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BSC, CA – Over the summer, the Hollywood Hemp Museum opened its doors with a dual purpose showcasing the art, history, and culture that attributed to the cannabis birth into 'legal' society. With the exception of old stoners, medical patients, activists, and artists, your average U.S. Citizen has been and still is being fed manure concerning The World's Mightiest Plant[s]. Witness the latest fiasco in the move toward 'legal' pot in California.

The Museum seeks to acquaint those who use cannabis [rec required to enter the tour] with the pioneers and activists who advanced the cause, presenting the usual suspects in pictures and news, like Richard Eastman, Jeff Clark, Ed Rosenthal, and of course, Jack Herer. There are others not mentioned here like Dennis Peron but the ones I've listed are people I actually met beyond all the written hype in the news and magazine stories.

California is where the rebirth of cannabis started so coming from somewhere else to Cali, I was always the 'new kid' but up to speed because I read a lot, and I smoked weed [see Memoirs] on a regular basis. Hence I knew all the usual arguments for pot, especially medical, but the reason for this article title is that of all the expects I read and all those who I met, only Jack saw the whole picture, and he was, of course, the link, the next link, in the chain of enlightenment from cannabis.

As proposed in Memoirs, cannabis is a seminal plant with a BORG type mindset because cannabis [hemp, female and male] comes from off-planet [Gen 1:11, 29, 30]. This information was brought to light by Chris Bennett, a noted High Times editor and scholar who uncovered the Biblical connection and academic coverup of this fact. Ed note: Did you know that Israel was a medical marijuana country? Think they know the truth or just read High Times? Do the math.

Chris Bennett isn't up on the walls of the Hemp Museum [yet, the place is brand new] but he was an editor on a number of editions for Jack's World Famous, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. As such, Chris was the link to the mystical history of cannabis through the groundbreaking landmark, Green Gold, The Tree of Life – Marijuana in Magic & Religion, where Chris is joined by researchers/authors Lynn & Judy Osburn, ISBN 0-9629872-2-0.

Aside from an excellent history showing that cannabis [both marijuana and hemp, but especially marijuana] have been part of Man's esoteric/religious heritage running from Mesopotamia to California and beyond, Green Gold features an afterword George Clayton Johnson (Twilight Zone, Logan's Run, others) and the foreword where Jack Herer reaches the same conclusion [independently] that cannabis comes from off-planet Biblically.

Of course, when I picked up my copy of Green Gold, at the same hemp seed pancake festival in Topanga Canyon [pg. 267] in early autumn that October 5th, 2003, where I first met Jack and also bought his books, I didn't know what lay ahead of me in the cannabis advocacy, but I do know that I wasn't ready for Jack's reply to my comment about medical cannabis, an opinion we were all simplistically hanging our hats on, [same page].

Often when you meet a person of Destiny they depart some wisdom to you that makes you wonder long after the meeting. It was like this when I met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and he said, “Thank you for coming to this protest meeting, you kids are the future. Your parents are already part of the system.” Those words puzzled me until I was mature enough to understand their depth of meaning.

Jack's statement that “medical marijuana was the worst thing to ever happen to pot” had left me with the same puzzlement. This time, however, I wasn't a kid in the 10th grade with no experience in life. I had experience all right and had drafted up a manuscript [the first 19 chapters of Memoirs, rough draft] about my experiences. I also had two excellent books with which to expand my outlook concerning marijuana, er, cannabis.

And that was the first expansion. Marijuana is not cannabis, marijuana is a product that comes from cannabis, so making that distinction is the first step toward recognizing the plant with proper respect, in sacred respect if you imbibe it. Jack made that connection to me with our first festival meeting and outside of that little group, he is the only activist that ever has. Perhaps for this reason and a couple others, Jack wasn't universally loved inside the cannabis cause by all. I've smoked weed with all types of people, even in Harry Potter circles, and they have all loved Mary Jane for their own reasons. Jack was the only one who loved her for the plant she is, and uncovered the disinformation campaign put forth by our loving government through hidden history now broadcast by the History Channel.

So one day in 2009 as I sat at my desk working on the polished version of Memoirs for a possible serialization project, it hit me funny in a random thought that Stan Lee had no clue about pot when he named Mary Jane Watson in the Spiderman comic book series. I wondered, what would marijuana's [Mary Jane's] last name if she were in our reality? Almost instantly the name 'Green' popped into my head.

I thought for a minute, had I ever heard this before? No, I didn't recall it being said, even as a joke. Then I locked away this thought. I said to myself, I must find a way to verify this name, and I waited.

Sure enough, in July that year there was the Purple Haze Fest held not too far from where I lived and I learned Jack Herer would be in attendance there. I made plans and went up with two members of the band, Peter Puffington, and we did. The two rear book cover pictures [moi; the Marlboro tee shirt knockoff] come from that road trip.

This time seeing Jack was different. I was over my fanboy crush and Jack was in failing heath. We made a little small talk and he remembered me! I was honored, acknowledged my surprise and cut to the chase. I had an agenda. After reading both books, and Jack's 3 times, I had come to an opinion and I wanted his input regarding my conclusion [see pg. 268].

Afterwards, in a BTW fashion, I casually dropped that the last name of Green had come to me regarding Mary Jane so I added that to my memoirs manuscript title. Jack smiled widely and said, “Yeah, I like that.” So did I. I got my name blessing. The link was passed to me. Jack's feelings toward the plant were engraved [printed] for all posterity in a one-on-one in my published book. It was the link in the chain of 'in the beginning was the word' but I had yet to realize this.

Up until this time and even after, I was a closet stoner, hence the guy in the black tee shirt holding the bong on the book front cover. On a random note, the front cover shot was taken about a year after I saw Jack when two friends stopped by my place and I had them pose as soon as they walked through the door. “This is a great shot,” I told them. “I don't where I'm going to use it but I know it's a great shot.”

Up until 2011, I was not a medical marijuana patient, not legally anyways. I used the plant regularly for anxiety and some other issues and felt totally liberated now as far as me and God went, but there was that public outing of putting your name on the list; a list the authorities could realistically seize at any moment. But like the song says, “Along came Jones.”

My Jones was Occupy Los Angeles, a political event that kept me in LA for approximately two months. OLA brought me in contact with the LA cannabis scene and I met a number of locals who before I had only seen photos of or read about, including NORML. But it wasn't the people who were somebody, it was the people like me, nobody[s] known only to friends [and a few readers] that touched me. We all smoked as family, holding our signs thinking 'why aren't you people [out there] down here with us for all the reasons that we have signs for; wtf??'

My new life started at Occupy Los Angeles. I got out of my shell and comfort zone and many of my stories have come about because of this life-changing event. Were Burning Man that long, we would have left the planet. As it was I did leave caution to the wind and went legit as a medical marijuana patient; been legit since 2012. This is the reason for the OLA dedication in the front acknowledgement page.

So we've hit Chris, the Osburns, the Bible, and Jack as cannabis 'word' links, where do I fit in? First off, cannabis is organic; magic is organic. To make a manifestation happen you must speak and name it. What Jack did in July 2009 by blessing the name Mary Jane Green came to fruition in Hollywood on Halloween that same year with the formation of a patient group of 6 model friends, the 420Nurses.

By the time my book was announced publicly on Doomsday, 2012, the model group had grown to be international. The group paradoxically, used Jack's very rationale as a serious lampoon to his point of contention. Since then a larger community has coalesced like the kief around this hummingbird feather. As was said in the first article about the 420Nurses, theirs is a developing story which started as the light bulb went on above my head. Like Jack, they are as unique as they are nice.

But my link in this chain with Jack wasn't just finding the one group perfect represent what Memoirs means to me and why I wrote it, though the book's very last paragraph predicts me joining up with the group. Don't ask until you have read and digested Chapter 20.

A long time ago an ancestor of mine married for love [and money] instead of power and money. The fam disowned him by removing the 'S' from his signature last name of Rothschild. When the name came to me and I did the research, the realization was that I was the last in line so I put the 'S' back in. Even at being last in line, the name still carries weight when it comes to the money system, but how, you might ask?

While we all use money, the system of money is the matrix. Every person and group, every cause for or against, every organization and every institution, they all bow to money because, well, “money makes the world go round.” The only thing that you can't buy with money, is love. And that's where I come in. As the [last] Rothschild [in line] who stands for love over money and power, I am here to announce that cannabis will be the next system of earthly commerce, an organic pedestrian system based off the one love for the world's mightiest plant.

The Petro Dollar is dead. Soros knows it, I know it and now you do too. From Memoirs, here is an ancient secret revealed from Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The 'image' has been figured out to show descending empires through history when actually the image is the god mammon and the money system of ownership [now called Capitalism]. The feet mixed with iron and clay which everyone has speculated on, actually symbolize iron drill bits and the clay barrier you break through before you yell, “Thar she blows!”

The weight of the present money system will implode as the owners of the world fight over oil and the two feet represent America and the Middle East where we get our oil from, the other people who were there at the beginning with Nebby, the Arabs now Muslims, all descended from Abram's son Ishmael. It is cannabis that will hasten and cause the oil system and mammon's feet to break into pieces.

Let the word spread,
the King is Dead.
Long Live the Queen,
Mary Jane Green!!

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