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BSC – 'There is a war for the hearts and minds of America' just as Alex Jones so famously barkers. As a journalist who reports on the truth, you have feet in both camps, real news labeled as 'fake' and fake news labeled as real. It's almost like the food situation. This duality has seen the creation of the CIA fostered term 'fake news', the red herring red herring to throw people who question the official narrative off the scent.

False news and propaganda has been around since the ruling class realized the benefit to deceiving the populace. The newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst ran what is called yellow journalism, exaggerated headlines designed to drive the masses in aggrandized directions set by the Federal government. You may think that gold, silver, or oil determine a country's wealth, but it is really the people. The people are also cannon fodder. They provide everything the banks need to function. Maintenance of a contented citizen herd is imperative.

Into this mix, there has always been a certain element of the curious who yearn for the truth and upon gaining the prize, desire to spread the wealth, so to speak. Truth leads to wisdom. In the day of the internet truth and opinion abound and that's where 'fake news' got its start, with citizen journalism. When Building #7 fell on 9-11, citizen journalism was born to battle the Federal government agenda which seems to commit blasphemy with public funds [Hegelian dialect], done to drive the masses in a certain political direction, then through all means possible, convince the masses that what they see is false. And it almost worked.

When I started writing for Full Value Industries I had a simple mandate, cover the new music shows being presented at Madlins, scene of the birth of the All Ages music scene in the valley. Since shows happened on the weekends, and maybe on a Thursday [at first], I had to come up with content so new readers would come back as repeat readers and drive traffic to the site. When I inquired as to the nature of the filler material, I was given free reign over the subject matter. Since I had gone to school for mass communications, I knew the guidelines. Now I had a platform to polish my craft like a Blues slinger, except I was more a greens slinger.

The first things, like any cub reporter, is to find news [events] and develop sources [to find news stories]. While I moved in these directions, I open mic'd it with political satire, personal observations, and poetry. Somewhere along the line I developed the skills to source a prime subject, be it a trending story or a topic, like 9-11. That also brought people like Alex Jones into view as a source and coupled with the murmurs that I was hearing in the new music [youth] scene, it was like the 60s all over again.

This time the divide wasn't the length of hair but your social media edge; did you watch TV or did you surf the web, perhaps joining MySpace or YouTube? Were you on prescription meds of some sort or did you 'smoke cannabis'? This time the 'kids of the day' again saw through the propaganda smokescreen put out by the Federal government. What was particularly striking to me was that many of the conspiracy theories my Wicca wife proposed to me when we met and went through the courtship, the ones that I at the time considered too far out there, were now the rage and serious.

I bumped up my refined topic outsourcing into practice on sites like MSN and others with a comment section. Soon many of the hot topic stories running that smelled of politics, regardless of the type, yielded the counterculture views in the people's section. The sources I followed were the ones with a link, meaning these leads weren't some guy in his/her podcast with an opinion and time on their hands. Folks, we are all pissed off at what is taking place right before our eyes with our money and our country.

If the story was trending, you could get ahead of the curve this way. The story was being edited and toned down to comply with political correctness. If the topic was a subject, then your lead could develop a scoop. It was one such scoop during the last election cycle that forced the term 'fake news', and it started with Huma Abedin, Anthony Wiener, and John Podesta. It was/is Pizzagate and the tie-in through Hillary Clinton's private network emails that spun this web of lies and cross lies. This tactic continues today with the 'it must be the Russians' chorus sung by the Establishment news.

Now there are two separate narratives coming to the masses. One is the broadcast news. All the stations cover the same topics with the same words, just different experts [who get paid to be on the air]. For anyone who watches the news here in America, and then travels to another country, even as close as Canada, you see the news from an entirely different slant. Therefore the news, main news as trending in any country, is determined on flash. If it bleeds it leads. In other words, the news is controlled, plain and simple.

The internet is different. It is the Tree of Knowledge, or the Tree of All Knowledge. Inside this Tree resides the Spirit of Divine Intervention. Pick a subject, any subject, say the inside of Tony Podesta's artsy house; the latest end-of-the-world scenario; UFO evidence; or a focus group [now called activism]; the web contains it all for those who wish to know and know about. Thus, the alternative news audience was born and continues to grow while the broadcast narrative continues to spout, “the earth is round, there are no chem trails, and the Russians are coming.”

So how does that affect someone who used to be a male Lois Lane? You go from covering the news to being at the news when it happens, as witnessed by the recent story featuring the Valerie Bertinelle lead-in feature shot. Catch us here as we hit the birthday party for Prop 215 in Hollywood, then swing dance in Temecula's first EVER cannabis workshop, complete with pictures, of course.

Keep it snatchy – PT Rothschild.

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