Monday, February 27, 2017



BSC, CA – Under cloudy skies perhaps signaling the less than sunny outlook for Prop 64 supporters, I rolled down the highway with Letitia Peppers and WeHo Auma Protest chum Brad, on the way to a wrap party given by Joe Hemp [not his real name] who had dropped off the grid after the election before Hillary. Curled up in a post-election funk, the distant thud of smoke didn't even register on my radar screen. Tonight I would find out the back story and see other WeHo Event faces.

For me personally, two things I wondered about as a journalist and as an activist. What was the latest point of view line of sight reasoning as the driving force forward? Plus the practical applications.

All this and more with Pot Goonies post-election reunion wrap party, right after the jump. Did we mention pictures??

Thursday, February 23, 2017



BSC, CA – These are the days that make a 'Perry White' editor shout “Stop the presses” as you chomp down on a blunt. What a glorious time to be alive for a foe of Proposition 64. Kudos for the Washington MMJ scene. “Mortimer, we're back.” Holy Moly! This is a knee-jerker! Seth Parker gets to write off a huge loss, Soros gets a kick to the nads, and the people witness a bolt from the blue*.

Still rolling down hill as the word spreads first through the medical marijuana and pro-64 camps before all the ramifications spread out is the news from Trumpland that medical cannabis is IN; recreational marijuana is OUT. WOOHOO!! Jeff Sessions has announced that he is going to be 'Eric Holder' on the legal side's ass, or a thorn in the side, for those orthodox Christian readers, to the recreational side. This is bad news for those who try and hustle fat sacs outside Walmarts. Legality just went up like a cloud of smoke.

Satanic ritual and child exploitation have been with us through the ages, whether we see it or not, through secret societies and organizations, hence, why they are secret. This story will replace PizzaGate, possibly deep-sixing the topic because pot is hot, real evil is not. Real evil is often removed from the everyday man. Pot is everywhere, and everywhere you want to be. “Holy, cough, cough, what was I saying, Batman?”

Sunday, February 19, 2017



BSC, CA – Time was when smoking a joint meant sharing it with those around you, because back in the day cannabis was sacred. Either your group was connected by friendship and politics, illness and compassion, or a bottom of the barrel shared space. That was then and this is NOW. Them days are over.

With the legalization of weed in California, events such as the upscale 420Games which used to NOT sponsor any medicating [puffing] onsite, now have a free reign, no rec needed. Because of this, and every Tom, Dick, and Larry having a license to chill, the responsibility correctly falls on the person to protect themselves from any orally transmitted ailments. You could find yourself sitting in a limo with Tom Cruise being offered a vape hit. Sure, you know where your mouth has been but this is Tom Cruise, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime hit off his gold vape pen. What do you do? What Do You Do?

You can say, 'well, this is Tom Cruise' and trust that fever blister a week later is just a coincidence, OR, you can whip out your trusty Moose Labs-420Nurses endorsed, medical grade, dishwasher safe, original, platinum cured, silicon MouthPeace, and relax while impressing your newfound celeb bud of 15 seconds ago. Hollywood moves fast, and you never get a second chance to impress being cool. 

Friday, February 17, 2017



BSC, CA – Though cannabis [not marijuana] is the world's mightiest plant and a cosmic WD-40 for people and animals, it isn't the only plant in Nature's arsenal. Today with fifty percent of the nation on prescription drugs, most of which come with a ten-minute list of side effects, people are awakening from the dream of the modern medicine industry, especially when they realize it is an industry. Doctors and Big Pharma don't get paid when you are well.

One of the oldest problems to affect humans after becoming civilized is sleep, or the lack of it. Back in the 50's, overdoses from alcohol and barbiturates made the headlines at an alarming rate for those sedate times. These victims were people who suffered from a lack of sleep. Today the rate of overdoses has increased many times over because prescription drugs often have side effects that bring on suicidal desires only complicating matters except the bottom line, more per capita deaths across a wider age range.

Now an old friend who also suffers from piecemeal sleep portions has shared with me, and you, our Dear Readers, her recipe for a solid five hours of sleep a night. If her healthy look of late is any indication of success from this formula, then I can highly recommend it. My friend's visit was very eclectic so I can't give you any back story this time, except for the name. This elixir is called Moon Milk. Make the jump for a good night's sleep in a cup.



BSC, CA - In these times and fleeting moments with changing horizons, it's nice to be told 'Thanks' for doing our job, especially when you don't expect it.

Even more so today, with the wailing and weeping over 'fake news' and the headlines cluttered with the latest ShowBiz awards show.

When I opened my office mail and received this letter about a recent service announcement and showing concerning Vaccines Revealed, we just had to share the letter with our readers. I give you, Dr. Patrick Gentempo:

Dear BSC,
The number of people globally that have gotten involved in this project has been staggering. Its unlike anything I've ever worked on before.

Monday, February 13, 2017



BSC, CA – With all the rain to hit the West Coast recently and more on the way, it might seem a minor miracle to some that Marco's Pizza had a glorious grand opening under gorgeous, read no chem trails, er, Geo-engineered skies.

However, given the Grand Opening was on a Sunday, was located within walking distance of a big Christian college that does mission ministries, and free pizza was being offered, it was enough of a dance to drive away any blues but sky.

Chef Marco certainly thought so, though he didn't drop, pop, and lock.

Saturday, February 11, 2017



Hello Football Fans,

The football season ended with a riveting Super Bowl.

Like me, many of you were probably sorely disappointed in the outcome.

In addition to Super Bowl recaps and gambling results, I've also included a few interesting tidbits including HOF voting results, two new developmental leagues that may materialize, one quiz question, and a change in the Raiders master plan to move out of Oakland.

I will be reporting to you again in late April prior to the 2017 NFL Draft to be held on April 27th through April 29th.*


The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL  (Our last regularly scheduled Sports column of the season)

Thursday, February 9, 2017



BSC, CA – Not since Bill Clinton uttered that infamous line, “I knew I liked that dress the moment I spotted it,” to Monica Lewinsky, has the world been so engrossed in a Clinton scandal. This time the scandal isn't something for the world to stand back at, chuckle at, or wonder 'what's all fuss about?' This time it is the world that is exposed; the world of sex traffic, pedophilia, blackmail, and satanic rituals. The blue-blood vein of evil is exposed.

Pretty much for as long as the world has been in its current cycle [from Genesis, KJV], underage sex between adults [usually family, Lot and his two daughters] and kids [again Lot offering his two virgin daughters to strangers] has been happening. One also has to wonder about Abram and Hagar's age. I'm betting that she was no older than 15. Child murder began with Cain, as the brothers weren't 'men' fighting each other as warriors.

Sex and murder. Being a kid doesn't make you immune to adult issues, but up until recently, this kind of thing stayed not in the shadows, but around the corner in the alleyway sane people never went down. It was more than out of sight, out of mind, it was a family affair, like having a gay relative. Now the truths about both old taboos are in the light, but only one lifestyle has gained acceptance. The defining factor is consent. The guiding light of Justice is Divine Intervention, or to mortals, the Hitchcock ending. Presenting Hillary Clinton's Hitchcock beginning.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017



BSC, CA – I am not alone in thinking this past Super Bowl weekend would have had a different outcome. For me it was the cancellation of the Super Bowl party that I was heading to up in LA, not the game outcome, that affected me. However being a trained journalist and having the luck of Lois Lane, sometimes the story finds you, especially when you add pepper to the recipe. Letitia Pepper, that is.

Having gone down to Oceanside on Friday for my Super Bowl trip up to LA on Sunday [impossible to do from here on the weekend via public transit], Letitia picked me up at the transit center and asked me if I would be interested in doing a story on a guy who sells organic produce from his home on the weekend? Still fresh from my Orange County food fights, I said, “Yeah.”

What I found was a variation on the Quad Cities Food Bank story I covered while back in the Midwest. A link to this story is here if you didn't catch it the first time around, being a new reader. As expressed in the story 'Thanks to Us It's Working', the ripple started by the activists promoting Label GMOs is now showing bloom despite Obama's DARK Act, through citizen involvement solutions to thwart Monsanto both through alt health functions and community grows springing up like dandelions on a green GMO lawn. But for this Lois Lane, the story really started with the book of Luke.

Friday, February 3, 2017



BSC, CA – Once again things are popping on the Shamrock side of the magical valley I live in. A new pizza place is set to for it's grand opening but you, dear readers, can get the 'I'm with the band' before the show set-up to Marcos Pizza, Hemet, Menifee, and now Murrieta.

Like many people in my area, I had been waiting to see when the open sign would go from Soon to Now. A few days ago, that moment happened, so join us as we take a sneak peak and have a bite to whet the appetite.

Every pizza shop has to start with the appearance, whether a local one stop or a national chain. Marcos is a national chain of franchises; first knowledge of this coming from Captain Tuesday. During the Captain's stay in Alabama, only Domino's and Marcos delivered to his outpost of southern exposure.

Thursday, February 2, 2017



BSC, CA – For people like me, born outside the California culture that spawned Jack Herer and such, I could only read glimpses in magazine articles that caught my eye as I made my pot memoirs. Granted, I was reading popular magazines that carried subjects that interested me, but people like that just were people that I read about. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that I would meet and smoke weed with people that I once read about; people at the heart of the California cannabis core.

Melodye Montgomery and Jeff Clark in a recent photo op.

Then I came to California, Southern California, and like the line goes in Pretty Woman, it is a place where dreams do come true. I met and smoked out with Jack Herer, twice, before he crossed over in 2010. It wasn't that I just bumped into Jack one day on the street. In California, you have to know somebody who knows somebody and so on. In a town of 25,000 it wasn't a hard thing to do, as I found out, if you worked in a mini-mart gas station.

Parallel to events early in Chapter 20, an acquaintance who was 420 friendly on my graveyard shift, led me to know a valley local who did silk-screening, aka tee shirt printing, in a small self-contained secluded plot of land in the heart of Murrieta. This woman was/is also a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, no joke. Through her I met her artist, a man named James. James, now also deceased, knew a couple named Victor, who sued and won a medical pot victory over the Temecula City Council. BSC, then the Full Value Review, was there. Marty and Lavonne [the Victors, soon to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary], were good friends with Jack Herer from when they all lived in the Valley [SFV].