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BSC, CA – Roger Stone was in the 1st Grade when President John F. Kennedy, our most charismatic President to date, was assassinated. He has since gone on to become an expert with a best-selling book about the hit. The shooting took place in November, 1963, on the 22nd. I was a freshman at Central State College [now University], located about [then] 3 miles outside Xenia, OH.

1963 is also the journey start to Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, my Everyman's Tale concerning the social, cultural, esoteric, commercial, and creative aspects which occurred over a lifetime of cannabis use. Though the official path into the hocus pocus side of my life begins in Chapter 7, I called this opening period starting with the assassination 'the end of Camelot', a common sentiment referring to the 60s generational divide. I wasn't being romantic when I said that either.

This was my November 22nd, a day that is etched in everyone's mind, sans George H.W. Bush's. Thanksgiving break was coming up soon and I had just returned from my only morning college class. It ran from 10-11am and not being a morning person in those days, I settled in for my much needed and regularly scheduled nap. The morning was wintry as the temps had dropped from Autumn to Wintertime. My head hit the pillow and I drifted off to sleep. Immediately a dream started so vivid that I remember it to this day. I was somewhere in the past, and it was at night.

I looked at the surroundings which I didn't recognize as horse-drawn carriages slowly rolled by in front of me. I knew I was dreaming but somehow this unfamiliar scene felt familiar. Looking across the street again, I realized I was across the street from Ford's Theatre. Instantly I knew where I was and when. Since I knew I was dreaming and in the past, my rationale said, 'why not?'

At that moment I dashed across the street, pushing through the crowd who now were dressed in the clothes styles of the day. I rushed past the front door and through the first floor crowd, past some Union soldiers and slowly up the crowded staircase to the second floor. The crowd was even thicker there, like it was intermission and I started to be more aggressive, moving steadily toward an opera seat box and the President. Finally some soldier stopped and asked me what I was doing and I said 'I'm trying to stop the President from getting shot.' 'What,' he asked me?

Just as I started to answer, 'Bang'

In the real world someone was shaking me. “Wake up, the President's been shot! Someone shot the President!”

Waking up but still half asleep I thought to myself, how can this guy know what I was dreaming about?

“No, it was just a dream,” I muttered back sleepily.

“No, wake up! President Kennedy has been shot.”

At that instant of hearing Kennedy's name it was like in the movies, everything around me, people, places, movement, they all sped up then stopped cold on that moment, and I joined the rest of the world. In the days, weeks, months, and years later, I would come to know this galvanizing moment stopped time for everyone who was cognizant of themselves. Having lived to see the assassination of Medger Evers, Martin Luther King, Jr, Robert F. Kennedy, and Malcolm X, no one left a time stamp like JFK, not even Elvis. Lennon came close.

Probably the Kennedy Assassination did the most damage in modern history [prior to 911] to government credibility since Roswell's 'weather balloon' fiasco, and yeah, I barely remember it, but one day the grown-ups were dancing around and the next all the air was out of everyone's sails. As I said, the Kennedy Assassination marks the historical beginning of Memoirs and the end of innocence for a lot of people, especially those in my generation.

In this link to the original story there are several video blocks. I have watched them all but you don't need to. The first three are now unavailable, the fourth one is a sound bite, but the fifth and sixth vids are still working and can fill you in without the blatant political innuendo [probably the reason for the first 3 no longer working]. Tomorrow since President Trump did not disapprove it, the final dump of secret JFK government files will be dropped en masse.

Will they be super redacted or will the true lies finally be exposed. Some are already acting Strange and Flaking out.

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