Tuesday, May 30, 2017



BSC, CA – To us life has a beginning and end point; everything depends on the path we chose. Life is also about Plan B. How many of us have experienced a different life than what we planned on or dreamed of? And when a path is shown by a series of co-winkeydinks? Can the Cosmos take over and make a pathway connection for you so smooth that people don't question or ask why? That's the case of the 420Nurses and me.

Whenever I pass someone my Memoirs biz card I get one of four usual remarks but people never ask about why or how this particular group of models in medical nurse regalia came to grace the layout design. Perhaps they feel that I just picked up the phone and ordered two model nurses over for a photo ad shoot. When my book gains wider circulation, people will realize what the last paragraph of Memoirs really indicates:

That being said, I feel like I'm in the 'wise virgin' posse now and with me is Miss Mary Jane Green, sitting on my lap. To pass the time, maybe we'll talk about the first thing that pops up.”

Thursday, May 25, 2017



BSC, CA – Before we get back to 'the rest of the story' as the tagline goes and the guy in the hammock, the AT&T workers went back to work on Monday, organizer [name withheld by reporter] said. But the real issue is more complicated than the boots on the ground know. The money angle of Mama Bell making $1,000,000,000 profit a quarter [2016], the CEO taking home $27M, and the parent company outsourcing outlets to stand-alone owners [to compete with Boost Mobile, CREDO, and Metro PCS] may be the reasons their 'shop steward' told them because that's what he was told, but like the hosing all the Bernie Sanders SEIU fans got with the BLM infiltration/hijacking, it ain't what it seems.

The real reason for Ma Bell's bullish attitude toward the young workers who build and maintain the mobile side of AT&T is because as you read this, a bill is speeding through the sellouts of Sacramento to affix a mini cell tower on every light pole, every neighborhood to eliminate 99% of the mobile workforce employed now. Imagine living inside a bug zapper, but they will say 'there's no problem.' [Were the days not shortened, no flesh would survive.] This is the other reason you haven't and won't be hearing this news in the Establishment media.

So far there is no word about the lawmakers in the other 35 states facing AT&T sharecropping. So what can you or I do about this bullshit? You can write letters, do 'honk 'n' waves with signs, or meet in churches, but the real power starts at the grassroots level: the local city council. First research the bill number, attend the next council meeting and use the public speaker 2-3 minutes to sound the alarm. There's always going to be a street corner to stand on.

Now back to the dude in the hammock, why everyone became so fond of him and how he fit in, also more pics of the strikers, all after the jump.

Monday, May 22, 2017



BSC, CA – This past Mother's Day weekend brought a return to Costa Mesa, their fairgrounds, and the Gem Faire. It would also start a chain of events leading to the picture below, as AT&T workers in 36 states staged a walkout to protest the old 'squeeze play' by Ma Bell Mobile.

A curious thing came forth from this latest news post. The cosmic or esoteric level has a boundary against the Tesla-risque side of the world we know. In today's jargon, it's kinda like CERN. On this activist outing BSC went to that level to surf with Divine Intervention, at the beach of course.

Make the jump for an adventure you won't find in a travel mag column, complete with pictures as fresh as yesterday. Oh, the lead-in shot did come from yesterday, lol.

Friday, May 19, 2017



BSC, CA – The move to Riverside just keeps giving. Take yesterday, for instance, when a simple uncomplicated trip to Los Angeles and back yielded this lead-in shot, changing the 'See Tracks-Think Train' current safety motto to today's title wordplay. If you didn't hear about this from your local news establishment, well, the last word explains the media bias. Trump and train may start with the same letter, but that's where the news interest ends.

Luckily, your friendly neighborhood citizen journalist was Peter Parker on the spot. A series of Film At 11 pictures follows the jump, but the funny thing is what happened prior to the brush fire, up in LA. In preparation for an upcoming article about the 420Nurses, the cannabis patient model group who rock my Memoirs biz cards, I had gone to their HQ before their scheduled intern meeting.

In fact the day was working perfectly, until I decided to take the 4:15 PM train back to Riverside rather than the 4:20 train as I usually do. Given that I spent the better part of the day 420 goal-orientated, I then broke the chain [Fleetwood Mac] by taking the earlier train, thereby joining the 'tourist class'. Obviously, things go better with hocus pocus so I should have stayed on track, shall we say?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017



BSC, CA – Moving from my magical valley in the fast sticks to the city of Riverside was indeed like graduating high school [with money] then boarding a bus for the big city. In high school you learn about political points. These points fall either to the left or right in the political spectrum chart. In real life however, it seems today political issues have taken over as 'political' points. The masses have been swayed past the truth, then played like a swine-nette [W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings]. In short, the 'Left' has been hijacked, as some insiders are beginning to report on their social media sites.

Coming to Metropolis from 'Smallville', the area at RivCo's southernmost corner  known as the 'tinfoil, right-wing Republican aka anti-immigration' neck o' the woods, some of my readers may wonder how I came to take this issue's front page lead-in shot? Short answer, the same 'show runner' as my book's co-dedication, Occupy Los Angeles. Wearing a Tony B. original event tee, I heard a British accent say, “Occupy LA. I did Occupy London. That event changed my whole life,” at an intersection [point] one Sunday morning in this new-to-me old city. 

Meanwhile, this relocation had mixed karma written all over it [the dates of Feb 14 changed to April 15, Easter this year]. This off-kilter led to a stolen moving truck, police report, the whole nine yards. Luckily the truck was unloaded. On the upside, the Riverside May Day parade tip was my usual Lois Lane news nose in action. More on this event and Riverside, after the jump.