Sunday, October 29, 2017



BSC, CA – The family I was born into was strange now as I look backwards in time. I could have been some Macbeth character with my grandmother, aunt, and mother as the noted 3 witches. Except, I didn't see these women at a crossroads stirring a pot all Goth'd out. But they were just as good at calling the future or seeing the truth, especially my aunt [not ant] or Auntie.

In early 1961, my activist career started when I met and shook hands with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who looked nothing like the posed statue commissioned by Obama. After the meeting, I remember being amazed that there were no other kids walking over to meet Dr. King. It would have made it easier for me to muster up my courage being in the 10th Grade, but as I stood there, I knew I was witnessing history. I was never going to be this close to a man I saw in the pages of Ebony and Jet magazines on a regular basis. I said a prayer, it got answered, and I walked over and made my history. Plus, this was a great man. You could feel he had a mission.

It would be years before Dr. King would return to Louisville but in the ensuing sit-in demonstrations that were the model back then, all my school friends got arrested at least once, many more than once, but not me. I had told the fam that an after-school project was going on so I would be a little late after school every day. I wore glasses, I was a teacher's son, and I never caused any trouble. Like Ferris said, “They bought it,” except for once [before I did get outed] when we were all watching the 6 o'clock news in our usual spots and Auntie looked at me and said, “You aren't involved in any of this nonsense, are you?” That was Auntie.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017



BSC, CA – Roger Stone was in the 1st Grade when President John F. Kennedy, our most charismatic President to date, was assassinated. He has since gone on to become an expert with a best-selling book about the hit. The shooting took place in November, 1963, on the 22nd. I was a freshman at Central State College [now University], located about [then] 3 miles outside Xenia, OH.

1963 is also the journey start to Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, my Everyman's Tale concerning the social, cultural, esoteric, commercial, and creative aspects which occurred over a lifetime of cannabis use. Though the official path into the hocus pocus side of my life begins in Chapter 7, I called this opening period starting with the assassination 'the end of Camelot', a common sentiment referring to the 60s generational divide. I wasn't being romantic when I said that either.

This was my November 22nd, a day that is etched in everyone's mind, sans George H.W. Bush's. Thanksgiving break was coming up soon and I had just returned from my only morning college class. It ran from 10-11am and not being a morning person in those days, I settled in for my much needed and regularly scheduled nap. The morning was wintry as the temps had dropped from Autumn to Wintertime. My head hit the pillow and I drifted off to sleep. Immediately a dream started so vivid that I remember it to this day. I was somewhere in the past, and it was at night.

Friday, October 20, 2017



BSC, CA – Welcome back, true believers [he said with a tip o' the hat to Stan Lee]. This is the second level section of the California Guild Convention story, the part with the hocus pocus. After all, it is October. For the start of hocus pocus in my life, see, Ch. 7, Start of The Magical Mystery Tour, a homage to The Beatles album cover [Memoirs]. This present Guild connection started with Occupy LA but the John Diaz connection spoken of in the last article was only one of two connections made at that gathering, which had its own magic. The other connection made was opaque but the motive was always the same, spread the true word about the world's mightiest plant, the last thing in Pandora's box. Then we were sent out and the place got rolled up.

The green tent was our PRESS tent, the red and tan our sleeping quarters. This photo made HuffPost.
People still question the motive behind the Occupy Movement. Short answer, it was and is about money power. Deeper answer. The LA Occupy called together cannabis Jedi Masters whose job it will be to deal with the 'new Earth' commercial base after the death of the petrol dollar, which is coming. This death of the petrol dollar is predicted in the dream of the king [Daniel 2, KJV]. Jesus himself references Daniel in Matt 24:15. Obama also had a dream similar to the one in Daniel, marking this era as the conclusion to the infamous nightmare. There is one other clue to add to this mix, the god of money, only mentioned 4 times in the New Testament [4 is the number of the world, minus the people, hence materialism].

And now the modern day. If you have read or studied the Bible, you know that everything under the sun is covered; rape, lust, murder, envy, how to live in a city, etc., everything; so how is it that something as common as pot, a subject that has been around since 2700BC isn't? Was God out taking a toke? Turns out it was a miss-translation so when you discover that we, humanoids and animals alike, all are hard-wired with THC receptors and cannabis is the plant they best respond to, it makes sense. But here's the rub, pot is only one of 50,000 other products that have nothing to do with medical marijuana, yet even soap can be made to soothe aches and pains medicinally. Hemp socks will keep you feet fresh for a week because they absorb odor.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017



BSC, CA – Life is about connections. From the life that started for me at Occupy Los Angeles, this is the latest connection in a life of connections to other connections who once had a different life, a life before Prop 37, California's attempt to label GMOs before Bernie Sanders' short-lived Vermont Law. Out of the shadows of one and the ashes of the other came my first California Guild Convention, an adventure on two levels.

Back story: Following label GMOs advocacy, honk'n'waves, and potlucks, the fight to save the world from Monsanto here in California led from education about gyphosate to testifying at the hearings on its allowable limits and Prop 65 in Sacramento, at which both John and I spoke. From that appearance John was asked to co-sponsor resolution CET-17-002, a specific series of tests for chemical residue involving 12 designated Ag counties. The California Guild is a non-profit with teeth to lobby the state for action. From my appearance [and coverage], I was also asked to join the Guild and participate. I did because my Gem Faire group taught me where this residue comes from.

Sunday AM skies above the Oroville Best Western, 10-15-2017
On the second level this is the continued path which started on December 21st, 2012. Back then it was known as Doomsday through media hype, but it was the morning I publicly released Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, the start of doomsday for the money system the king in Chapter 2 of Daniel invented. He had a dream. In Obama's Dreams of My Father, it is revealed that our former ex-Prez suffered a very similar dream with the same results, a cold sweat. This second level continues from the first two and last two paragraphs in my last story. From the crystal clear blues skies we were greeted with, to our lead-in shot, here's the weekend edition. Make the jump.

Thursday, October 12, 2017



BSC, CA – As I prepare to go up to Sacramento for the California Guild on my next story, the October 23, 2017 issue of First for Women [ISSN 1040-9467], a triweekly, is breaking this front cover story.

The 122 page print zine can be found nationally at most supermarket chains. I picked up my 3 copies at a local Stater Bros after a tip from a legal beagle with a sharp eye for detail. Normally I would put this down to my LLWAP side for finding the scoop, but not this time. Stay tuned till the credits for the twist to this news tale.

Meanwhile, this article breaks my vision of feeling invited to a dinner party then blowing my nose on the table cloth. Coming in from out of town but not new to anti-Trump protests, what I saw [the area's obesity] was what stood out to me the most over the hijacked Latinos and union workers. This article validates [sorry about the word play, I couldn't help myself, plus Valerie is still hot!] my conclusion about the cause of Riverside's high city-wide obesity rate given the local food fare, which really isn't.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017



BSC, CA – In the 20+ years I lived in Murrieta, all the classic car shows that I went to were always a big deal to get to. Living in Riverside, things are different. I can't speak for any other side of town, but the East Side is poppin'. For me, that's a good thing.

You see normally when I would see a classic ride, I'd scramble my phone out to snap a shot and post it on my Facebook page for my oldest son, a car nut like I was in my youth, to see. This time, the church down the street held a decent-sized event that had the right mix of eras and muscle, plus some real class, Gov'ner.

So here's to my oldest, and all the rest of the fam that digs vintage rides. It must be noted that in So Cali, vintage cars come in colors that never existed during their heyday, but hey, it's California. Here's to you, Peter and Cassie and to the time I drove up to Becca's in that yellow dune buggy just to see you. I love you, son. Enjoy the rides.

Monday, October 9, 2017



BSC, CA – We covered the parade and the signs from the times which highlighted the issues now being cycled by women like a Trump-et call. For the orthodox male in today's society, religious included, the 'T' in slut is trouble, in part due to another male, George Soros, who gave us Prop 215, lest we forget.

Back to guide us through the Pershing Square in pictures are the women who bandage the word slut for all women, the 420Nurses, the group I opened for during the early show edition. So join us after the jump for a look at the Amber Rose SlutWalk, 2017.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017



BSC, CA – The other 'C' word here is cancer. With the environment causing 95% of all cancers [per the 2010 Obama Study] and the onslaught of GMO foods and drinks, the weather manipulation, EMR exposure, and Fukushima [the gift that keeps giving], chances are now 50% that you will contact cancer before you die. That's now, not at some future point in time, and the odds can only get worse with the government we have.

Once again Ty and Charlene Bollinger have put together a range of resources to bring you the latest info and insight, this time about cancer. For the next 3 days, via internet and for free, 40 doctors and various experts will bring their latest observations about the dreaded malady that has touched pretty much everyone. Roger Stone lost someone very dear to cancer, just as I lost my mother so cancer has and is becoming a very common denominator for the medical industry.

The registration link is just after the jump. An additional plus is access to the very people you will be hearing from. The Bollingers run a class act and are setting the curve in the alt medico society for pursuing the real truth. Also, a surprise awaits you that you won't expect.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

NO SLUTS, NO GLORY - The Early Edition


BSC, CA – As the subtitle says, there is a story behind the headlines. In short, I came, I saw, I got swag, I lost swag and who I searched for wasn't there*, but in the end LA did what she does best, gives you what you wanted with a wink and a nod. Also as a photographer and photo editor for, my assignment was shots, lots of shots, but as the BSC guy, I was there for the story. I got both.

Getting to Pershing Square, a square block park with a open band shell stage at one end, a crowd of mostly females, few over 40, and non-legacy Press/Media like Vice who was filming the festival, we were informed to go to 1st and Hill, the parade origin point. The Pershing Square entrance where we were is at 7th and Hill, on the opposite end of the park from the stage. Inside on the square you could see the vendor tents behind the closed gate entrance. The parade would be the spearhead to start the event.

Arriving at and listening to the female speakers behind the big mobile speaker wall and looking at all the different signage by the various young women, you realize that this whole protest movement started at a law college, which comes after regular college. The embrace and blow back all comes from the word 'slut', and that word strikes at the heart of what most women [used to] face in the minds of the average American male [present company included]. Among women, the word 'slut' translates to low self-esteem stemming from rape, abuse, or both, often at a young age.