Saturday, December 31, 2016



BSC, CA - Here is what Jewish experts tell us about the New Year.

And our 'What If' question is...

Thursday, December 29, 2016



Hello Football Fans,

The big-time bowl games are coming up this weekend, including the CFP semifinals on Saturday, New Year's Eve and also four games on Monday.

There is only one week remaining in the NFL regular season, and most (but not all) of the playoff teams have been determined.


The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL

Saturday, December 24, 2016



BSC, CA – [Ed. Note. This commentary was filed Wednesday when the rain started, not today when posted]. The current controversy comes to us from the Establishment, the people who brought you 'being politically correct' as a way to join the country's peoples and viewpoints. Today as I look at my smart phone which says 0% precipitation though the ground outside is wet with a slight sprinkle, I can only think that the FedEx pouch with the weather forecast from Raytheon, the defense contractor that owns the Weather Channel, didn't arrive in time for the smart phone robots to enter the corrected forecast.

I propose the holiday way to disconnect the PC plug is to watch the movie in the city where Freddie Gray had his back snapped by two bicycle cops with a move learned from our war on terror, Baltimore, or to the locals, B-more. The movie I speak of is Hairspray [the original] with Ricki Lake and Devine, Sonny Bono, Debbie Harry, Ruth Brown, and Ben Stiller's dad, Jerry, by John Waters. The movie's first 30 seconds bring reality back because the movie is set in the day when I danced on a TV dance party show.

And now, approximately an hour after I started this report, the last before Christmas, the new forecast is up, 87% precip and the rain is coming down. Well, they're getting better. As we enter one of the most stalwart fantasies of the year, it seems a good time gaze at what's real and what's labeled fake, in the news department and what that means to us and for us. I know, a lot of 'ands' but no 'ifs' or 'maybes'.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016



BSC, CA – I may kid about being this valley's male Lois Lane, but I am not joking. Take, for instance, the latest story about a soul food cafe opening up in Murrieta. In a place with no grid system where every street either turns a bend or goes over a hill in either direction you look, and a journalist who finds it easier to obtain a Shungite stone in Orange Country than go across town having moved beyond personal transportation, well you get my point.

So, how does a wizard who lives up on a hill find out about a family with ties to LA, Arkansas, and Louisiana, with a cousin who dresses better than Don King? And is a Panthers Fan? It's as they say in Hollywood, it's who you know. This time I knew the family who chiefed Sonny Boy's restaurant location before he did. It had been an Afghan ethnic food cafe. Though I never visited the business, I helped the fam move into the valley through their cousin and my friend, AJ, the guy who brought Fingerlights into the valley before Dip 'n' Dots [now the Triple Beverage tea-juice-ice spot next to Shakey's, Palm Plaza].

As we rode around the valley one day AJ says, “The people who bought the [old location] were offered the contact for the gyros because that item was a main seller and had a market, but they turned it down.”

“What kind of restaurant are they putting in?”

“Soul food.” As the opening bars to the Sam and Dave Stax Records hit popped into my head, I chimed back, “Nobody goes to a soul food place for gyros. They go for the soul food.”

Sunday, December 18, 2016



BSC, CA – I can see the Action Comics Curt Swan drawn cover now. At a desk with several old style telephones on it, Publisher Perry White looks excited in a half rising crouch, cigar dangling in mid-air beside his open mouth, holding a phone away from his ear as he looks at a telegram Clark Kent is holding out to him from the front of the desk. The word balloon above his head says, “Great Scott, Kent!! Cousin Wiley??”

The second splash page might show a close-up of Perry's face in the same scene. This time the half-smoked cigar is suspended away from Perry's mouth to indicate sudden surprise.

But yeah, it's true. Cousin Wiley, the one who engineered my 70th Birthday celebration up in LA, seated next to me in the picture above, had a direct hand in stopping Hillary's federal suit on the Colorado Electors as she, the CIA, George Soros, and CODEX seek to complete the coup started back in the days of the John Birch Society warning us of what was to come. After the jump, listen for Wiley's name as the Supreme Court Justice for Colorado at the 2:33 mark in the Anonymous vid.



BSC, CA – This time of year always carries special meaning for me. Before it was my mother's birth month, and now it is my youngest son's birth month also. A few days ago, J.R. entered boot camp at about the same time as I was working on Gem Bones. Perhaps it was a combination of the three things that brought to mind one of the two most 'magic' episodes in my life, times when it seems reality was suspended. The first was a Christmas time when I was seven or eight.

This particular Christmas was very good that year, probably 1952 or '53, and everyone was happy, I remember. The country was doing well, the grown-ups were doing their grown-up things, and the world was moving along in it's segregated way, except as a kid, in my bubble, the word segregation didn't have a meaning. It was part of the grown-up drama and I was a kid. In those days, a kind stranger would bring you home and Louisville, KY was that way toward kids, any race. 

Although my family had some community renown, we were always bottom rung middle class. Being only one [kid] in the fam, I didn't have to share budget finances with a sibling. I could get a big toy at Christmas and assorted kid toys [trucks and cars] but never the rich kid toys like those giant hook-n-ladder die cast firetrucks that shot real water. {To Nikki Giovanni, I got a Schwinn Corvette}I was always happy for what I did get and was taught to be so. As I said, this particular Christmas stood out because my mother had gotten a bonus, all the school teachers had. My mother and I went off Christmas shopping in a happy, happy mood.

Saturday, December 17, 2016



BSC, CA – What happens to all good activists? You either become a facilitator, an infiltrator, or an agitator; an outside agitator. This past weekend in Costa Mesa, even under a huge awning I became option number 3. And like my weight loss which took me from a size 38 to a medium [WooHoo], it was all John D's fault. We expected the people but were clueless about the canines. Who let the dogs in, woof, woof?

Under 'Costa Misery' skies with a very light precipitation, John and I breezed in late Friday afternoon for a lay of the land look at the set up. John had been there the night before and told me to expect a big booth. He should have said 'it was 'uge, as Trump might say. And huge it had to be combining 5 major faux pas to the real fake, read official mainstream news: they are GMO foods [MAA], cellphone radiation [we had a tester], smart meter radiation info, vaccinations/autism [onsite mom with 4 kids she took to get their shots; all adults now though none are The Accountant], and Geo-engineering aka chem trails. At that section we had a 65” flat-screen playing the video by Dane Wigington. This is the section of the booth that I manned, the 'Can you handle the truth?' end

I was an outside agitator not because I was stationed half outside under the building awning, but because our long booth was at the entrance to the Gem Faire happening inside the building behind our table, and also because adjacent to the Gem Faire in the same area was a dog show happening at 3 other buildings the same weekend. Make the jump.

Thursday, December 8, 2016



BSC- CA – He's been called 'Bernie Sanders with balls' [at least by me], a brute force, a deplorable, and those are some of the more kinder comments made by the Clinton News Network and their lemmings. Others have called him a savior, a breath of fresh air, and what this country needs, as they have toasted champagne to his upset victory. Yesterday morning Time Magazine called President Elect Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, Man of the Year.

This election cycle, decidedly the most wicked just on body count in history, still has people talking, people moaning, and people blowing a sign of relief. With the Crowning by Time, Podesta still missing at press time [last tweet, 11/07/2016], and no major news breaks happening from the recounts [so far], people are starting to relax, to get back to work, as it were. The United States of Amnesia is starting to take hold as people look past this moment, totally unaware of the coup happening in the shadows.

The selection of Trump as Time's Man wasn't a long shot or wild guess, but it was a shoe-in if you really put all the clues together. The vast majority of people outside the Beltway have no clue, which is why many people in Washington hold the average American Citizen in such contempt, as witnessed in a recent Trey Gowdy hearing. When you put all the clues together, going back to the beginning, it was obvious that the bankers or Wall Streeters weren't the people behind Hillary. Can you guess the answer to this Batman-style riddle without taking the jump?

Pause, think about your answer. Think about the question. Ready? Jump!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016



BSC, CA – In the Bible, it is recorded that there is one unforgivable sin. This sin is so bad that the Bible gives scant detail description of what it is, lest you get too close and have the mark on your permanent record. It is also common knowledge that the Devil seeks to imitate God-stuff through twisted accoutrements. Hence, there is one devilish unforgivable sin in evil circles. That is being outed for being a pedophile.

To fully understand just how this came to be, you must know the difference between molestation and pedophilia, including the significance of that distinction. The first is an invasion of personal space based on private desire and selfishness, fueled by S&M and/or B&D fantasies. As is being revealed more everyday, pedophilia is a lifestyle choice from a distinct bloodline trait and has a culture that doesn't like the spotlight. In the spotlight, it is seen just how and wide this culture of child-sex trafficking flourishes as the missing piece behind behind true power circles. After the jump, we'll see a very nice, honest politician who did a four year study and see how that turned out for her. 

However, it is the same curious thing that you run into in general conversation about Prop 64 [legal pot]. Just the other day, a chance encounter with an old friend from way back brought forth shared thoughts and disgust over PizzaGate. A day later, a local employee that I know was astounded by the news, finally saying, “I refuse to believe that.” The Bible also makes note of people like this. They are called a 'doubting Thomas' and one was in Jesus' posse.