Thursday, November 30, 2017



BSC,CA – My last trip from LA [yesterday] had to do with the changing landscape around cannabis. In DTLA [downtown Los Angeles speak, but actually in Hollywood] there was a cannabis seminar happening in the real California cannabis industry scene and I was curious how the LA experience would compare with Temecula's version reported here. Experience is the catch word.

You see, Sports Fans, while the Native Americans who gave this area its name [Valley of the morning mists = Temecula] smoked it for centuries and cannabis was here when I came to town [Memoirs, Chapter 19, Kicked Into Paradise], the 'good Prairie people' of the valley have no experience whatsoever with Mary Jane [Green]. Cannabis was more the private reserve for the kids placed on Adderall and Ritalin regimes by parents too busy paying for the California Dream. Pot of the type in the 'stoner' image was Mexican and not the variety currently smoked even in prison these days.

Because of Temecula and Riverside County's Pope-like view of Mary Jane Green, the county is behind the curve and will be squealing like Dueling Banjos with Downtown Brown's 12 cent tax increase on gasoline. Billions will be made starting January 1st from legal cannabis sales and the Gov gives the commuter the green weenie? WTF?? Oh wait, no pot money goes anywhere except to create 22,000 new government jobs. That's right! Here's the real Blunt Talk, courtesy of Mr. Pete, in LA.

Saturday, November 18, 2017



BSC, CA – When I first started in the new music [unsigned bands, all-ages/no alcohol] scene, I made the decision to be a reviewer, not a critic. It is the same with this series on obesity in Riverside, a problem that is now exploding beyond Riverside, and California, in America. You are less likely to see this phenomena if you drive a car and use social media when out and about. You may also be a person unaware of this, like with chem-trails. Unless there is a sequel call, this will be our last report in this series about Riverside food.

It must be stated in qualifying the intent of this piece that people come in all shapes and sizes, naturally, so this report is for those who eat the commercial, mainline brands from the commercial mainline corporations, as well as those currently or ever enrolled in the National School Lunch Program started in 1946. It became corrupted in 1946 but this report will leave the politics aside as much as possible examining only cause and effects, plus the whys.

People made obese by food additives, traits that can be passed downed through generations, are as much victims as those called sluts. However, today's women are coming to know what has and is shaping their world. They will be victims no longer. Round people are next! And now, the final segment from a story which started May Day concerning a left wing hijacking. Turns out, I got hijacked too by what I saw. Now our conclusion. Jump.

Thursday, November 16, 2017



BSC, CA – The words you read here at BSC might never have appeared except for two musicians back in the day, Austin Lander and Leroy Taylor, sax and bass respectively. Two days ago because of Santa Claus, I got a call from Austin. It was an early present from my Ace Coo Moon. To me, this is another 'sign' of completing my cannabis mission in this fight for Mary Jane Green and the People who love her. I'm toasting some Kentucky egg nog to this occasion as I write now. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Austin and Leroy enter my first person history narrative early on because I knew them both in high school, though neither went to my high school. They were both at the YMCA protest organizational meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. same as me. Though they enter Memoirs on page 7, their presence is felt on page 6 with the phrase 'I wasn't a goody two-shoes'. In the days before birth control, before the Kingsmen, it was the Day of The Cocksmen. To have such a title still a virgin meant I was a smooth operator and a master of the zipless you-know-what. Since being a cocksman was as much mental as physical, I'm glad I was allowed to live long enough to see a woman as a person rather than a prize to be sought after. The difference is the meaning of cherish.

Austin, 2nd left, big smile and shades, 2nd row
It seems fitting and more than interesting to make a re-connection with my old friend now since he was one of the two who first introduced me to Mary Jane. He and Leroy appear on page 7. Seven is a special number also. It then dawned on me that the 420Nurses are at the beginning of me trying to catch lightning in a bottle though in print at the very end of my story. So what does running back across Austin, who at the very beginning of my memoirs introduces Mary Jane to me like a date, constitute for my life now? For Austin from our conversation, this decades old honor seemed dubious. We'll have to see what the future holds.

Saturday, November 11, 2017



BSC, CA – That's right Sport Fans. On this yearly celebration I went to a place on Thursday that vets weren't allowed and I found sick vets will be taxed. That's Sodom & Gomorrah compassion which put all of Temecula's medical patients on the back of the bus with Roger Stone, a Washington insider who was not allowed entry into LA's World Cannabis Congress, an industry gala for the Suits. For me it was vindication for the conclusion I reached after several years of covering California's cannabis scene public birth. As stated in the back cover text of Memoirs, we are seeing the final round of a battle that started in the Garden of Eden. It was fitting to help reveal the same mindset barring Stone at work in this Christian Valley with a church on every corner instead of a bar*.

Being seasoned, my Spidey sense went off when I heard the source tip, a story in the local Patch. It smelled of a typical 'rate increase' low ball promo to the public. Had this appeared in the Press Enterprise the whole program would have seemed legit. Arriving early the real intent was seen through the smoke of a distant fire. A $5 gram will cost $20 with $15 going to the state [Sacramento] government for 22K new government jobs but no $$$ going to any schools, infrastructure, or communities. It's up to the local city councils, aka city govs, to install builder's fees, permits, local sales taxes, and the payment schedules to offset the coming cannabis costs. While 'local control' was stressed time and time again, the feeling sensed from the gathered cities was more 'a deer in the headlights' with Mary Jane Green driving the bus. Like The Hitchhiker's cat, I had a question of truth for the heart of the matter.

While the Temecula event was further proof of the globalism Roger Stone ran up against in LA, the Prop 215 birthday celebration turned out to be a fresh beginning as the Hollywood term Creative Differences came into play to end the 3-month residency of Richard Eastman and the Hollywood Hemp Museum. As a remembrance and toast to his next gig, as I write this feature up, I will be partaking in a safety meeting in his honor with a joint he rolled at the Prop 215 birthday bash. This was going to be a joint of celebration to be toked after the T-town workshop ended. Oh well. In other news, the latest in Lake Elsinore is the sellout vote coming this Tuesday to Pechanga-style their pot dealings to an outside cartel. No muss, no fuss, just a check like the Native locals get. More, plus pictures, after the jump.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017



BSC – 'There is a war for the hearts and minds of America' just as Alex Jones so famously barkers. As a journalist who reports on the truth, you have feet in both camps, real news labeled as 'fake' and fake news labeled as real. It's almost like the food situation. This duality has seen the creation of the CIA fostered term 'fake news', the red herring red herring to throw people who question the official narrative off the scent.

False news and propaganda has been around since the ruling class realized the benefit to deceiving the populace. The newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst ran what is called yellow journalism, exaggerated headlines designed to drive the masses in aggrandized directions set by the Federal government. You may think that gold, silver, or oil determine a country's wealth, but it is really the people. The people are also cannon fodder. They provide everything the banks need to function. Maintenance of a contented citizen herd is imperative.

Into this mix, there has always been a certain element of the curious who yearn for the truth and upon gaining the prize, desire to spread the wealth, so to speak. Truth leads to wisdom. In the day of the internet truth and opinion abound and that's where 'fake news' got its start, with citizen journalism. When Building #7 fell on 9-11, citizen journalism was born to battle the Federal government agenda which seems to commit blasphemy with public funds [Hegelian dialect], done to drive the masses in a certain political direction, then through all means possible, convince the masses that what they see is false. And it almost worked.