had already made out like Robin in the hood [$25-1/8]. This adventure was going to be a 41-hour [no sleep] turnaround anyway. Sleeping outdoors in L.A. can be hazardous to your belongings.

Thursday, November 3, 2016



BSC, CA – Yes, you read the story title correctly. Yea ol' Editor has been invited to speak on 'Addressing Prop 64' at this week's Friday Night Sesh, happening up in the Chatsworth District of Canoga Park. While this bears the hallmarks of a Clinton Foundation style connection, you can bet your sweet bippy that our side will copy the slickness of theirs in spreading the gospel to protect cannabis.

Especially when the offer to speak comes from Cover Girl boss 420Nurse, the elegantly fastidious Chacha VaVoom, a genuinely nice person. Though the organization reps my book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, their activism was present [from the start] before I even knew of the group. Lately, however this Pot Goonie has been keeping the modeling and social network in the loop. Recently I was the early bird to a model photo shoot.

We shot a video and perhaps this invitation grew out of an explanation about Prop 64 to a young couple, the girl of the pair had just that day gotten her official membership kit and caboodle. Though neither Chacha nor Summer Rain were around as both were busy with separate business chores, much doesn't happen that these ladies aren't aware of since they dart back and forth like a couple of hummingbirds.


BSC, CA – This report is breaking as I write it. According to sources, Hillary's NYC property was raided yesterday. Evidence found there, if verified, will put both Bill and Hillary into a hole deeper and darker than the one that Bill Cosby occupies in everyone's consciousness.

After the jump, we have several short vids concerning a topic too raw for our front [PG] page. First a brief lead-in to the real dirty laundry, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with money, except immoral privilege. Tony Weiner was caught sexting a woman, something he had done before, except this time the woman was a girl, a fact he was aware of. The FBI sought a search warrant but Weiner gave permission in exchange to be a cooperating witness [a certain kind of immunity].

Because of certain items found on Weiner's devices, along with Huma's, the recovery of key evidence noting the Clintons and The Lolita Express trips made singly [Bill] and as a couple, led NYPD to raid the Clinton digs and also not issue arrest warrants for the Weiners as protected witnesses of the FBI. Also more on the Federal Government civil war over the Hillary Clinton fiasco. All frantically being hidden by an ever crumbling wall of media support. Everyone connected with them will stink after this bombshell, and if this bombshell, explodes.



BSC, CA – I'm a romantic, like my mother. No doubt everyone outside of Ohio, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Tony Weiner are ecstatic this morning over the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, wooo! Just the other day to get in the mood, I sat with a box of Kleenex and watched both Drew Barrymore classics, Never Been Kissed and Fever Pitch.

I caught part of the game, almost fearing if I watched the whole game that I might jinx the old goat herders. In my heart I was hoping the Cubs would end the curse, and they did. I guess the old goat finally did forgive them their transgression, or maybe curses have a time limit. From the story I'm about to post about the Clintons, I can guarantee that their luck is about to change also, but not for the better like the Chicago Cubs.

Maybe this weekend the USA murder capital will be someplace other than Chicago. We can only hope. Meanwhile we will all revel in this moment of vindication for the team that had the longest World Series drought in either league. Somewhere on a mound way over yonder, all the great Cubs in Paradise are gathered, hugging, and crying with joy. After the jump we look at a few more pics from the night.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016



BSC, CA – The great ship, HMS HRC, has been Hitchcocked, as if Sir Alfred wrote the story himself. Even as I write this late night report, the internet news is becoming closer to what is finally breaking in the main stream, or the main stream is finally waking up to what's being talked about on the internet.

But even before that, or any of the present talk of high treason, total corruption, and lately the new Civil War taking place inside the cannabis cause and the Federal Government, let me present a picture shot up in LA about a year ago. This story now breaking started here.

As you can see, the present view of treason in the Oval Office, borne out by released emails which now pour out like cracks in a collapsing dam, started in the No TPP-DARK ACT sector. The logic was simple. Anyone who knowingly threatens the children and babies of their fellow citizens and neighbors is treasonous to their surroundings when their job is to follow the Constitution, swearing on the Bible to 'protect and serve' the American People.